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  1. Oh, I gave him a reason. I gave him a -very- complete reason. 1.) His threads were linking directly to his posts in NE and NOT to the downloads directly (I guess he changed that along the way) 2.) His only posts were directly to NE/his threads at NE 3.) All I asked of him was to upload his files to TPR- and that's it. Sorry for the delay in response - but really one should do a bit more research into the bitching of one person before laying down the laws when the story isn't complete yet. R.D.
  2. Yeah, no. If you're gonna post up videos to your own stuff that's great... but you gotta put more content in to your thread/posts. This isn't acceptable at all. We're happy to host things here, but one of the more important things to note is that content sells. Please add more content in the next 24 hours by editing your post, or I'll be removing it. R.D. Games Forum Moderating Team
  3. I was a bit disappointed in that no mention was made of Tidal Wave/Greezed Lightnin' myself. A mediocre wooden coaster being renovated & a Vekoma Hang and Bang got more attention. This alone makes me wonder what's going on with the Launchingracer there.
  4. Artistically, it's pretty. Nice shots, but I will have to stand by this as well: It is the Twin Peaks of coasterdom. I'm beyond confused myself, and lost entirely on what you're actually trying to show us. I'd strongly consider thinning out the artistic side, and stick to more core-base items. It would really be a better image after all, and show your skills a bit better. Otherwise, you'll be following this path... [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] R.D.
  5. I've moved this here- as I couldn't get the file to load, nor the video to work. I've sent a message to the user to give more details, as well as a better link before I move it back into the general forum. R.D.
  6. I'm pretty amazed with the detail you've put into this front gate... it looks incredible. However, please remember: MORE PICS! Open a thread with at least 5-10 shots! R.D. Games Forum Moderator
  7. Failure in success, and success in failure. I think it's time to go through another early attraction set from DELOS, but one that did not have in the end a long lifespan: Logan's Run. This coaster took from the movie "Logan's Run," a film which was part of the Science-Fantasy movement of the 1970s. Read about "Logan's Run" here. Logan's Run- ride building. The concept of Logan's Run is based upon the storyline of the movie- Once you reach a certain age, you are considered obsolete... and you are led off to your 'great reward' (Which is, like in Soylent Green... death.) Howe
  8. The only issue I have with your new Schwarzkopf coaster is the title on it: No custom Schwarzkopf JetStar II's were made. Instead, they are given the title of Speedracer. Technically (historically) the JetStar II evolved from the Speedracer line (The first Speedracer appeared in 1971- Big Bend, Six Flags Over Texas) while the JetStar II opened the first model in 1972. R.D.
  9. Greetings to the Games Forum- As some of you may have noticed, I took some time off to myself, as I was burned out and quite tired. During the past few months, I've been working on doing new concepts of coasters & rides- both as stand alone coasters, but also as part of experimental parks. I wanted to try new things I'd never been able to do before, either due to time or energy. This is the result of the largest part of the project. DELOS DELOS represents almost four months of work for me- it is the biggest park I've done to date, and the single most complicated build of my li
  10. Robb- I'm still here- I needed to step back for a bit before I started to choke people. The stress had gotten to me, and made me very frustrated, so rather than go bezerk, I stepped back. Over the next few months I'll have a bit more time as I'm taking time off from work to get my body back in order. R.D.
  11. Fun spot posted a picture of it... from their FB page. Thus the joy over it.
  12. Why would you need to? If that is your primary goal to do, then don't play the challenge. No need to be mean or rude about it. There's plenty of other places for you to build your rides in that you COULD theme the way you wanted. This is a challenge about ride building, not re-theming everything. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  13. WOOHOO!!!! I'm thrilled that Wheelie has a new home- and with this, they are preserving a great ride in EXCELLENT condition, as well as adding a top-notch thrill to their already growing lineup of rides. It is always good when a park chooses to preserve one of His works, and I give them Fun Spot many kudos for keeping Wheelie spinning into the future! R.D. Praise be to Anton, Amen.
  14. I will admit I'm a bit late in posting these- but after a rather nasty illness, I finally got around to doing things! Anyway, my Secret Santa delivered quite a bounty of sweet treats... Lots of sweet treats! I've opened up two so far- both tasty. The Chocolate covered Pretzels are G-O-N-E. Hmmmm... Wait. I don't know who the father is! And finally, a big THANK YOU to my Secret Santa- this is a great box of fun! Thanks again, Secret Santa! R.D.
  15. And people think I'm weird for my preferences... Psssh. I've got NOTHING on her.
  16. You must complete your park in it's entirety by October year 5, and submit it to the Games Exchange. Any building after that will be disqualified.
  17. Could we use a brand that we have made up and used for are own RCT2 projects? I am confused by what you mean. In other words, CPM doesn't want to see "BATMAN: THE CLONE" or "POWER TOWER!" or "MILLENIUM" etc. Be creative, and stick to the parks being creative, and not re-hashing of other people's stuff. The park is NOT to be re-branded, either. You will find out when you play... However, I would not remove anything that works. CPM is a HUGE nostalgia fan, and tends to eschew people who remove his rides that work. (In other words, don't touch the coasters. At all.) You m
  18. New Scenario/Challenge is up- and this one is a total-rebuild from the ground up. There should be NO problems with this one faulting, as it's about as bare-bones as one can get.
  19. Incredible shots, Chuck. OL:FOF has been one of those great mysterious wonders of steel for me since 1995 (Scary, no?) when it was announced. Those angles are simply not covered by anybody- anywhere, and are astounding in every way. And that poor schmuck on Grizzly... "DO NOT STAND UP" apparently doesn't apply to him! R.D.
  20. In light of so many issues with the TPR V challenge, I'm going to rebuild the scenario using a stripped down version of the existing scenario/game level. The revisions should make it easier for all people to play, and won't require the add-ons (Either the scenario disks or the Wing Rider add-on). The new scenario will be re-launched on Sunday evening, MDT. R.D.
  21. OK: After reviewing the Scenario itself, and seeing there are a lot of issues with it, I'm pulling the challenge- for now. It will be re-launched with the same game next week, but a revised scenario will be released in it's place. The new scenario will be identical to the one in play- but with general game play revisions to make it accessible to all players. If you have already started with this challenge, please let me know by PM no later than Saturday evening MST, and I will work with you to make sure your entries are valid & useful. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  22. Just as much as Georgia Cyclone screams it as well... wait... hehheheheh Seriously, GC needs some lovin' of Topper Track proportions. It is a great layout, decent profile & has some very cool elements... but after being beaten into submission by it last February, I don't want to go near it again. OUCH. After riding GC with the Topper Track, and realizing that it is truly amazing to see it come to life again, GR should get it. It would revitalize that ride in ways few could ever imagine.
  23. Beautiful pics, Joey. I can say this park is on the 'to do' list as it looks quite good- and quite different. The theming is over the top, even if the rides don't appear to be... and they DO have a fantastic looking coaster or two there. Not that I'm biased or anything.
  24. OHyaahhhh- Last year was great! I'm willing to ship domestically. R.D.
  25. I should (in theory, hahahahah) have some free time on Friday- I can do some of the general trivia questions for a future update.
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