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  1. This might be a controversial opinion, but this just proves that there are people out there that want the lockdown to end for a very legitimate reason. How are people supposed to live if they can't make any money?
  2. Sure, lets get rid of all the good flat rides in U.S parks.
  3. If you ask me, I think theres a chance there could be a 2020 season, albiet shortened.
  4. Busch, Disney, Cedar, and Six Flags will most likely find a way to operate this year, even if it means starting their season a month late.
  5. If this park isn't going to open til mid-June like it seems like it's gonna be, I can bet you that Pantheon will definitely be primed and ready.
  6. The 2010s The 2010s unfortunately had a rather sad start….As it was already announced that Vampyre, Anton Schwarzkopf’s magnum opus was going to be permanently closed after the 2010 season and torn down to make room for a “future development”. Quite understandably so, this decision upset and angered the entirety of the coaster enthusiast community. Vampyre being considered a classic and legendary attraction, many accused Cedar Fair of having no respect for the classics. Some even went as far as to boycott TGA and Cedar Fair. The official reason for its removal was due to “high mainten
  7. I already moved my plans to go to Carowinds and BGW from July to September. Im hoping that things will hopefully be back on their feet by then.
  8. That double inverting dive loop has got Stormrunner written all over it : )
  9. The 2000s The year 2000 itself didn’t bring any new major attractions to the park, which was quite a disappointment at the time, however TGA slowly started to hype up the next year’s addition…which they said was really going to blow people’s minds and change the face of TGA forever… But first….a little bit of backstory… Not even a full month had passed since Rage was announced in 1998 that Jason Walker was already looking to the future…Jason Walker had a vision to one day build a hypercoaster at the park. (A hypercoaster, of course being a coaster at least 200 feet tall
  10. My mother is a year younger than you and she's been battling motion sickness for years despite loving roller coasters, what she does is that she takes dramamine at least an hour before she goes on any coasters. She was able to handle Fury 325 and Skyrush no problem.
  11. THE 1990s The 1990s didn’t start off pleasantly for Elmwood Lake Park at all, as the famed theme park was still derelict and would stay that way for the next few years….suburban developments started to circle around the SBNO amusement park like vultures, eventually waiting for the property value to go down just enough to swoop in, level the park, and replace it with condominiums, town houses, and strip malls. However before any of them could even think about making a move….the park was purchased in late 1992…By a little known company known as….. Cedar Fair L.P, the o
  12. I'd think the Jesus Days would have a less rowdy and more well-behaved crowd if they practiced what they preached. 12 years of Catholic schooling, trust me...they REALLY don't. We were just as uncivilized as other kids.
  13. I remember that there was a time back in '08 when I was in 7th grade where we had what was SUPPOSED to be a physics day at Hersheypark. The school rented out a huge greyhound bus and everything. We were supposed have fun, but on the bus do worksheets about physical science (it's just middle school, it was probably going to be just "what's the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy?") I remember that it was cold, rainy, sloppy and just gross out, but somehow or another, all the coasters were open save for Fahrenheit. I remember that me and these two teachers managed to get r
  14. THE 1980s Elmwood Lake Park kicked off the Decade of Decadence with a brand new steel roller coaster from Arrow-HUSS named Fireball. Fireball was a very unique specimen for its time as in 1980, it broke the record for the most inversions on a roller coaster with a whopping five! Two consecutive loops, an all-new “Immelmann” inversion after a banked turn and finally, a double corkscrew before a meandering s-turn back to the station. Many people consider Fireball to be the first “mega looping” coaster ever built….and of course, when Fireball opened, it was a massive hit a
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