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  1. At the park today. It is pretty much dead. All major rollercoasters are a walk on. Windseeker is running at reduced capacity with only 32 people boarding. Red Racer is closed because it is so dead. Monster is up and running again.
  2. A little known fact is that The Beast was constructed by Charles Dinn head of Kings Island Director of Construction and Maintenance. So it could be counted as a John Allen, Dinn, Summers, Kings Island Construction wooden coaster. John Allen gave Kings Island formulas to help build the coaster. Kings Island built it In-House with Charles Dinn heading construction. He later formed the Dinn Corparation three years after The Beast opened. Curtis Summers was heavily subcontracted to help build the ride. So while not on the list, my favorite(technical) Dinn/Summers wooden coaster is The Beast .
  3. Kings Island 2015: A long awaited Coney Mall revitalization. Shake Rattle and Roll is refurbished with a new lighting package. Racer repainted and re tracked to its original 1972 colors. New Larson Flyers added right where Flying Eagles(Relocated In Peace ) was. Vortex completely repainted with the same colors. 2016: New food options and Live Shows. Soak City Waterpark gets an expansion with new slides. More Trees added by the Bat and Banshee and especially needed in Soak City. Clearing of Trees by Firehawk. I wonder what is being added? 2017: With Kings Islands year long 45th Anniversary Celebration(similar to Kings Dominions celebration) Kings Islands largest investment in its 45 year history with a 332 foot B&M Giga Coaster is added in X-BASE. X-BASE is expanded behind Firehawk with a bathroom(no bathroom in the area currently), restaurants and a couple of flats.A Sky-ride is added from Oktoberfest to Planet Snoopy 2018:The Crypt building is torn down with a couple of flats added in its place. Where Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular used to be 2 new flats. Tower Gardens is removed at the end of the season. Rivertown gets more trees replanted in the area especially around Diamondback. Planet Snoopy gets more kiddie rides. 2019: A 10 million dollar expansion of Oktoberfest into the area that used to house Tower Gardens with new flat rides and a small wild mouse. Timber Wolf Amphitheater is removed at the end of the year. Adventure Express rehabbed with fog effects in the turns and theming refurbished. 2020: Action Zone Expansion into the area that had Timberwolf. Drop Dower and Invertigo are repainted. New flat rides. A Wing Coaster similar to GateKeeper added. Front Gate gets a rehab. International Restaurant brought up to code and reopened. The Wing Coaster swings over the Front Plaza(not the gate).
  4. Best: The Beast. A Insane 540 degree lateral g helix is all you need to say this is one of the best woodies ever! Worst: Adventure Express. I love the ride but an ending in "Now you will pay" to go to the station is anti climatic and pretty bad.
  5. Kentucky Kingdom is not exactly major but I see it as a good park to put it at. I mean the first Chance Hyper GTX was installed at Kentucky Kingdom and they do have a history of buying prototypes under Hart from Vekoma in the 90's. Maybe.
  6. I disagree with that. When they released the statistics for how many riders there where last year, Vortex was the third most popular ride with more than 1 million riders. Unless something bad happens to Vortex, I do not think Vortex will be dismantled
  7. I maybe of minority here but I am not really liking all of these wooden rollercoasters being torn down and or converted to a RMC Hybrid/Topper. Yes those coasters are very awesome but some coasters do not need it. While Colossus was not the best coaster in the world, it is a classic. If Six Flags does this to every other slightly old wooden coaster there are not going to be many wooden ones at parks. IK RMC coasters are awesome but not every old or newer woodie needs to become one.
  8. Cedar Fair does not make RMC coasters though. Great job though!
  9. Has anyone forgot about the Chance Hyper-Lite? Maybe that could be in store for Kentucky Kingdom.
  10. Here are some new updates from KK! Really excited about whats to come for KK and glad to see some progress. Enterprise being repainted blue. Supports and bridge being repainted blue. Splash basin repainted white. Redoing of Restrooms Blackbeards Bounty Testing
  11. Why is nobody posting Banshee? Banshee was pretty surprising because of The Bat Flies Again Website thingy 3 days before the announcement that changed my view to a wing coaster. I was also at the announcement.
  12. I'm personally very excited for Banshee! I was there at the announcement and nearly everyone loved it! I can't wait to ride the world's longest inverted rollercoaster Banshee! The only very major downtime Diamondback has had was last year when they closed it for about a week because they needed to do some structural work on some of the footers. Other than that I've never seen Diamondback down for a long time. On Banshee's announcement day they where having (I think) Restraint issues so they closed it down for a little bit.
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