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    • great update!   in particular, this line: The photo of the photo session of the video session of the TPR Gran Prix.   
    • Part 15 An Identity Crisis and Dueling Infinity Coasters: Power Park Puzzled strangers are nothing new on Theme Park Review trips. Here’s a case in point. We flew to this rather small airport in northern Finland en route to the country’s (and I imagine the world’s) northern-most theme park--Power Park. The group was hanging out at baggage claim when I noticed this, I presume, Finnish gentlemen in a suit and tie staring at us in astonishment. It was as though he couldn’t believe that anyone who wasn’t Finnish would fly here unless they absolutely had to on business. Hey, fun is very serious business. Sometimes, fun requires you to wear a fire suit! So, off we went from the adorably cute little aerodrome to Power Park . . . or was that “Powerland”? The resort and park bear both names. From what I’ve gleaned, “Powerland” started out as the amusement section of the Power Park resort. However, over the years the “Powerland” name was dropped, and the whole place--hotel, go kart tracks, stables, and amusement park--became known as “Power Park.” But I could be mistaken. Power Park boasts two Gerstlaurer Infinity Coasters: Junker and Pitts Special. Junker is a launched ride with a sprawling layout, some inversions, and plenty of airtime. Pitts Special has a vertical chain lift, a twisty layout with no inversions, and some decent airtime. The rides are next-door neighbors. When you see all that green track from the park’s go-kart grandstands, it looks like it’s all one ride. Everyone seemed to love Junker, but were more indifferent to Pitts Special. I look at it this way: Junker is great ride, while Pitts Special is a good one. There was a TPR Gran Prix this year. I drove in the 2009 version and found that I wasn’t a “go-kart guy” (I also had the worst time of anyone on the track that day, as I’m far too cautious). But Power park had plenty of other attractions to offer, such as Thunderbird (an old GCI built in 2006) and a fun Wild West shooting dark ride in a haunted saloon. (Yes, like other Scandinavian parks, Power Park has its own western town.) Start your engines and come on in.   The cleverly named “Park Hotel.” It’s actually quite nice.   The photo of the photo session of the video session of the TPR Gran Prix. I’m dizzy just from writing that.     See all that green, twisty Gerstlaurer track? It's two Infinity Coasters that seem to merge into one! Perhaps Power Park is a portal to the Multiverse!   I think the train in the foreground (red stripe) is Pitts, while the train in the background is Junker. But it’s really hard to tell from this vantage point.   Is "Powerland" the alternate-universe "Power Park"?   We’re not talking “junker” as in your cousin’s old 1980 Chevette. This is “Junker” as in the old WWII German airplane.   A dramatic shot of Junker in flight, diving out of the sun, strafing an enemy airfield . . . well, maybe not that.   Pitts Special cannot do this.   Reactions range from “whee” to “why did I get on this thing?”   Put me in the “whee” group. I really liked this ride.   Time to unleash the group on an unsuspecting park! (Photo by Robb Alvey.)   Neo’s Twister is a ride that exists.   The fact of its existence is neither “good” nor “bad.” It simply “is”--and that’s enough.   Bill Maher in a cowboy hat doing a set in Vegas--Finnish style.   “You gonna flip them flippers or whistle ‘Dixie’”?   It’s a truck and a restaurant? O brave new world with such people in it!   “I’m Jack Palance. And tonight, you’re going to ride a Vekoma Boomerang that doesn’t actually try to kill you! Believe it . . . or else!”   Joyride. It too exists. Like Neo’s Twister.   This gives you a good look at Pitts’s weird “treble clef” element, which reminded me of Fury at Carowinds. At least that's how it looks from this angle.   Thunderbird runs surprisingly well for a 17-year-old GCI. I like its nice sign and waterfall, too.   It does, indeed, have hair time--if you provide the hair.   “This here’s the wildest ride in the Finnish wilderness!”   OK, this was apparently a somewhat uncomfortable section of track. (Photo probably by AJ or Andy.)   I vote for the front row on Thunderbird. (Photo probably by AJ or Andy. Or maybe Elissa. I forget.)   So that’s what happened to WDW’s old Tower of Terror billboard.   Let’s have another look at Pitts Special.   It’s the best Infinity Coaster at Power Park that isn’t Junker. OK, I kid--it’s a fun ride.   It’s also endearingly bowlegged.   Here’s another ride that happened, but I’m not sure it exists as more than a hallucination.   There’s this little indoor mall near the park with a collection of unusual cars--such as James Bond’s Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me.   You get a nice view of the park’s skyline on the walk back from the mall.   Before we bid a fond farewell to Power Park . . .   . . . here’s one last look at Junker.
    • ^^ Short, but sweet. The actual ride (and 'Land') is going to be awesome! 🍌
    • ^ that trailer certainly implies a very unique "Coaster-like" ride. very exciting, and can't wait to check it out at some point in the future if I ever make it back to Japan!
    • Universal has officially announced the expansion to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan... Donkey Kong Country! https://www.usj.co.jp/web/en/us/areas/super-nintendo-world/donkey-kong-country Step foot into an unknown, wild space with lush greenery. In this jungle where Donkey Kong and his friends live, you can hop on a mine cart from The Golden Temple for a thrilling ride through the mines, challenge yourself at a play experience using your whole body, and have loads of other wild adventures! Plus, you can check out all the food and merchandise in the middle of the jungle! Awaken your instinct to play and enjoy all the fun and surprises that the world of Donkey Kong has to offer!  
    • Haha yeah, I was being facetious. Obviously it is a stylized, cartoony Bobcat. They just don't have stripes like that all the way through their outside of their fur. Just hints of them as you can see from your picture. They also aren't orange. They basically hybridized a Bobcat and an exotic cat like a Leopard/Jaguar/Tiger/whatever for effect. 
    • quickie follow up before we went to bed. . as in the morning we'd be leaving Denmark, on our way to Norway via ferry. .. but when we got back from Legoland, it was still fairly early (I think perhaps 7:30 or so). . . .and some of the folks were hungry. although I'd had a big lunch, I'm always up for hanging out, so I joined Jon & Jason for a walk around the neighborhood to see what was avail.     we ended up finding a mostly deserted (I guess 8pm was late on a Monday) Sushi Place that was still open.   The proprietor spoke no English at all - and seemingly no Danish either.  Luckily, I knew a small bit of Japanese . . .  oh let's be honest, we were successful because the place had pictures of all the Sushi on the wall for a menu, and one only had to point at what one wanted.     I'd assume that's how they got around the language barrier for any customer         it was SO good.     after eating we headed back to the Zleep Hotel for our last night in Aarhus, and I spotted a "Pride" bench.     a Photo op?   yes please:   I made Daniel proud, and I even did "the Method" on the bench:     and then it was back to the hotel, where I believe we joined in the lobby  to share some wine with folks saying goodbye to Caroline - who was heading home in the morning.   and then off to bed. big travel day tomorrow!
    • iPhone 15 Pro Max, on Safari, no thumbnail. Just the play button. 
    • Samsung Galaxy S10+, Android version 12, Chrome,  thumbnails OK after letting it load a bit. 1st thumbnail displayed right away but the others loaded a bit later after about 30 seconds.
    • My guess would be Condor possibly, Troika almost certainly not because it's significantly more programmable.
    • Universal has released new information and concept art for their new resort in Texas - now called Universal Kids Resort! https://corporate.universaldestinationsandexperiences.com/universal-destinations-amp-experiences-creates-first-ever-theme-park-concept-for-families-with-young-children-universal-kids-resort/ Today, Universal Destinations & Experiences, a division of Comcast NBCUniversal, officially introduces Universal Kids Resort – the company’s first-ever theme park designed specifically for families with young children. Located in Frisco, Texas and first announced earlier this year, this imaginative, original resort brings the company’s innovative style of storytelling to a new, younger audience.  Universal Kids Resort will include a theme park featuring immersive themed lands that celebrate Universal’s iconic brand of entertainment, humor and fun – bringing to life its beloved characters and stories in ways that will wow the youngest theme park goers.  It will feature family-friendly attractions, interactive and playful shows, unique merchandise, fun food and beverage venues and character meet and greets. The resort area will also include a 300-room themed hotel giving families a place to stay and to play following their day of adventure.  “Universal Kids Resort will inspire the unbridled creativity of kids through imagination, discovery and most importantly – play,” said Molly Murphy, President, Universal Creative. “We’re designing the resort so kids and families can feel the thrill of being physically immersed in their most beloved stories and characters.”  Set in lush green landscape with a distinctive look, feel and scale specifically for younger kids, the park will deliver the quality the Universal brand is known for worldwide.  Progress on the new concept is well underway following a groundbreaking in November. Universal Kids Resort will drive immediate economic impact for the region, creating thousands of jobs including more than 2,500 new construction jobs. Throughout the project, the company will remain focused on ensuring the resort adds value and positively serves the community. 
    • I just found an overhead photo posted, showing the footprint of the new Space Mountain, and how far back it will be, from it's first spot, etc. Looks a bit bigger than the original footprint so ...... maybe an add-on bldg, behind the mountain itself, to house a Guardians-like attraction, maybe? ^ Like you suggested. 🙂 Thanks to whoever took this shot.
    • iPhone 14 on iOS 17.1.2 Safari, Chrome, and Firefox  Thumbnail on the first video only   Once i tap play on the others, the thumbnail shows    
    • iPhone 11 Pro - thumbnail on the first video only. 
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