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  1. ... well it's closed for the season for staffing so I guess there's not much to see. Denial is the first stage of grief.
  2. Shoutout to the mod team for deleting that spoiler thread as soon as it popped up. Y'all are fast. Nice job.
  3. That Power Tower shot is actually really cool. Would be awesome to see the thing running from that angle.
  4. Awesome report! The more I see of Knoebels the more I'm sold on it. And not just the rides, either- the food looks absolutely incredible. Every picture I see of their offerings is just straight up food porn. Most of the time I want to like the enthusiast community but this makes it hard to.
  5. Today's the day!! Been waiting almost half a decade for this, holy crap.
  6. Looks like second-gen Intamin track to me. I'm pretty sure that they're using a different track design for their newer major coasters- Hyperion and Red Force come to mind as examples.
  7. I can only imagine the day that St. Louis finally gets their new coaster and it's a f**king Galaxi with the last row blocked off.
  8. Dude, you don't need another park in your home state. Carowinds is an amazing park as it is. Chill out.
  9. If this ride bites the dust, I'll be very sad. I understand why the park is making this decision, but I seriously hope most of these flats are finding a new home, especially this one.
  10. Man, if these aren't the signs that you've got a quality awards show, I just don't know what they are.
  11. I eat a mango and I'm feelinglikealittlehoneycanroll
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