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So when I'm not on a trip I've been tweeting out a couple of links to the Game Exchange once or twice a week. I've noticed that the official NL twitter has been RTing almost every one.


While I get that our exchange isn't a "major" player, it does seem that it gets a decent amount of traffic, at least for a non-gaming centric site. Am I at least somewhat correct in my assumption?


Oh, and it seems like NO ONE is playing TPS! I guess maybe when they finish the game things will be different?

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I absolutely think that you're correct. I think that our Game Exchange is doing pretty well considering that it's essentially an "add-on" to Theme Park Review. There really hasn't been a track uploaded for a few days but tracks are usually rated several times, which is awesome!


What's interesting is that Shy Guy's World and the NoLimits Exchange have the same thing going on with their "real park" discussions - they don't get a whole lot of traffic because the real park discussions aren't the sites' main focus.


Concerning Theme Park Studio - the most I've seen of Theme Park Studio from my nerd friends is just playing around with objects and stuff. I don't think that the game is in a good enough state for people to actually make legitimate projects (such as my modeling/rendering project that is taking up hours upon hours of my time). I think that when they update it with that flat ride module thingie we'll see more projects pop up.

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Also, one thing has come up...


I think that we may have a case of double usernames. Check out these threads...


Old thread - http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1499014#p1499014

New thread - http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1514527#p1514527


I got on the SpartanPidgeon user's case because they would continually make new threads for project updates, but I never banned them because they -generally- got the idea and cleaned up their act. But now, a new project with the same name and pretty much the same coasters as the old project has come up under a different user.


I can't prove that the users are the same because their IP Addresses are different. But I smell something fishy. Any ideas?

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