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  1. iPhone 13 Pro Max, Safari. No preview thumbnails, but video plays when tapped.
  2. Thank you to everyone who worked on this poll. For some reason I feel both surprised and not surprised by the results. Either way, there a now a lot of coasters I'm looking forward to now. A couple of questions: 1. Would it be possible to put a link to the results and maybe previous results on the coasterpoll.com website menu or homepage? (Unless I'm blind and it's already there and I can't find it) 2. For fun top lists, might I request "Best wood coasters running PTC trains"? Thank you again to TPR for putting this together. Looking forward to participating again next year!
  3. Living in a remote part of the country, I have to do a lot of driving to get anywhere anyway, and I am ECSTATIC to be getting an RMC within half a day's drive from me!
  4. I got to try out the flipping bumper cars at Ventura Park in Cancun a few weeks ago, my experience on it was pretty similar to this. There were about a dozen cars in the arena, but only four of them "worked." The wheels on my car kept locking up, flipping controls were not very responsive, and then the car would just randomly start doing its own thing. The ride time was nice and long, but I spent the entirety of it trying to get my car under control. I can understand why NU would have their own contraption down for an extended period.
  5. A couple of quick notes for the coaster list. 1. Corkscrew at Playland (at the PNE) did not operate this year. 2. Phoenix at Adventureland Iowa is missing. Other than those, the list looks great! I had no trouble updating my ballot. Thanks again for all the hard work poured into this poll!
  6. I rode Desperado for the first time last month. I can't speak for December, but the ride crew was honoring their posted ride hours in September. It should be noted it was kind of windy that day, and the crew needed 15 riders in order to dispatch. With that said, after the horror stories I've heard of the coaster, I thought it was running quite well for a 25 year old Arrow hyper. Granted, I was applying the Magnum seat belt trick and was in the front row, but I thought the quirkiness was quite fun and not painful at all.
  7. The Pirates knockoff was such an entertaining hot mess. From the awkward animatronics, to the scenes clearly ripping off the original ride, to the scenes clearly ripping off the movies, to the out of place props that were probably taken from a closed attraction, to the fact that it felt like our raft was sinking. It's probably for the better the ride was put out of its misery. Hard to tell, but we were listing an alarming amount the whole ride.
  8. Sad news. I visited the park earlier this year and they were hard at work with expansions/developments in both the indoor and outdoor portions of the park. They just opened a new coaster too, and looking at some aftermath pictures, it looks like it was one of the ride casualties (yeah, it was just an SBF Visa spinner, but it was a hell of an upgrade from the garbage coaster it replaced). Wishing the best for the park. It has its own personality that just screams "Philippines." EDIT: Here's a before and after. Before (Picture taken in February) After (unknown source)
  9. ^^ I visited the park early last month on a Saturday with a threat of thunderstorms (that never came). Different circumstances than your situation, but hopefully you can take away something useful. At rope drop, there was only a small crowd at the entrance; a majority of them went to the water park, leaving walk-ons for all the coasters. All four wood coasters were open at park opening. The lack of crowds actually backfired on me since Hades only operates with a full train, so I wound up sitting in the station for about 15 minutes until enough people came to fill the train. The operations were far from great, but there were empty rows on all the coasters (except Hades) all day, so it didn't matter.
  10. Hi! It was fun getting to meet you and Bill, glad you both had a great day at the park too! Welcome to the forums, the TR is off to a great start. Looking forward to reading more!
  11. Just Youtube commenters being Youtube commenters I suppose. I'm sure a majority of them had never even been to the park. It's just refreshing hearing positive takes on the park since it does deserve it.
  12. Excellent report! I completely agree on your assessment of Motiongate. Given the number of negative comments on many Motiongate related Youtube videos, I was pleasantly surprised at just how much fun the place was, especially the Dreamworks sections. I'm glad you included some night pictures since the park and Riverland are really gorgeous after sunset (same with Global Village).
  13. Really enjoying the UAE pictures so far. Viaggio in Italio, if I'm remembering correctly, had only one pre-show. That being said, I probably had my worst flying theater experience on it. I was assigned the front (bottom) row on the far left side of the left set of seats, the result was a great view of the bottom-left corner of the screen and the fully-lit operator's booth lol. Suffice to say, you didn't miss much. I'm excited to see your TR of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. I missed it on my recent trip to the UAE.
  14. Thanks for the response! I appreciate the list. Many of those locations were places I was already beginning to gravitate towards, so it will definitely help narrow the choices to fill out the gaps in our schedule. The advice on the metro and taxis was particularly helpful. Thanks again for your insight!
  15. Hi Robb! In a few weeks, I'm going to be spending a week in Dubai (plus a day in Abu Dhabi) with my family. I've been doing my due diligence of the culture and the attractions they have to offer as well as ways to get around, but nothing beats first hand experience and I was hoping you could possibly share some of yours. 1. Know of any good places to get discounted tickets for the theme parks, specifically Ferrari World? I found Go Dubai Card which has some discounts for the parks within Dubai, but does not have Ferrari World. 2. Do you have any personal recommendations for non-theme park related activities? It's a family trip first and a theme park trip second, so we're interested in all Dubai has to offer. There are so many awesome-looking things to do in Dubai that it's tricky to choose which ones we want to do in our short time there. We've already put in our consideration for Ski Dubai and the Burj Khalifa. The dune blasting video you posted looks awesome as well. 3. How easy is it to get around town? We'll be staying at a relative's apartment just outside of a metro station and plan on using the train whenever we can (or go as far as the train will take us and then take a taxi). 4. Any other tips or advice about the parks or the country that you found helpful? From what I read about the culture, it seems pretty straight forward that if you mind the dress codes and behave like a guest in their country you should generally be fine. But still, it's a new part of the world for me, so I'm sure to learn some things the travel blogs don't tell you. Any amount of advice is appreciated, your trip reports have already been my go-to for the trip planning. If I have even half as much fun as it looks like you guys have had in the past, I will leave Dubai satisfied. Thanks!
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