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Track of the week contest...


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Good idea. This has been a great way to test the waters as to what games are the most popular.


RCT2 NoLimits RCT3 RCT Scream Machines

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This Week's contest was a three way tie with voting, so we went to the tier breaker....AGAIN!


Congrats to I like small boys in tights.'s as this week's winner! I'll add your new points, and please contact Robb for your other exciting prizes (Bag O Crap and a DVD!).


I'll post the next contest around lunch time today.



might want to fix that?

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one more thing...




....Vote for the TPR Game Exchange "Track of the Week!"


These guys put some hard work and love into these tracks. All we ask is you click the links, and vote for them! Here are this week's entries:








It only takes a moment, and it doesn't hurt!


Please show your support and VOTE for these awesome tracks!




i did not see "word filter" in that list??

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^nice trick isn't it..


i was more wondering about the list robb posted regarding voting and not seeing an entry by xd in that list.. which made me wonder if i was being blind (and missed some entries) or something else happened...

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^ Keep it SIMPLE. If you want more entries, don't make so many barriers.


Maybe theme it around something that has opened recently? Like "Intmain Launched Coaster" to celebrate Cheetah Hunt's opening.

Edited by robbalvey
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Robb, I don't think you can make it any easier than: Rapids Ride.



We are getting into Finals/End of Semester time of the year for the age demographic for this forum right now. I think that may be what's the bigger cause right now.

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