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  1. ^Ah perfect, thank you - must have been scrolling through too quickly!
  2. Thanks for all your hard work! Am I missing the Indiana Beach woodies? Or is there a particular reason they aren't present?
  3. I don't know that there is a disconnect necessarily. As long as they can get away with it, they will sell the cheapest product at the biggest mark-up they can. If they are making a profit on it what incentive do they have to change it?
  4. Those look pretty awesome! I can think of a few riders that would look really good at night with those (Dragster!).
  5. I like keeping things consistent and 2018 follows the 'tradition' (for lack of a better term) of these types of polls. Plus a large portion of the ride experiences being judged are from 2018.
  6. Realizing that I may very well be in the minority, I am one of those that enjoys ranking each individual coaster down to the worst of the worst. I find it interesting to see where people rank rides at my favorite parks, not just see what everyone's top ten consist of. We have a separate thread for that. I don't think there is anything wrong with giving everyone the opportunity to rank as many as possible.
  7. I can't wait until this starts going the other way in 20 years and we get stand-up trains on all of the current hyper/gigas.
  8. The wife and I made the drive over from Indy last night for 18 month old's first trip to KI. He had a blast riding with mom and dad! Only coaster I rode was Diamondback but it was pitch black and a was running really well. As for what's to come in 2020, I'm inclined to think that it will be a Giga. A speed focused ride would fit the line up perfectly.
  9. Thank you guys for putting in the time and effort to do this! Very interesting to see how things stacked up. Am I completely missing Cornball Express in the results or was it not included for some reason?
  10. Really excited to see the results! (It would appear the Tig'rr at Indiana Beach is missing, fyi.)
  11. This is why I always work my way up on my first visit to KI each year. Start with Adventure Express or Backlot and work my way up to Diamondback. Later in the year it's right to DB though.
  12. ^I know right?!? I just meant that a lot of people seem to have really high praise for the drop but I have found it to be underwhelming.
  13. I seem to be literally the only person that feels this way but I have found the first drop on Mystic Timbers to be very meh. I've ridden in almost every row and find it to be the only disappointing part of an otherwise very fun ride.
  14. Had a great first day so far at Coasterstock. Lines were very manageable this morning and early afternoon. Banshee in particular seemed to be giving great rides today. Heading to dinner then back for this evening's ERT.
  15. The wife and and I will be there! Looking forward to my first night ride on Timbers.
  16. We have had non-riders go through the line with us before. Just explain the situation to the line attendant by the entrance/test seat and you should be good.
  17. You'll be fine. Mad Mouse is the only coaster that ever carries a significant line. Shivering Timbers may get to 20-30 mins but I wouldn't expect to wait any longer than that. It really is a great little park and Timbers alone is worth a visit.
  18. Saturday and Sunday will be PACKED while Memorial Day will be busy but more manageable. I'd still expect waits of 15-20 min even with Fast Lane on Saturday and Sunday.
  19. The problem is they cant change over to anything that uses the word Marvel in the title, Universal still hold the rights to the name and all characters, Disney can hold meet and greets, and put an overlay over TOT but they cant use the Marvel name. So it will never become a Marvel land as such. Is this true? Can anyone expand on this further? Not only do I have no clue what this means, but why would the park start renaming Tower of Terror if it's gonna be such a pain in the butt to use Marvel characters without using the Marvel name? IMO Disney doesn't even need Marvel to keep their parks busy, so I don't really get it in the first place. Not only that they're taking away a very valued attraction and not many people seem happy about it. Unless something has changed recently it actually does not apply to Disneyland. They could build an entire Marvel land if they wanted. Universal holds the theme park rights to most of the Marvel properties but it only applies to parks east of the Mississippi River.
  20. They're most likely not going to get a new coaster the year after they built Valravn and it sounds like there are similar markers near the resort gate. Sorry, the Mean Streak will keep on streakin and crushing enthusiast pipe dreams (and spines). Take a deep breath and let Mean Streak into your heart. I'd be shocked if this was a project for next year. I don't *HATE* Mean Streak, more of a 'strongly dislike'. I was just surprised to hear that there are supposedly a number of survey markers down near it.
  21. So did anyone spot (or happen to get pictures of) the supposed survey markers around Mean Streak?
  22. CGA is next, followed by Valleyfair if the announced plans hold.
  23. What makes this early season teaser different then KI's early season teaser? The difference would be that this would be 3 coaster projects in one year, something we haven't seen of late from CF. KI has begun tree clearing and has survey markers across a very large area. KI's project is a coaster and from all appearances a large one. Hurler, in house or not, is still a coaster project. As I said before I hope it is a coaster (and I agree that early teasing is usually a sign of a bigger investment) but it would be a deviation from the capital investment strategy we've seen the past few years.
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