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Track of the week contest...


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Mr. Smithers: Sir, I think he's died.

Mr. Burns: AH, then send a ham to the Widow Simpson.

Homer (In Spirit form): MMMMMMmmmmmm Ham


Mr. Smithers; He's alive again, sir!

Mr. Burns: Oh, very well. Cancel the ham.

Homer: Annoyed Grunt.


(Sorry- I think I just lost the last bit of sanity... if anyone finds it, please let me know.)


And I got the same P.M. this morning, Robb- I think he won't try that again.

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Bear with me for a second, this could go waaaaay into left field -


Maybe we should let it go once and bust people afterward? In the Magic Kingdom, if someone shoplifts or gives counterfeit money we're supposed to let it go and notify security about it with a description of the violator, and then they proceed to wait by the park exit for that person to get there so they can bust them. It's sort of like a "rude awakening" when the violator thinks they're on top of the world until they're busted at the last minute, when the busting was planned all along.

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That's a good idea...


But we'll end up with no fair way to 'rate' the coasters themselves- that is, we'd have a ton of fake data going in, skewing the final voting- and that's not fair to the general public who are playing legitimately. (Someday I will learn how to spell that word correctly)

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Yeah, I agree with RD. Especially when we're in such an early phase of all this, I'd much rather weed out the problem users now, and show the honest players that we mean business. The cheaters aren't going to help us out anyway, and the people who actually want to play the game for real, they will be the ones to tell other people and help generate more traffic.


And those are the people we need to cater to.

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Oh, sure. It was just an idea.


Maybe we should make an in-game video of an RCT2 coaster crash, with two "bad" members riding the ride when it crashes.


"This is what will happen..."


Oh, and R.D., just so you know, I haven't found any sanity yet.

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Just gave maythegeforcebefuckingwithyou a 1 month ban for not dropping it....


You have been given a 1 month ban from Theme Park Review. You are responsible for your actions on TPR. Don't try to blame a fictional sister or anyone else. I'm not going to tolerate that. If you create another screen name or try to register again in the next month, you will be banned from TPR forever.


Also banned the \/0\/ screen name and IP associated with it. Who's duplicate account was that one again? I'm getting so confused now with who's duplicate account belongs to who. Can someone give me a breakdown?

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Sure nuff'-


The_Mad_Hatter, Psych, \/o\/, and CountVampula are one...


sam_aus and auscoasterboy are the other.


sam_aus didn't really comment on anything- but the other guy simply wants to create as much drama as he possibly could. THus why I locked the thread: Every time I deleted a post of his bullshit, he'd re-post it right behind.


And thanks again, Robb- I hope your easter isn't being shit upon by these dildos. Either way- have some chocolate and a tequila. "It's what's for Easter" here...

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Meh - I don't really celebrate Easter so it's not big deal. I've gone ahead and cleaned up that thread and removed pretty much all the "junk" posts from it - anything that had to do with all the extra screen names, the bad tracks, or tracks associated with people who we banned or disqualified.


Tomorrow we should put up the reminder on the front page, twitter and FB that it's the last day to submit a track....


Stupid kids....

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Seriously - WHAT THE FUCK....


On Sun, Apr 24, 2011 at 3:57 PM, Shane Guerin wrote:




I just noticed my brother was barred from TPR on behalf of my actions. I read the reason, and I just need to let you know that I am not fictional, and I exist.


I have problems with my family, I'm doing poorly in school, and now my brother is mad that I got him banned for what I did. I should be the one banned because I was the one who didn't listen and decided to fudge the results of the contest. I wanted him to be happy about his creation, but I didn't realize the whole situation would spiral out of control. My brother is upset, my parents are upset, and now I'm upset at myself for this whole ordeal. I thought about what I did, and I know it was wrong of me, and I apologize.






I wrote back....


Shane -


I'm not an idiot. Your sister didn't create an account, YOU DID. It was created with the email address under Shane Guerin


Please stop emailing me. You're only going make me more pissed off at you and have your entire family banned from TPR forever. In fact, I am this close to banning you forever RIGHT NOW.


I don't have time for childish games. One more email from ANY ONE of you and you will all be banned from TPR.





Robb Alvey

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Ok, so I banned the two IP ranges that mad_hatter was using. That still doesn't stop him from trying another IP or using a mobile device. Basically, if you see anyone you don't recognize in that track of the week thread, and they JUST registered...ban them!

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And these idiot kids keep emailing me as though they've done nothing....


from Sam Walker <14walkers@gmail.com>

to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com

date Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 8:10 PM

signed-by gmail.com


hide details 8:10 PM (4 minutes ago)


I was banned off of TPR for a duplicate account. The IP is auscoasterboy. I don't understand why or how it is a duplicate. I have only just come on TPR and I have been banned?

Thanks, Simon


Like, do they not realize in gmail, when I see their email address I also see their real name and can see the guy is not called "Simon?"

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^ I think your numbers underestimate the total amount of idiots.


So of the entries, none of them are ranked over 2 Stars. Good grief. I never thought this contest would backfire so badly due to unsavory kiddies.


Anyone have any favorites from this contest? I'm almost thinking of "rigging" the winner for who I like, and who played fair.

Edited by mcjaco
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Honestly, after the amount of crap people pulled in this contest, I'd rather stick with something someone's put together 'naturally' rather than 'repeatedly cheating' their way into the contest...


We have so many fewer contestants after the 'banfest' of the weekend, that it's going to be tough- but if I had a vote to cast in this, I like SoCalCoaster's entry- it's novel, it's got decent theming, it's different, and most of all: It wasn't put together quickly.

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