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  1. Did Knott's specify what kind of wheels the new Flyers will run on. I am curious whether using the same wheels that Woden at Europa Park uses would make a difference in terms of keeping the ride smooth over time and avoid the same fate as Wildcat and Gwazi... How has Woden kept up in terms of smoothness?
  2. Did the coaster soft open or fully open... I ask because I assumed there would a lot more special effects going on... and the pov makes it seem like not all of them are working yet.
  3. SFDK is in California and DL is in NY .... Differences in State and county board approvals process = No surprise that SFDK is not going up as fast.
  4. ^http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FWiX2SbGlo Of course, given how Lightning Run turned out in comparison to the animation, this would likely fly through the course.
  5. Um, you do realize that park is a two hour flight from where we are at, right? "Hang on a second, let me just stop by real quick and check it out!" LOL
  6. Can you guys check on the status of Zombie Ride at Bosque Magico (maybe even get a construction tour). It be nice to see pics of that ride and where it is with construction and/or how the dual station is looking/progressing.
  7. I love it for the fact that it will accommodate more rider, especially guest with disabilities. I don't like it for how it looks like it will scrape your ears off when putting it on or taking it off.
  8. Those straps looks very close together. I305's slightly graze against my ears when I slide them over my head... these look like they will scrape the sides of someone's head. It also appears that boarding riders will have to pick the straps up. Surprised they didn't just go with an all-in-one over the shoulder lap bar restraint system. Instead they went with two separate devices.
  9. Does BGW have a history of opening its new coasters on opening day? I mean, assuming that this ride is ready or very close to it...
  10. They should turn one side around on each... so you can choose whether you want forwards or backwards... the same should happen with Superman, Escape from Krypton at SFMM
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