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  1. Thanks for the advice. I think I will definitely spring for the VIP tour. I might decide to splurge and get the unlimited so I can ride Phantom's Revenge multiple times!
  2. Vintheattendant and I are going this Sunday to Kennywood for the first time! I know it is the Sunday before July 4th, so it will be busy. But I was wondering just how busy to expect it to be? Also, should we spring for their VIP pass to bypass the line?
  3. Thanks for the advice. Sadly I cannot do Easter because my sister will not have my nephew for that weekend. He will be with his dad. I looked back at last year during Spring Break and it didn't seem too crowded. Luckily we have time to make up our minds.
  4. Completely changing the subject. How are crowds usually during Spring Break? My mom and I are thinking of taking my nephew to Great Adventure the day after Easter and we are wondering if there is an advantage going on a weekday or if we should just go on a weekend. My nephew finally hit 48" and he is really excited to ride El Toro so I cannot wait to take him! If I could get any advice that would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Great recap of a fun day Joey! It was a blast hanging out with everyone. It was sad to see the Joker down though. Danny pointed out on the skyride that it looked like they were putting more fins on the ride, so maybe they will be making the ride spin even crazier this season. That would be insane, since I feel that the Joker is already a crazy experience.
  6. Hi, I'm Matt. I am a long time lurker on this site. I remember getting the tpr DVDs from my mom back in 2005, and I found out about the site from the DVDs, but I was always to shy to post. I'm 22 from the Philadelphia area. I just graduated from Temple University with a history degree. I grew up going to amusement parks with my family and the parks I have went to the most growing up is Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Dorney Park, and Six Flags Great Adventure (my username gives that away). I love El Toro, that is easily my favorite coaster. I really enjoy reading this site and I'm thankful for tpr because through it I found a friend, VinTheAttendant, at Temple.
  7. I voted theme parks. I just went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and seeing how well done the the theming was done at both parks, even down to the employees all wearing uniforms themed to the ride, reminded me why I love being immersed in a theme at a park.
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