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  1. The first beautiful train for the new Eurosat "Cancan Coaster" arrived: Source: https://epfans.info/?id=4919&lang=&PHPSESSID=17406022e83306729edbd18810ee5859
  2. Official video from testing: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  3. Please do not post things on our forum unless you actually know what you are talking about. Last time I checked, the coaster at Margate in the UK looks NOTHING like Wodan. Don't be like Trump and spread Fake News. We are better than that. Sorry, I should check that before posting, you are right. I life in a city close to the park and had a barbecue when all of our towns firefighters drive by in direction to the park. A friend just said that there are pictures of Wodan burning too. I already wondered how this could happen because Wodan is a good amount away of the pirates ride. I should
  4. On Twitter are pictures from Wodan wooden coaster burning too.... Sad day
  5. The black track you see in the picture is indeed the old track. They mentioned that they need to replace small parts of the track at one time to maintain the static of the the construction. But they will replace all the track piece by piece. And yes it was necessary because the ride was planned for about 20 years of lifetime and I think some track parts needed to get refurbished. And they add a second station for VR rides, so they have now two rides in one. They will use most of the original layout but they said they will add two new elements. In one interview one of the Mack's even mention
  6. There is a nice german report of visiting the construction area of the eurosat with nice pictures from inside: https://ep-board.de/viewtopic.php?p=185394#p185394
  7. My latest latest workshop item. Enjoy! SkyRipper - this extreme coaster is high adreline rush for crazy people. A complete coaster around a huge tower. It is inspired by the SkyScrapper Tower Coasters which are planned to be build in the US. But i decided it to create it as workshop-item. So there is very little theming, cause i needed all parts to get it running. Most of the supports from the Tower are completly hand placed. So have fun riding it and rate if you like it (or maybe dislike it)! Steam-Link: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=858735799 Here is the V
  8. Thx... i tried to get as much as possible into this ride with the 2000 pieces blueprint limit. Still hoping that they will make this limit higher (at least 3000 pieces would be great ). And i really hope they are adding more theming parts and animatronics... they are really limited at the moment. Or maybe SDK-Tools for modders would be great
  9. My first full dark ride for Planet Coaster. Worked hard to get it done with the 2000 pieces limit (we need more..... PLEEEEASSE [haha] ) . But i got it work to get a good amount of triggered scenes into the ride. So while i tried to get a good amount of detail inside, i had nearly no pieces left to do some outside theming... so it looks a bit ugly on the outside but i think it will spare a lot of work to get a cool dark ride in the park and just need to theme it on the outside so that it fits nicely.... have fun trying it: UPDATE: Fixed the bug that caused the workshop item to be "obstruc
  10. ^ that is right! It will be a kind of self controllable powered motorbike coaster with fast acceleration (up to 1.2gs) and can reach a top speed of 60 km/h (ca.38 miles per hour). It has a new developed system which controlles speeds via gears and a gear rack on the rails. The gear rack is designed to has low attrition and to be easy replaceable. And the system is even usable as transport system for factories. If you want to see the prototyp of the factory version take a look into this PDF from the manufacturer... It will help to understand how this will work (trains on page 1, gear rack on r
  11. Great pics and report as always... nice to know that you are still like our European Parks so much. And little fun fact about River Quest: Did you know that it had a kind of Freefall/DROP-Element in it, but it was deactivated because of some safety reasons from the German-TÜV. It was the last drop... this one was contructed to stop the boat and then fall down, but if i remember right the missing safety belts in the boats made it to risky that someone could get hurt. Here is one pic i found which shows the mechanism: pic source: https://www.phantafriends.de/topic/15-mystery-river-quest/
  12. If you are looking into the picture gallery of the source, than you will realize, that the last picture shows a water park four times as big at it is now. The original plan was to build it with two more outdoor and two more indoor areas. They announced first that it is planned to build the world biggest water park, but later they changed the plans to start with a smaller sized Park and expand it over the years.
  13. Here is my first onride of my PLC adventure-darkride: edit: Sorry wrong thread... this was meant for the PLC-Thread
  14. So here is the onride video... my pc is not the fastest one, it sometimes has some frame drops. But i have to mention that even with that old pc i have PLC runs wonderful on my old desktop thingy. So have fun watching, not everything is perfect, but it is some fun to ride i think
  15. Thanks. Yeah i got it enclosed allready... was a lot of rock work. But it still need some details on it. And i ran into the problem that the supports run trough everything. So it wasn`t possible to build rides on top of it. Still some work needs to be done on some details, but when it is ready, i will upload a video maybe this weekend. But till then i can add some project photos from working on it some times last week. But it still missing details on the mountain and maybe some rides around the mountain... so here are some more pics: A little bit of details added: in this one i
  16. From a local newspaper: EuropaPark has started to build a new main attraction for 2017. The building will rise directly next to the entrance, next to the german street area. It will be 15m high and the building will be build first. The parts for the attraction will be added later through the opened roof. The attraction will be suitable for the whole family. What exactly they are going to build in this is not known. source: http://www.bo.de/nachrichten/nachrichten-regional/europa-park-startet-bauarbeiten-grossattraktion-fuer-2017 Let`s start speculating
  17. I just worked two days on a darkride with the working title "Return to the Mystery Cave". Now the foundation is layed, all darkride-scenes are set up and i want to show you some pics before i am going to put the whole thing into a mountain. I tried to get a bit away from the pirate theme and wanted it to look more like a jungle/mayan-theme. But cause of the limited props i had to use what is there at the moment. The pics were showing the actual state: - track is layed completly. - darkride scenes are nearly final, just some minor glitches. - surrounding theming is nearly completed
  18. thought the same... i knew about the spinning looping coaster in japan, but i thought a full looping coaster with spinning effect is crazy or impossible. But it seems an "eyeopener" . Here is what Mack wrote in the description of the video on their youtube-channel:
  19. here is a video of Mack testing the new spinning prototyp car on BlueFire, seems to be a lot of fun:
  20. I tried a lot of VR and like everyone says, you have to try it by yourself. It doesn't just show a video. It is an 3D-Environment that gives you the feeling that you are in there. The best way to explain is if you are high up on a tower and look down - the feeling you get is the same you get when you look in a virtual abyss. You get that weird feeling that you could drop there. So with this coaster for example: They put you in a fantasy world with a wild turbulent ride... and because of the virtual reality you can change the heights, were in the real world the coaster just drops some meters in
  21. i haven´t found a thread about VR-coasters, but i think it is really too intresting tohide it from the community. So cause of Europa Park and Mack rides supported the students by researching and building a company, think this will be the best place to post it! Since some students and Mack tested VR on a BlueFire they started testing more different experiences on most of their coasters... and it seems to be awesome. So they now seem to have build a company which creates ride VR experiences: So in the mean time, it seems they reached the point were the figured out most problems li
  22. there is the same picture in better quality from http://www.coastersandmore.de and the german article from http://www.coastersandmore.de/rides/achterbahnneuheiten2014/achterbahnneuheiten2014.shtml mentions a few facts from the Mack coaster: - it will be the highest coaster from Mack till now with 65 meters - after the first "spiral"-drop it will speed up to 120 kph and then enter one of the worlds biggest loops with a height about 50 meters - in the complete layout with the lenght of 1290 Meters it will contain some other elements like airtime hills, a Zero-G-Roll and a Dive Loop w
  23. It is nearly sure/known that it will have one kind vertical lift or elevator inside one side of the tower and the drop inside the other side (the tower seems to be split with a wall inside) as some people mentioned before. But it is still not clear what kind of lift it will be... most likely a vertical chain lift (maybe with LIMs to lower it in a break down case) or maybe an elevator. They released some pics from the inside of the tower on their official Homepage (http://www.xn--krnan-gra.de/de/baublog/bilder): This one seems to be the view from the train entrance from the station up to
  24. you can find the prices on their homepage... you can choose between just a hotel and to get a room with entree in the park. Just choose a hotel, click on "prices" and scroll down here is an example for the coloseo hotel: http://europapark.de/en/hotels/4-star-superior-hotel-colosseo
  25. there is already an onride video: [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/VCyD0sfknr8[/youtu_be]
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