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  1. Hey all, had a quick question I thought someone one here might be able to answer quick. I'm headed up to SFA on Friday, and recently purchased an SF Gold Pass. However, I bought it with SFMM as my home park. In the past, at Cedar Fair parks, I've bought my platinum at one park and redeemed elsewhere. Would it be possible for me to pick up/use my pass at SFA even if I don't have the physical card from SFMM yet? Thanks in advance if anyone knows!
  2. Why didn't anyone tell us they removed Griffon, Apollo's Chariot, and Alpengeist?!
  3. See, they say Racer 75 is a year of opening and ACE throwback but all I can associate it with is Soldier 76 from Overwatch. "We're all coasters now."
  4. Definite Knott's Berry Farm Canada's Wonderland Possibly California's Great America Six Flags Disco Kingdom Six Flags New England Universal Hollywood Six Flags Magic Mountain Wishing For King's Island Kentucky Kingdom Some of the possibly votes come from a Christmas present from the S.O., but only to one destination. NorCal or Boston...decisions, decisions. KI and KK come in because I went last year and they quite immediately became my two favorite parks in the U.S., containing my entire top three coasters, so I'd love to go back for more.
  5. Love the shaping on that lift-wrapping element, totally using that in Planet Coaster. Nice work!
  6. Considering that Silverwood has kept a GIB running for almost a decade, I find it hilarious that Stinger only managed five years at Dorney Park. Though, if CGA wasn't building the far superior RailBlazer, I would have vouched for them to get Stinger back. It was actually my favorite coaster at the park (having visited pre-Goldstriker).
  7. Discussions around the internet seem to point to this park having a Japanese-centric theme. If true, are we looking at Disney's Japan Adventure? Because if so I'm totally down for Shinkansen Screamin'.
  8. Isn't this nothing more than a carnival ride? Hard to believe there are so may issues. Riptide says "Hi." They really have had shitty luck with big flat-rides in the last few decades, huh? Between Riptide, Windseeker, Hammerhead, and now Sol Spin, they sure do know how to pick them.
  9. I actually had the pleasure of meeting him a few weeks ago and he discussed this episode at length. He genuinely seems to care for guests and the hotel owners so the complete trainwreck of Maui Sands was clearly vexing for him, and honestly, I can understand why.
  10. Can I quickly mention how kickass it is that this thing has a 48in height requirement with lap bars? Good on Knott's for investing in something pretty much anyone can ride.
  11. I'm not as familiar with the park as some here, but yeah, I'd agree here. Visited at the height of busy August and never waited more than fifteen minutes in the regular queue.
  12. Didn't Millennium Force hit 4+? This doesn't have the benefit of 9 car trains either, so I can only imagine the wait times, even with all three trains running. If Mystic Timbers could still muster 3-4 waits this year on its opening day with similar capacity and a much shorter layout, I'd ballpark this at...4-5 hours probably.
  13. Ghost Town and Mexico at Knott's are absolutely beyond charming and a joy to walk around. They easily take the win for me! Honorary shoutouts go to KI's Rivertown and Universal's now-defunct Amity. God I loved that little seaside carnival vibe it used to have.
  14. So is Kings Island getting a Skywarp? Any chance someone in the Orlando area watched the news or is there any chance it's possible to watch it on demand somehow? I checked the channels website and I do not see anything. I couldn't find anything either, but that seems like a pretty odd park to name by accident for an Orlando news station. And, honestly, it seems like a decent fit for KI.
  15. Or, just a thought here, but you might want just go on a weekend instead of skipping school to go ride a roller coaster. I mean... #EducationMatters Or, just a thought here, they could be a great student who can prepare for a day or two off in advance and not miss anything of major note? Sometimes, life is worth living in the moment, and only needs a moment of prep to be perfectly fine. Also, I'm stoked to try this ride eventually but god does my stomach fear it.
  16. I just got back from an awesome Midwest coaster trip, and constantly found myself thinking, "Now if only California had something even close to as good". Sure enough, based Knott's delivered. Absolutely, absolutely cannot wait to ride this thing.
  17. I dig this a lot. It's incredibly simple but it's totally better for it. Looking forward to more updates!
  18. If the impulse is going to be a thing, it's worth remembering that not all Intamin Impulse coasters are shuttles. Not that anyone *would* ever re-attempt the mechanical nightmare that Kings Dominion brought to life, but it's worth thinking about. It would be quite different to V2, and certainly something to visit for. Probably wrong, but it's something that came to mind.
  19. I was going to mention this one as well, but couldn't find the right way to say it. X2 took the "XTREME" theme and ran with it, and its no-bull approach to that style actually makes it work. It feels fitting for such a unique, messed up coaster. YOLO, on the other hand, feels like the coaster embodiment of a badly managed, albeit well intentioned, college project. Something to the effect of, "F**k, we spent all our money on this kickass tophat loop and backwards launch and it's due tomorrow! Just throw some tarps on it! Nobody will notice!"
  20. Hurler previously being a Wayne's World coaster was always a bit odd to me. In terms of worst, however, gotta give it up to Swarm and the Apocalypse twins for being legitimately themed around mass-extinction events. Because human mortality is exactly what I wanna think about on a fun day out!
  21. This is superb news! After 3 years off I have finally committed to the WCB this year, so I am very relieved to hear this. Any date, I am there. Did want to add to hauntguy's post. The 2013 WCB was an amazing time for me, not just SF:MM but I was able to make a week and a half long California vacation out of it, my first time ever in the state. Anyway, at that WCB X2 was closed, and Robb got us last second ERT on Green Lantern. He swung by to say he felt bad and wanted us to have some type of 4th dimension spinning, or along those lines. Was very cool of him. Our night ERT also was thrown off because the park didn't close lines early, so our ERT was packed and Robb managed to get the ERT extended for us. Must've been insane to get that done, especially on the fly like that. He certainly didn't need to, these were things entirely out of his hands but he managed to get em done. I also made TPR trips to Kings Dominion and Knoebels, each time bumped into Robb during the day and he was always friendly, down to Earth, would chill for a moment and chat. To echo this, the only TPR event I've ever done was WCB in 2012, and it was an absolute blast! Myself and two non-TPR friends had the best time we'd ever had SFMM despite pretty brutal daytime lines, and getting one of our pictures featured in the official TR blew them away. You all even got them to enjoy an entire presentation on drop-tower schematics for nearly an hour. I can't get them to focus on ANYTHING for an hour. It was massively impressive. Anyway, I totally understand your reasoning for the rest of the thread and the tours though, Robb. I'm usually the "coordinator" for theme park trips for my girlfriend's friends and I and it can be an absolute nightmare. You start seeing twentysomethings as pitiable (and often intolerable) kids, and keeping things even loosely on track when a wrench in the works comes up can be borderline impossible. When something promised comes up short too, it feels like you're the most hated person in the room even with half the group rallying behind your efforts. It's super rewarding when things go right, and a bloody nightmare when they don't! Still, if the trips ever come back, I'd absolutely love to do one. I grew up reading the TR's here and while I don't normally find myself drawn to "tour" vacations, these have always been the exception. If they never do though, hey, the reading material they generated will suffice well enough at least!
  22. Where did you sit on LNM that it didn't wow you? Because if you rode in the back car and weren't wow'd by the air time (especially on the first drop), I don't know what to say to you. Yeah, there's a lot of really amazing things that have come along in recent years, but sometimes knowing where to sit makes a HUGE difference in the quality of those older coasters. With that said, I also don't think we should forget the "levels" of coasters, and that it's a big deal to some guests. Lets talk about looping coasters at CP: Corkscrew: 3 inversions, 85 foot drop, 48mph Gatekeeper: 6 inversions, 170ft drop, 67mph Maverick: 2 inversions, launch coaster, beyond-vertical drop, 70mph Raptor: 6 inversions, 137ft, 57mph Rougarou: 4 inversions, 145ft, 60mph Valrvn: 3 inversions, 214ft vertical drop, 75mph. Not everyone wants to ride those "huge" coasters. If you're graduating from Iron Dragon/Gemini to the next big thrill, and want to try going upside down, you either get on corkscrew, or your next "logical" options are Maverick (which many consider the most intense ride in the park), Rougarou (very intimidating to coaster newbies), or Valrvn (extremely intimidating to newbies). Corkscrew fills a role, so if it ever goes, it really needs to be replaced with something else that fills that exact role. That's not even getting into the height discussion, because a lot of adults find themselves in "new coaster" territory too. However yes, the B&Ms and the like do have very tall height requirements. I once had to turn a legal adult away from Alpengeist because they weren't tall enough :/ I can't agree with you more here, because this was exactly how I felt growing up. The first logical loopers were the Disney coasters, followed by, yup, small Arrows. It then took a relatively small B&M (Batman) to get me onto bigger rides. While we don't find many Arrow coasters all that exciting or memorable anymore, they're a well-needed stepping stone into the world of inverting rides. Without them, it would have been nigh-on impossible to get me on an inverting coaster. It's like an old 90's Ford Taurus. Ostensibly, it's a blight on cars as a fun concept. It's a rattlebox, it's boring, it's uninspired, sure. But it's still useful for just as many reasons as a shiny new Mustang, even if they're not immediately apparent to you, specifically. It's someone's first car. Their first four door. Their reliable daily. It matters. And it still works. So why kill it?
  23. Je kunt niet poetsen een drol While that is an almost correct translation, the proverb we use would be 'even if you give a monkey a golden ring, it still is and remains an ugly thing'. [/nerd] Despite being 0% Dutch, I'm totally using that expression at the next available chance to do so. 10/10, love it.
  24. Can I briefly interrupt LSMPidgeonfest to say that this thing has one of the most incredible launch noises I've ever heard? Seriously, I'd put it on par with the heavenly TTD hydraulic motor!
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