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  1. It does rain a lot here, but not often to where the park has to close. Whenever it rains bad we start closing. Also i'll let you know when we announce our new ride, it will be a good edition for families.
  2. I work part time, sometimes they get posted on the Facebook page for the actual park annoucements. I always check there first.
  3. We are getting a future ride, trust me. I work there now. I'll keep updates on what's coming for sure.
  4. I'm Highly interested on the US Tour, when do you guys head out? As if i might not be availble due to me working at an amusement park myself so i'll see based on my schedule.
  5. Oof double posted, sorry! and yes i actually do like Twisted Cyclone but i'm not a sponsor was making a joke.
  6. Proud sponsor of Six Flags Over Georgia. This guy up here was paid. Steel Vengeance will be a hit this year.
  7. *Grammar bud, guess you forgot you're Grammar. But i'm not here to start flaming i'm here to talk about SFNO/Jazzland.
  8. Triggered, but looking forward to seeing if this would happen.
  9. Ah, i have been to Holiday World ever sense The Voyage was built. When i was a youngin My first roller coaster was The Raven. I enjoy my visits to holiday world, I missed out on going this year due to my Voyage addiction i have now. Would love to come back again.
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