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  1. Dude's! There are some place's that are not even at club 33 like the golden horse shoe and somewhere in the main street area. I know it that i saw beer outside the club 33
  2. Man i Hate tripple posting but this is about what's coming for universal citywalk and i'm here to tell you what's coming for phase I of Universal citywalk arizona - Pizza hut-k.f.c. express - Hot topic - Bubba gump restraunt - Gamestop AMC-Imax - Bubba gump - Guess And i can guess opening day for Citywalk is in 2 year's and a unknown project from universal creative That's all for Universal citywalk news and soon there will be some photo's on Jp and Phase II at universal arizona themepark as for now Toodo-loo Universalgeek.
  3. A citiwalk update and now a HHN maze annoucement and now i'm here to announce the second and final maze. sorry that there are only 2 mazes this year but this one will be the most unique maze because it is basicly small and there are only about 5 rooms in the maze. so here is the Logo of the maze The name is Terror in Newyork in zombie-vision 3-d
  4. Universal park's and resort announces their first film-based attraction based on the film Jurrasic Park Adventure! The ride is going to open in october with HHN So now i'am going to show you some photos of the attraction Some Overhead shot's and there is the part where you meet the Jp staff teling you to go back to the loading dock. Thanks for seeing the ride line-up change. And HHN maze annoucement #2 tomorow Universalgeek
  5. actauly there is ariel's gorroto bar on to of the family restraunt and also there is one in new orlean's square during mardi gras. and i think that the bordwalk restraunts have brew's to
  6. I hope a new disneyland resort park will replace the mall part of the gardenwalk.
  7. Thank's and now i'l reval one of the mazes of this year's HHN: The Curse and this maze also has a original Icon! Sultan's Revenge! Go back in time to a dark age of india to a horrific stoy to be told. i know what's curious inside because it's when blood and history collide! Take note about the detail of the facade i put in there. Next maze annoucement in 2 day's and guess the icon and theme of the next maze See you soon... Universalgeek
  8. Welcome to annoucement Day. sorry it got pushed my dad was here but now i can adress the resort news It is happening HHN: the curse with one of the best mazes in hollywood coming to the southwest with a new Story. And now some resort stuff you should be excited about Universal citywalk is coming to arizona Edit: all mazes this year are orignal
  9. you know if we get it back we might have Superman: escape from krypton ctr
  10. Thank you QueerRudie, and although Flagstaff has pine trees up north, the park may have some more desert in Wild West Adventure.I'll rethink that small island into becoming into just a plain lake, but for the themepark i think at least 2 water attractions with theming would be good. There will be a big update on Friday at 8 - just a simple day at Universal Studios Arizona and a big resort update on that weekend so stay tuned for the biggest news yet! And maybe I might do a indoor JP after all. Stay tuned...
  11. Welcome to year II and this year 2 new attraction's is Woody woodpecker and Universal's senic tour's and we updated the train with a all new lake and peter jackson's King kong 280 3-D and a new train type is on the updated Universal Railroad! and now i will show the first 3 photo's that have been leaked so check it out The lake with the main universal railroad Universal senic tour's and Woody woodpecker And finally the arm and gondla's of Universal senic tour's So in 2 day's a new update will be here for news on KK 280 3-D And Hollywood rip ride rocket. Update for next year's attraction revealed now so here come's
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