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  1. I agree, mostly because it was the only BM in this competeition that did not rely on that "cliche" first drop...I myself like orginality.
  2. Another side project that has kept my interest this weekend. Project Medusa, inspired by the Dark Knight coaster layout at SFNE: Enjoy, and thanks for reading.
  3. You should also note that changing the ride layout after performing this hack will void the hack. Nice job on these tutorials, by the way.
  4. Here you go, and by the way, I like the idea very much! I'd actually particpate in this. I like coaster designs peronally. jaskyrdr_660.dat
  5. What they hey, let's throw in an S&S Launcher in the back corner of the park!
  6. Yeah, that kid was very narsicistic by saying he did not want to put downloads up. It was very childish, really.
  7. Vista has always worked well for me, besides merging. But that is just my expierence.
  8. ^I feel you.. 20 hour internship a week plus being a full time student and have full time job, Yikes! Thank god the semester ends in a month..
  9. The wing rider will no longer be named "Thunder Head," due to a thematic change; however, the gravity group woodie will be named Thunder Run, due to its extreme pace throughout the ride amongst the dense forest it literally, "thunders" though. The coaster is in the old western area.
  10. Yeah, I agree, though, my main concern is placement rather then height because I want the most functional ideal. At least where it is right now, the peeps don't have to climb up and down all the hills that this park will have. I figured they would appreciate that, lol.
  11. Not much has been done, but it's progressing. Unnamed flat: Not sure about this sky-way attraction... thoughts?
  12. I have a little bit of time that I can do that this week sometime. PM me.
  13. For those too intimidated by Thunder Head and Supernova, our guest can enjoy the family favorite, Storm, a kiddie coaster that accommodates Thunder Head, as well as a few flat rides. Progress report Fellville--America's Old Time Park!
  14. You're fine. If anything, your tutorial is more useful then other URL's and projects shown here.
  15. I disagree.. There are plenty of scenery pieces that can be used to convey what he wants--it's all about taking the time to really construct something nice. It's a good start, but keep building. The more you build, the more you adapt your overall style in the game.
  16. We're currently putting lots of attention to refurbishing our main plaza--what do you think? "Fellville--America's Old Time Park!"
  17. Year 75 celebration! I'd say I still have 75 percent of work left too!
  18. Meh: I agree...it is a little lackluster right now, but that is because a lot of this is just uninspired, and I really don't have an ultimate goal for a theme or direction for this park. It's honestly my stress reliever right now. haha!
  19. Terrain Schwarzkopf coaster, based lossely on Mindbender and Revolution. I'm looking for some possible names, seeing that I am quite stumped for this attraction. Thanks!
  20. google no cd patch for rct2 and replace the EXE file with the one you download. There are a lot out there.
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