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  1. I might be late to the game here and sorry if it's been discussed before, but what's going on with the Ferris wheel? Why is it missing cabins? My guess is balancing but can anyone confirm? I didn't notice it when I went in 2013.
  2. Personally I would do Carowinds. With volcano being closed and the mess that is twisted timbers with its new no loose artical policy and increased wait times. I would give it a bit before visiting. Granted there are still a ton of great reasons to visit the park but if volcano is a big reason for you visiting, I would wait. I also might be a bit bias since I love Carowinds a lot more than KD. Lol
  3. Wow that really sucks for the park. Hopefully not a ton of damage is caused and the park can reopen quickly.
  4. I just moved to Orlando this past weekend so who could say? My guess is probably Seaworld later on today to get a ride or two on Mako and maybe try Kraken VR if its operational.
  5. Besides the basic B&M roars, my vote goes to Goliath at SFNE followed by the launches of TTD and Kingda Ka. Special shout out goes to most RMCs out there as well. Wicked Cyclone and a few others really roar!
  6. I'm sure they can figure out a way to make a harbor expansion over there. They already a have the exit path to their tornado slide. Granted they just got a new waterside but it is something they could possibly get in the future depending on the size of the land they own/can build on.
  7. I have. While it happens far from often, it can happen on high attendance days such as concerts and during fright fest. More often than not you'll see them run out of an entire level before running out completely though.
  8. Wait, so I'm confused. Is there a coaster that hasn't been announced for this park yet or are we talking about the thunderbolt clone? I'm hearing lots of people say longest coaster in the south east as well that news report saying second longest in the country.
  9. There were a few rides I loved working on at SFNE. Tazs Dare Devil Dive (Skycoaster) - skycoasters are amazing to work and they can do no wrong. Enough said. Flying Aces- This was my all time favorite kids ride to work on. The area where it was located was never very busy and when people did come, you had the time to really interact with them and make the kids be the happiest they could be. Fireball- this is a fun ride to operate just because the entire cycle is controlled by the operator with a joystick. Scream- this is probably my favorite ride to work on that's not a c
  10. Runaway Mine Train at Great Adventure was my first big steel coaster! I love that ride so much! I have great memories riding it with my parents when I was 7 and 8 years old, to riding it with my friends from high school all over the world!
  11. I'm thankfully at a healthy number of 47! -Adventure Dome -Belmont Park -Busch Gardens Tampa -Canobie Lake Park -Carowinds -Casino Pier (Before Sandy) -Cedar Point -Conneaut Lake Park -Dallas State Fair: Summer Adventure Park -Darien Lake -Disney California Adventure -Disneyland -Dollywood -Dorney Park -Fun Spot Orlando -Fun Spot Kissimmee -Funtown Pier (before Sandy) -The Great Escape -Hershey Park -Kings Dominion -Knoebels -Knott's Berry Farm -Lake Compounce -Little Amerricka -Luna Park -Magic Spring & Crystal Falls -Morey's Piers -Mt. Olympus -New York, N
  12. I personally really enjoyed the Flight of Fear line at Kings Dominion. I love walking though the spaceship.
  13. The thing is is that the event is in fact bringing people in from 2+ hours way. I myself live 4 hours away, took the trip down from Massachusetts for opening night and had a great time. I also have many non coaster enthusiast friends that want to go down for the event because it looks, and in my opinion, is that good. I also saw many license plates from other states like New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. So what ever the park is do, it's clearly working.
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