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    • I noticed a few flying around on my one ride 2 weeks ago. I'm surprised but not surprised that they haven't done anything to mitigate the situation. I'll be back in 3 weeks so it better be running, wasps or not lol.
    • I have ridden Iron Gwazi on 11 separate days since pass previews started and this past Wednesday was the first time I saw any wasps at the top of the lift. I hope they can find a way to deal with it. The coaster has been having enough down time already without the wasps.  
    • For "not knowing anyone that goes to the waterpark after 2015", the area was and still is absolutely packed.  Before COVID maybe 10 visits a summer I'd go to the waterpark and not ride a single dry ride, and even with filling in the area behind the beer stand it's still nearly impossible to find a recliner on a warm day. The other times I'd spend most of the day in the waterpark and maybe ride Wild Thing, Xtreme Swing, or the drop tower on the way out.  
    • Over or under 10 days before Gwazi gets closed for the current wasp situation at the top of the lift?   Has anyone that's been on it recently and months ago comment on if this is a newer issue? Every ride people panicked at the top with all the wasps. One ride a few got pull down the drop with us 🤣 but not cool.
    • Guessing it’s open later than everything else because it’s farther back in the park than everything else.  Probably smart time management to not open the ride when no one would even show up in line for the first 30 minutes (really, who wouldn’t stop first at Superman before going to Batwing?) and not able to fill a full train for the next 30 minutes?  Maybe giving them too much credit but the schedule probably comes from actual rider volume.  Seems like a lot of parks are more smartly scheduling their limited staff where the crowds actually are at the start of the day and later opening rides that take a long time for the masses to work their way back to.
    • So, "Madagascar" is a movie I haven't seen (Spoiler alert: The only movie in the DreamWorks section of the park I actually have seen is "Shrek"), but I know it has something to do with animals trying to escape the circus and return to Africa. Then I looked it up and saw it co-starred Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett Smith (among others). The whole thing smacks of coincidence....   All the ambiance of a circus with none of the smells!   So, I guess one of the animals is musically talented or something?   Fun house mirror!   Evil kitty cat train! Or something.   "I'm big, evil kitty cat train! Feed me people!"   Such careful brush strokes. The artist really brought out his armpit hair!   So, I'm guessing from the wear and tear on this poster and the general malaise on the characters' faces that these are the bad guys who used to be the most popular acts at the circus until those young upstarts started getting all the attention. So they convince the other animals they'd be better escaping captivity. And then once the others flee to Africa, these two can reclaim the center ring. Am I close?   Most of the DreamWorks "lands" had one signature attraction, one flat ride, a gift shop and a restaurant. "Madagascar" broke the mold with two flat rides, including "Penguin Air."   Pure craziness!   This penguin approves!   The other flat ride in "Madagascar" is the "Melman Go-Round." I prefer to call it the "Merry-Go-Ross."   I have no idea who any of these characters are!   We see you, Zebra Chris Rock! Personally, I thought the tiger jumping through the ring of fire was the coolest design on this carousel. I also thought it was cool that the carousel was "sunken" so the ride platform was flush with the floor; that would be a great ADA feature to bring to U.S. parks when feasible.   But the main attraction here is "Madagascar Mad Pursuit!"   Lots of space under this big top!   The queue included a full-sized circus train car!   Let's look inside! Are these contented horses characters in the movie, too? Or are they just part of the paint job?   I want to say this framed test pattern probably is where the safety video appeared, but I was the only person in line, so I just zipped right by it.   Oh, did I mention that "Madagascar Mad Pursuit!" is an indoor Gerstlauer launched coaster? NBD. Also, I read online that this is themed after "Madagascar 3." They made three of them!?   Exit through the gift shop!   "Hi! I'm Lion Ben Stiller! Wouldn't you like to sleep on my face?"   Hey look! An open restaurant! I didn't know they did that kind of thing at Motiongate anymore!   Lion guy and lemur guy were happy to see me! (Or anyone, for that matter.)   Thus brings us to the conclusion of Madagascarland. But not to fret; we'll be back soon with a look in front of the scenes at "Kung Fu Panda"-land! Stay tuned!
    • Jeffrey has been posting updates on his Twitter, as they have been working on the theming in the show building:         and updating us on the progress of the 3rd train for Iron Rattler:
    • Time to lower your Shrek-spectations! Ha! Get it? Because it's "Shrek"?   Fun fact: I got to ride inside this, virtually, at Universal Studios. Bet no one else here can say that!   "They make me stand here all day to guard the Baskin-Robbins."   Be sure to social distance as you take the stairs!   The Candy Apple, like from "Snow White"... but in a tower, like from "Rapunzel." I'm so confused!   I'm not sure, but I think this area is for birthday parties or something? Or maybe a stage show? Character meet-and-greets? Regardless, it wasn't being used during my visit.   Nope! Still not being used!   I had to look this up becauseI had no idea what it was. Apparently it's the home of a character named Dama Fortuna, whose only screen appearance is in an alternate opening to the original "Shrek" that was never fully animated? Some of the details at Motiongate bordered on obsessive... and this is coming from someone who obsesses about details!   The Swamp Celebration ride is tied to the birthday scene in "Shrek Forever After."   Its a highly themed Zamperla Rockin' Tug, for the uninitiated.   The highlight of this "land," though, is "Shrek's Merry Fairy Tale Journey," a dark ride that follows the narrative of the first "Shrek" film in puppet form.   The queue is extremely detailed, starting with Shrek's house.   Here's the prelude....   Well that's not very nice!   Hello, Mr. Spooky Tree!   Ha! They amended the sign!   Geppetto's workshop   The projection window allowed various "scenes" to take place outside. I would imagine it's a fun distraction when the line is long and slow (but not today).   Pinocchio wants our money!   Onward to the swampmobiles! (I have no idea if that's what these vehicles are really called.)   Oh, I love a good puppet show!   Here's the audience!   Fiona and Shrek are the puppeteers!   And now we've been shrunk down to the size of puppets for a unique POV of the show!   "This is Farquard's forest now, holmes!"   "Wipe your... face! Duloc is a perfect place!"   Poor Mama Bear   Well isn't that special?   "I spy with my little eye...."   It's like they're married already!   Every dragon likes a little Farquard inside her!   It's like Smash Mouth in puppet form!   And they lived happily ever after... with some strings attached.   Exit through the gift shop!   "Buy my crap!"   Gift shop theming!   You also exit the entire "land" through a gift shop! But it's canon, so we'll allow it. Next stop: "Madagascar"!
    • I'm not even gonna lie, I thought Gargamel was droppin' trou.
    • My God, just stop. Can someone post a Diabolical update please?  Enough of this other crap.
    • Did you ever stop to think that the kid on the moon in the Dreamworks logo is actually fishing for humans on Earth? No, you didn't. Because you only ever think about yourself.   "Welcome to DreamWorks! I'm a Scottish ogre for some reason!"   "And I'm a martial arts panda with a camera!"   "And I make more money for Ben Stiller than 'Zoolander'!"   "And I'm a dragon behind a 'Please do not touch' fence. I'm so lonely!"   No souvenir purchases from the DreamWorks Mobile today #sad   This magnificent fountain greets guests inside the building in an area that serves as a "hub" for most of the "lands" in the enclosed structure.   "Motiongate is grr-eat!"   "They wouldn't let me do this at Epcot!"   Even the ceiling is themed (though the Sistine Chapel it ain't). Come along as we explore each of DreamWorks' "lands" one by one!
    • The time has come to move on from Columbia Pictures. Where to next, signpost?   Excellent idea!   No Gargamels allowed!   It must be a sign!   I had dreams like this in grade school....   Vanity? Is that you?   Playspace = closed for COVID. Smurfs Shop = closed for attendance.   But the outdoor playspace is open!   If there were any children in this park at all today, you can bet some of them would be here, maybe!   I spy a twisty slide!   All aboard!   Hey! It's Conductor Smurf! (Joke's on you... there is no Conductor Smurf!)   It looks like a train station...   ...but that doesn't look like a normal train!   Hey, wait a minute! It's a roller coaster!   Going up!   Oh no! Not the Howlibird!   Yep! The Howlibird has been here, all right!   Let's move on to a less violent ride!   The premise is that the Smurfs have opened a movie studio. But since there are only 100 or so Smurfs, the cast, crew and audience essentially are all the same. Lame!   Cultural appropriation! Not cool, Smurfs. Not cool.   Believe it or not, there really was an episode of "The Smurfs" in which nearly all the Smurfs turned into zombies who could only say "Gnap." Look it up!   Fun fact: "Panic Undersmurf" was the first film with an S-13 rating.   It's not quite the GlamorTram, but it'll do.   We're on the list!   "Welcome to my studio!"   Of course Painter Smurf is in charge of the paint department! This ride actually incorporated some characters I didn't expect, including Wild Smurf and Baby Smurf. No Grandpa Smurf, Grandma Smurf or Smurflings, though. And forget about Johan and Peewit.   Of course Handy Smurf is in charge of set construction! It's worth noting that, despite some static displays, there was enough limited motion throughout this ride that they weren't as noticeably static as the ones in "Hotel Transylvania."   Such a diva!   Oh no! It's Gargamel and Azrael! They're sneaking on set to cause expensive production delays and put Smurf Studios out of business for good! (No, really. That's the plot.)   Look! It's Indiana Smurf in "Smurfers of the Lost Smurf!"   "Huh? What's a 'pork sword'? Who writes this stuff?"   Pivotal scene from "The Day the Smurf Stood Smurf."   Time for the finale: "A Salute to All Imaginary Blue Creatures But Mostly Smurfs."   "Ready for my close-up, D.B."   Little did they know about Gargamel's paint fetish....   "Autographs! Just $50! Add a photo for only $100 more!"   They apparently ran out of budget at the very end of the ride, so we get a "Monstars of Smurf" finish.   Exit through the gift shop!   Wait... the gift shop is so large that it has TWO exits!   Does anyone know where I can buy a plush Smurf? If anyone sees any plush Smurfs for sale anywhere, please let me know, OK?   Today's show: "Closed for COVID" starring Invisible Smurf!   Am I the only one who finds the Smurf version of the "Thalia and Melpomene" masks more than a little disturbing?   Time for a very Smurfy lunch!   Just like the gift shop, the Smurfs Village restaurant is so large, it has two entrances/exits at opposite ends of the building.   Let's take a look at today's Smurfy specials!   Gargamel Burger FTW!   #TheMoreYouSmurf   Be sure to safe room for Smurf cream... er, ice Smurf... er, maybe we should just skip dessert.   Smurf Snacks? More like Smurf NOT Snacks!   Farewell, Smurfs Village. Legend tells that we'll never be able to find you again. But that's OK because next, we're going to find the DreamWorks section of Motiongate!  
    • Well it's been a month and I have a update from yesterday, some sense of order has returned to the park with the park not being a construction mess any longer. 1. Parking Work continues at the parking area of the park still no idea what they're doing here, solar panels on the extra parking are still not done so far I know. 2. Hotel No major movement on this front yet.  2.2 New path.   The new main straight after the entrance has been set in use, the old one is completely gone, this change happened a day after I came to visit. 2.3 Path to Fata Morgana So to also address Robin point here: The path going to Fata Morgana is coming back, but this will be straight after the hotel in the future. This will most likely not be a bottleneck situation, the park had the single railroad crossing for years. The only thing that will have changed after all these years is that there is no longer a access point to the fairytale forest at this point, even after the hotel opens. 3: Things are better: Main Entrance is back in business. No more scaffolding. A lot more simple border. Top is back, but still will take a while for it to be in use again. 3.1: Kind of better but still:   George and the Dragon reopened and not long after that a smoldering fire was detected on the fire track, they're fixing it but are using the water track as there is no danger to do that. 3.2: Kind of progress: A new dock closer to the fountain is being build at the entrance side is being build. 3.3: Construction update The renovation of the fairytale house has gone vertical. 4: New attractions in renovation. Baron has closed for the first time for renovation. Raveleijn despite running the show apparently (I didn't check to confirm) a problem with the mechanical dragon of the show and the show has do without it this has been a long running problem as it happens more and more that the dragon has issues and they're looking into a way to fix it more permanently this time.   Both new attractions Archipel and Sirocco are undergoing renovation work, Sirocco despite that was open in the weekend and closed last week and upcoming week, it just gets temporary parts replaced by permanent ones (supply issues during construction). Archipel is getting ready for water to be added to the ride this includes a coating on the floor among other things. 5: story time Had double trouble at the Python yesterday. First I wanted to visit the ride and noticed single rider line was open at the entrance, went in and when I  came to the station there was nobody appoint seats and people had to walk into the station themselves, while they had removed the chain at the single rider queue at the end the normal queue was a five minutes wait and I felt not comfortable to cut the line like this so I turned around and refused to queue in the normal queue as I wasn't feeling it any longer. Then I sat in the flying Dutchman and noticed the ride had gotten stuck halfway up the hill, when I took this picture after getting out of the ride the train already started to move again. That was everything.
    • Catwoman was turned on and in the vertical position but they stopped whatever they were doing due to rain before I got back there for a pic. I wouldn't be shocked if there was a preview next weekend.
    • If you say so. They were on sufficiently different topics and so I did them separately. Why is it such an issue for you? You didn't have to read them and they were all very short.   What the hell are you talking about? My profile clearly states I am from St. Louis.   There I answered two different posts at once. Happy now? 🙄
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