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  1. 2020 is right , who would have expected Indiana Beach, too add something amazing in 2021. This year just keeps bringing mysteries.
  2. Indiana Beach is adding A Schwarzkopf Triple Looping Coaster, next season. Wonder which one it could be !
  3. Don't think it will be much better, than this year. It's going to blow back up this winter, with all these Holidays and people getting together. Hate to think that, but it's my feeling.
  4. Because Beaches are more open and your not touching anything. Amusement parks are more closed and people touching things over and over again.
  5. I too think our next coaster will be a Raptor. The papers filed did state Raptor on them and Ed asked us about the Raptor models at this years winter walk through. I don't think it will happen til 2022 now, after this year.
  6. Went to the park yesterday, for their opening day. Entry was quick, they took your temp then you proceed to the entry gate. Most people were social distancing, but only about 20% were wearing mask. All employees were wearing masks, and there were Hand Sanitizer stations all over the park and at the exit of every ride. Saw several employees out cleaning all day long, more so then normal. All rides were open, except for the Raging Rapids. The Giant Wheel, 5D Theater and Bumper Cars will remain closed all summer. All the coaster were loading every other row and flats would let families sit next
  7. Right now, they most likely don't want to focus on Halloscream. It's already a bad year for them and I'm sure they don't want to put money in something that may not be able to happen. This Virus could spike again this fall and they are thinking the same thing. Don't put too much into something that we may have to cancel.
  8. I think they could stay open Oct for night rides, if they could keep the staffing and this pandemic doesn't blow up again.
  9. Yeah, I'm writing it off this year, won't be the same. I understand all the restrictions, but it just isn't worth it to me. Ky's Governor has said Ky Kingdom is one of the last things he will give a OK to. Too many thousands of people in one place, even though your outside. They done cancelled Keys To The Kingdom and I don't think if they can open before July, it wouldn't be worth it for them. Even opening in July, would be tough for them, to make any money this year. Most of the attendance comes from Season Pass holders, they will lose money. 50% of Season Pass holders, go in the park and don
  10. I just hope they will open this year. If they can't open by mid June, it likely wouldn't be worth it for them. If they have to wait til July, they would only have 1 month of daily operations, before they go back to weekends mid August. The Governor has said the Zoo and Kentucky Kingdom will be one of the last things he gives a ok for.
  11. Yeah, I;m excited to see what they do for Halloscream. Wonder if they'll use Oak Island again?
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