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Screaminkid2005's 2013 Coaster Adventures!

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Hey Everyone! For those who don't know me, my name is Kevin Aka Screaminkid2005. I'm a 23 year old from New Bedford, Massachusetts. In my spare time (Like many of you) I visit as many parks as possible! Over the past few years, i've been going to a bunch of new and exciting parks, so I figured why not just make a thread and share my adventures with you! So here we go!!!


2013 Trip Index Bottom of Page 4!


2012 Trip Index!


2-17-2012: Disney California Adventure! (Page 1)

2-17-2012: Disneyland! (Page 1)

2-18-2012: Six Flags Magic Mountain- West Coast Bash Edition! (Page 1)

2-19-2012: Knotts Berry Farm- West Coast Bash Edition! (Page 1)

2-20-2012: Return to Magic Mountain (Page 2) Click Here

5-10-2012: Six Flags Great Adventure (Page 3) Click Here

5-23-2012: Lincoln Park Demolition (Page 3) Click Here

6-29-2012: Knoebels (Page 3) Click Here

6-30-2012: Hershey Park (Rush to the Sky Event) (Page 3)Click Here

7-1-2012: Dorney Park (Page 4)- Click Here




The first park of the season...


I Began my adventure on 2-16-2012. Kyle aka BiZaRpErMaN and I headed to T.F.Green Airport in Warwick RI for our flight to Newark NJ. From Newark we were supposed to fly right into San Diego... Sadly this did not happen. Our flight to Newark ended up getting delayed a hour causing us to miss our next flight! Lucky for us, there was two seats left on a flight to Newark-Houston & Houston-San Diego. Instead of arriving in San Diego at 6pm as planned, we arrived at 11pm! As soon as we arrived, my brother picked us up, we grabbed a quick bite to eat, then it was off to bed!



After hours of waiting, we're finally on our way to Cali!!!


Disney California Adventure!


The next day, after we picked up the rental car, the three of us decided to head over to Disney California Adventure and Disneyland! We arrived at the park around 1130am and planned to leave around 7:30-8pm. The last time I have been to the park was in 2003 and so much has changed since I've last visited! The main reason we went to the park was to see our old supervisor (Heriberto) that is currently doing the Disney College Program! As soon as we walked in, we bumped into his working the Pixar Pals Show!



Me & Heriberto! =D


After a quick chat, My Brother, Kyle, and I deiced to head over to Tower of Terror! Since my brother isn't really into big thrill rides, he decided that he'd rather walk around and take in the atmosphere. While walking into the line, we noticed that wait time said 45 minutes, this clearly wasn't the case! The line was really moving and we were on in about 25 minutes! Anyways, onto the pics!



A view from the first set of switch backs!


Tower of Terror from the midway!


Now inside the lobby!


Dammm... They really let this place go since it first opened! Tisk tisk disney! ;)


Apparently they hired Consuela and ran out of Lemon Pledge...


They also need to step up their bell hop service... I was waiting 15 minutes and all they did was tell me to go to the library! #Rude :)


And after the library, I some how ended up in the boiler room...



After Tower of Terror, we met back up with my brother. On our way to California Screamin', we bumped into the winery and picked up two glasses. After few short minutes and a empty wine cup, we were at the entrance to Screamin'! Once again the wait time said 45 minutes and it was about 20 due to 5 train operation! Also once again my brother walked around Paradise Pier while we rode.





I see you Mr. Loop! :)


Arms Down, Head Back, Hold On!!!




Da EnTrAnCe!




Such a beautiful coaster!


Our on-ride photo! :)



After California Screamin', we saw that the park was starting to get packed, so we decided to go on the Fun Wheel. Ever since I was a little kid i've HATED ferris wheels so needless to say i wasn't very excited to ride it. Also to put insult to injury, we went in the swinging car.-_____- While waiting in line, I saw Nick and Jason getting off. After a few minutes of chatting it was time to ride!



Yeaaa... Not a fan.


After Fun Wheel since we were so short on time, we decided to go over to Disneyland to see how busy that park was...

Next update: Disneyland!


Thanks for reading! =D



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Update Time!




So this is going to be a pretty short update due to lack of photos and we didn't do much do to the park being packed! So here it goes...


We entered the park around 5pm and to our dismay, it was at least twice as packed as the other park! We decided to check out Space Mountain to see how long the wait was. The first time we checked it the wait was 75 minutes. We left hoping the wait would get shorter as the night went on, but we were wrong. More on that later...


We saw that Finding Nemo had a 30 wait so got in line. Turns out that the wait was around a hour due to the staff contently stacking the subs. I thought the ride itself was pretty cool, but waiting in the sub for literally 10 minutes after the ride ended wasn't.



Matterhorn rehab taken from Nemos line.


After Nemo, we met up with Heriberto (A Cast Member at DCA) and had some dinner at the restaurant right next to the ride. I got the BBQ Angus Bacon Cheese Burger, fries, and a drink, which I thought was going to take forever due to the line, but I was wrong! The burger was out in under 5 mintues and hot and fresh! It was honestly worth the $12.99! We ate pretty fast and moved onto the next ride. We Checked out Space Mountain again after dinner and say that it had a 110 minute line, so we just decided to skip it all together and move to another section of the park.


As we tried to go Adventure Land, the parade was making its way threw, so we had to wait till it finished then push our way threw the crowds of people. We saw that a large number of people going into the Indiana Jones line. With it already having a 35 minute wait we decided to go on Haunted Mansion. The line was about 20 minutes and kept moving which was great! Then during the graveyard scene, the ride stopped for about 5-10 minutes! it was a great ride as always and I would have rode it again if we had the time.


Up next was Pirates of the Caribbean! The line was about 30 minutes which wasn't to bad. I rode this back in 2003 but all I remember was sitting in a boat! I'm happy i go to experience the ride again and he first drop in darkness is amazing! Threw out the ride, Heriberto was saying where Hidden Mickeys were, and pointed out funny things the ride had to offer! After the ride we had time for one more ride!


By this time it was about 7:45 and we saw that Big Thunder Mountain was the only large scale coaster in the park to have under a hour wait so we stuck it out. We got in line at the entrance to the ride and thought it would take a while. Thankfully the line didn't really stop moving, well... until the fireworks started!



Fireworks from the line!


The fireworks continued threw out the ride and made for a beautiful back drop on one of the lifts! Granted the ride isn't wicked intense, it is more intense the what I remember it being! It was a great ride and even got some nice airtime on some hills!


Overall I had an amazing time at the park and I can't wait to go back some day and finally get my Matterhorn Credits!


Next Update- Six Flags Magic Mountain for West Coast Bash!


Thanks for readying everyone!


-Kev =D

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Can't wait to read the reports for the next days.


I had lots of fun going, so we defiantly need to plan to go together again next year. Maybe I can meet more of the members from the site.


Surprisingly, I really liked Disney (besides the millions of kids), but the rides were so cool. It really was magical in there and you forgot about the world around you.

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Hey everyone, It's update time!!! This time the update comes from Six Flags Magic Mountain for West Coast Bash!!!

*** After reading, please leave comments below on what you liked & how I can improve on writing trip reports! Thanks in advance!!!***


After getting around 4 hours of sleep the night before, we left the house at 4am to begin our 2 hour 45 minute adventure to Six Flags Magic Mountain! We were unsure on how the traffic threw L.A. would be so we made sure we had plenty of extra time. We arrived at the park around 6:30am and saw this beautiful sight!



X2 at dawn!



When they changed it over to X2, they also made the world move around it!!! =D


After a quick trip to McD's for breakfast burritos, we headed back to Magic Mountain!



Waiting in line for the parking lot to open!



The view from our parking spot!!!


At about 7:40 we jumped on the tram and headed to the front gate. We quickly got our packet of goodies that included a wrist band, a lanyard, and a lunch ticket! While we waited around for the gate to open, Kyle and I jammed out to some old school Britney, N'Sync, and B*Witched! It was a nice change to the normal top 40 songs that always play at my park. At about 8:20 Robb did a quick briefing and we were told that instead of Scream ERT we would get Riddler's Revenge ERT! Already a step in the right direction! The gates opened a few minutes early for ERT and we were off to our first ride!





After being on the first train of the day on Goliath, Kyle and I decided to take a walk down to Green Lantern!



Just think... In a few months, there is going to be a giant drop tower on the side of this monster!



Such a nice entryway into DC!



There it is! One of the reasons i traveled about 2,500 Miles! =D


After waiting about 15 minutes for GL, we took a walk over to Batman to get our credit! I must say i really liked the themeing on this ride. Much better then the one at great adventure! =]



Batman's Fountain is so pretty! =]



As we entered the station this is what we found! =D


After a front row ride on batman then a rapid fire back row ride, we took quick ride on Colossus. Once again Colossus was another walk on! I really don't see why everyone thinks it needs the Iron Horse treatment. While it may not be the smoothest ride in the world, it deff wasn't bad. After our ride we then met up with Nick (Odene497), James (Coastercrazyjames), and Jason (Rollin_n_coastin)! We all met up and decided to ride Riddles! Now i've been waiting to ride Riddles since 2003 and this is one of the rides i was most looking forward to riding! Don't get me wrong I loved the ride, I was just expecting more. Next up...





I thought the ride was AMAZING! So much better then the other flyer i've been on (S:UF at SFGAdv). One thing I noticed though was that it was pretty rattley for a B&M but no biggie! Kyle, James, I rode together while Nick, Jason, Scott & Chris waited for another row. Lucky for us as soon as we got off the ride broke down! Sad times for Nick, Jason, Scott & Chris though for being stuck for like 15 minutes! While they were stuck we walked over to X2. I've been waiting forever to get on this ride and now all that was stopping me was a 1 hour 45 minute line! While in line, I got some great shots of Viper!



I see you hiding! =]



I love how close you get to the batwing!



Viper's shy =[



This reminds me of something...



I just can't put my finger on it...



Oh yea... How could I forget you!



So... Freakin... Excited!!!



Our turn to ride!


After waiting for almost 2 hours for X2, which was well worth it! The three of us decided to go to lunch! On the way to lunch, we passed by Road Runner Express but said we'll just ride it lunch. Lunch was pretty good, just the normal all you can eat Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. After we finished eating, we decided to ride Road Runner Express with the rest of the credit whores! So we got on, strapped in, and off we went... As the train came back into the station the ride op asked if we wanted to go again so we said yes! The train moved about 5 inches then broke! I guess the ride couldn't handle all of us a second time! =]


After that we decided to ride Orient Express up the hill to Ninja!



OMG!!! Its Great American Scream Machine!!!... Oh wait...


Then back down the other side to...



Sky Coaster!!!


Ever since I was trained on one of these last season, I really admire the people that work so hard to run them. This ride compared to others is extremely difficult to operate. Some rides its just checking the restraints, pushing a button and your gone! Sky coaster you have to make sure your suited properly, hooked up correctly, make sure everything is facing the way it's supposed to be and then you have to catch them! Watching these rides operate makes me proud to be a site controller! Anyways moving on...


After Sky Coaster we went over to Apocalypse, but it was down. After that we made our way over to Scream!






Where's the auger of doom?


After Scream, We decided to chill on the hill under Tatsu and have a photo shoot!



So purdy!



Best. Flyer. Ever!



Haha don't judge me =]


As it was starting to get close to dinner time, we decided to head over to Revolution for a quick spin then it was time to eat! James ended up going to eat with everyone else who bought the dinner, but Kyle and I decided to get food at Mooseburger Lodge! Kyle ended up getting the sampler platter while I ended up getting buffalo wings, and the bacon cheeseburger! The meal was amazing and thanks to my employee discount, I saved $17 alone! By the time we finished eating it was already dark out. Kyle and I headed over to Apocalypse and got some night time action!






Something's missing...



FIRAHHHHH!!! ::In muffins video voice::


With night ERT starting in 30 minutes, we decided it would be a good idea to go buy some gifts and other assorted items for friends back home! On the way, we ended up finding this!



Creepy underground tunnel?


Anyone know more about it?


Anyways...I ended up buying around 12 shot glasses (popular item of the season i guess) and a X2 therms. Kyle got a hoodie and a snow globe! After that it was off to X2 ERT!



Yea... I shouldn't be a stipper...



Viper is even sexier at night!






This is what X2 ERT looked like!!! =D



Kyle and Myself!


While riding we ended up bumping into Nick and Jason!



Nick and Jason! =D


After this we ended up meeting RC and another TPR member! We caught a few more rides on Tatsu, Revolution, Viper, & X2 before calling it a night!


Thanks so much to everyone that helped make this event possible! I had an amazing day!!!




Thanks for reading!






Superman looks beautiful with his new paint!


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Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Now that I have some free time, I figured i'd post my Knott's Berry Farm trip report.


After an amazing event hosted by SFMM, Kyle & I from from SFMM down to Knotts! We arrived to the hotel around 11:30 and man was I excited!



My first ever view of Knotts!


After a few short hours of sleep, this is what we woke up to!



The view from our hotel room!


We went to the lobby and met up with Nick, Jason, Travis, Jenn, Scott, & Chris. As soon as everyone was accounted for we walked over to the main gate!



Our hotel!


After a quick briefing from Robb, it was time for the event to start!



Sexy ;)


While the tours were going on, we decided to take over one of the heaters and bond around the warmth! =]



Awww... whats wrong Nick?



Taking in the sights!






Open Wide =]



I see you hiding WindSeeker! =]]



Silver Bullet's still napping.



I see you Supreme Scream! I'll be back to ride you right after...






And dam was it flying!






Knotts is so beautiful!



Supreme Scream... Your up! =]



Drop tower credit!



So happy Knotts decided to re-open this ride!



Such an amazing dark ride!!!



With amazing themeing!



Catawampus!!! Now I can check meeting him off my bucket list! =D



Ghostrider looking all sexy and what not. ;]



Best. Log Ride. EVER!



One of many fountains and waterfalls the park has!



I see you Jaguar!



With 15 minutes until Silver Bullet & rest of the park opens, I had to do something to pass the time. =]



My planking pissed Silver Bullet off!






My 2nd favorite ride in the park!



=O -ahhh!!!



And my first shuttle coaster!



I see TPR members... Do you? =]



The BEST all you can eat buffet i've ever have!



Show off ;)



This top spin had the craziest cycle I've ever ridden!!!


As nightfall approached, we decided to take a spin on Sky Cabin. =]



I'm not sure why, but I think this picture is beautiful!



I really didn't expect Perilous Plunge to scare me as much as it did!



Smoothest boomerang I've ever ridden!



Such a beautiful skyline!


And last but not least, I leave you guys with this. =]



Front row on Xcelerator!


Over all, I thought Knott's was one of the best parks I have ever been to! All the staff was happy and was more then willing to help you with anything you needed! The park also has the charm of a family park, but also has rides that will make you scream your head off!!! I can honestly say I can't wait to go back to this park! Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this AMAZING event possible!

Up Next- Return to Magic Mountain!!!

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Update time!

Return to Magic Mountain!


So after a long night of festivities back at the hotel, it was time to check out of the hotel and move onto our next destination. After talking it over with Kyle, we decided to keep the rental car for another day and drive back up to Six Flags Magic Mountain! Since it was only about 40 minutes away and we had free admission we figured why not?



Such an amazing sky line!



A picture everyone has!



I feel like this picture would be amazing if there was leaves on that tree.



Much better!!!


We arrived at the park around 11:30 and it moderately crowded. Since we had to leave the park around 4pm, we decided to hit the rides we loved the most during WCB! We went for a quick ride on Goliath and then it was off to Sky Coaster!



Sky Coaster Credit #5



Goin up...



...and up...






I see you... =]


After Sky Coaster, we noticed the park was getting pretty packed. We took a ride on Apocalypse which took about a hour then we took the long way to X2...



Whats that?



Lex Luther construction!!!


Two hours later we are finally on the rap going up to the station!



Looks like they missed a spot...



Such a beautiful view from the exit!



SFNE took Deja Vu, SFMM took Cyclone! =/



One last view from the parking lot showing off the mountains in the background!


Thanks for reading! I'll post more trip reports as soon as parks in the North East open for the 2012 season! =D

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I meant to say this on your first post, but it's great to see Heriberto in a TR lol. One of the nicest guys I ever worked with.

But I have to ask, where did you stay? I did a similar trip last June and it was a ton of driving (we stayed in Anaheim). That must have been quite a task jumping from park to park so liberally. But the photos are great! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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It honestly wasn't that bad for driving. To get from San Diego to Magic Mountain, yeah it took a little over two hours and we had to wake up at 4:00am to get there on time. (That's nothing I haven't done before considering I do that going to Great Adventure.) However, from Magic Mountain to Knott's was really not bad at all. It was only around an hour drive, but with these parks being close to LA there's obviously traffic and things to worry about when driving that the time goes by real quick.


Probably the worst part about the driving was going from Magic Mountain to San Diego on the last day. It took over three hours to get there because of the traffic and I was getting paranoid that we wouldn't make our flight if the traffic increased. Being me though I loved driving through it all and going a constant speed of 80mph (with no traffic).


But the first two nights we stayed at Kevin's brothers apartment in San Diego. Saturday and Sunday night we stayed at the Knott's Berry Farm Resort right next to the park.

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Hello everyone! So now that school is finally coming to an end and everyone was off from work, we decided to take a drive down to Six Flags Great Adventure!


The Details:

Time: 10am-6:30pm

Weather: 60-75 degrees, Partly Cloudy, VERY Windy!

Crowds: Moderate until 2pm, Empty after 3pm!

Who: Me, Kyle (BiZaRpErMaN), Allie, John, Sarah, Lindsey, Brittany, and Brittanys little sister Kendra.



- The park has greatly improved food service!

- All the staff was extremely friendly!

- The rides that I saw closed (Skyway & Parachutes) were most likely because of wind.

- El Toro was horribly stacking.

- Sky Screamer looked great! It tested a few times and I can not wait to ride it!!!



The Group!



What's that behind the trees?



El Toro Signature Shot!



So much airtime!



Turn around!



Medzarro! <3



Sorry but I had to do it. =]



For anyone who said Bizarro doesn't ever get a line...



Closed for Weather... =[



I see you Sky Screamer!



So beautiful!



We saw Sky Coaster didn't have a line so we took it over!



Tower Bravo you've reached the top, 3,2,1, Fly! =D



Swing, Swing, Swing... =]



Such a beautiful park!



Skull Mountain got a new sign over the off season!



Dananananananana Batman!



This is how dead the park was by 2:30pm!



Time to ride the Ferris Wheel!



Such a great view!



Green Lantern was a walk on!



You know the parks dead when you see this!



Superman legit had no line!



Thats all for now guys! =D


Comment below!!!


Tell me what you guys liked, didn't like, and how I can improve these trip reports! Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey everyone! Yesterday I took a trip down to Lincoln Park. For those who don't know the park has been sold to a condominium development recently and land clearing has begun. From what I've heard, everything but the Comet will be cleared. Once the site is cleared, they will start demo on the Comet and sell parks of it to viewers and give the money to charity. I'm going to try and cover the demo as much as I can but work is now in full swing so i'm not sure how much i'll be around. Anyways onto the photos!



Very little land clearing has begun on this side of the park.


A few trees have been removed giving a better view of the Comets entry way.


They have begun ripping up the parking lot.


More mounds of concrete and dirt.


That random shack is still standing... But for how long?


Near the Comets turn around is where most of the land clearing is taking place.


There's much more land then there appears to be.


While it may look like Comet demo has begun, the turn around is just one of the many sections that have collapsed over the years.


A view of what's left of the Comet.


The parks administrative building that was destroyed in a fire many years ago.


One last view of the Comet... I hope it's not my last.


Like I said at the beginning of the update, I will try my best to make it out to the park again to see the progress! Hope you enjoyed!

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