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  1. Hey all, had a quick question I thought someone one here might be able to answer quick. I'm headed up to SFA on Friday, and recently purchased an SF Gold Pass. However, I bought it with SFMM as my home park. In the past, at Cedar Fair parks, I've bought my platinum at one park and redeemed elsewhere. Would it be possible for me to pick up/use my pass at SFA even if I don't have the physical card from SFMM yet? Thanks in advance if anyone knows!
  2. Why didn't anyone tell us they removed Griffon, Apollo's Chariot, and Alpengeist?!
  3. See, they say Racer 75 is a year of opening and ACE throwback but all I can associate it with is Soldier 76 from Overwatch. "We're all coasters now."
  4. Definite Knott's Berry Farm Canada's Wonderland Possibly California's Great America Six Flags Disco Kingdom Six Flags New England Universal Hollywood Six Flags Magic Mountain Wishing For King's Island Kentucky Kingdom Some of the possibly votes come from a Christmas present from the S.O., but only to one destination. NorCal or Boston...decisions, decisions. KI and KK come in because I went last year and they quite immediately became my two favorite parks in the U.S., containing my entire top three coasters, so I'd love to go back for more.
  5. Love the shaping on that lift-wrapping element, totally using that in Planet Coaster. Nice work!
  6. Considering that Silverwood has kept a GIB running for almost a decade, I find it hilarious that Stinger only managed five years at Dorney Park. Though, if CGA wasn't building the far superior RailBlazer, I would have vouched for them to get Stinger back. It was actually my favorite coaster at the park (having visited pre-Goldstriker).
  7. Discussions around the internet seem to point to this park having a Japanese-centric theme. If true, are we looking at Disney's Japan Adventure? Because if so I'm totally down for Shinkansen Screamin'.
  8. Isn't this nothing more than a carnival ride? Hard to believe there are so may issues. Riptide says "Hi." They really have had shitty luck with big flat-rides in the last few decades, huh? Between Riptide, Windseeker, Hammerhead, and now Sol Spin, they sure do know how to pick them.
  9. I actually had the pleasure of meeting him a few weeks ago and he discussed this episode at length. He genuinely seems to care for guests and the hotel owners so the complete trainwreck of Maui Sands was clearly vexing for him, and honestly, I can understand why.
  10. Can I quickly mention how kickass it is that this thing has a 48in height requirement with lap bars? Good on Knott's for investing in something pretty much anyone can ride.
  11. I'm not as familiar with the park as some here, but yeah, I'd agree here. Visited at the height of busy August and never waited more than fifteen minutes in the regular queue.
  12. Didn't Millennium Force hit 4+? This doesn't have the benefit of 9 car trains either, so I can only imagine the wait times, even with all three trains running. If Mystic Timbers could still muster 3-4 waits this year on its opening day with similar capacity and a much shorter layout, I'd ballpark this at...4-5 hours probably.
  13. Ghost Town and Mexico at Knott's are absolutely beyond charming and a joy to walk around. They easily take the win for me! Honorary shoutouts go to KI's Rivertown and Universal's now-defunct Amity. God I loved that little seaside carnival vibe it used to have.
  14. So is Kings Island getting a Skywarp? Any chance someone in the Orlando area watched the news or is there any chance it's possible to watch it on demand somehow? I checked the channels website and I do not see anything. I couldn't find anything either, but that seems like a pretty odd park to name by accident for an Orlando news station. And, honestly, it seems like a decent fit for KI.
  15. Or, just a thought here, but you might want just go on a weekend instead of skipping school to go ride a roller coaster. I mean... #EducationMatters Or, just a thought here, they could be a great student who can prepare for a day or two off in advance and not miss anything of major note? Sometimes, life is worth living in the moment, and only needs a moment of prep to be perfectly fine. Also, I'm stoked to try this ride eventually but god does my stomach fear it.
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