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  1. A most excellent TR of what looks like a genuine good start for the Museum. Some of the items that were shown sent me back 30 plus years to my early days of riding... and the original pics of the Mountain View assembly site. (You can still see 1775 Plymouth Ave in Mountain View, CA. While the Drive In movies are gone, and things are grown up, the original Arrow site is still there- and as of 2010 had remains of the old testing ground still on site. However, DO NOT attempt to gain entry- it is privately held!) The wheel that was pictured isn't from WEM's Mindbender, though- as the wheels were intact at the time of the unfortunate accident. In fact, it was the axle/mount that cracked, not the wheel as is a popular urban legend. Excellent job, Eric! R.D.
  2. OK: Shady Glen Park is now ready- I adjusted things a bit, tweaked performance, added some interesting 'challenges' to make the game more difficult, and it will be ready to fly for tomorrow AM release. Hopefully this will be a 'new start' for RCT 3 gameplay- because after the last debacle with the Track Challenge, I'd not like a repeat. I will be keeping a log of people entering, however- just to be on the safe side. Run time is two weeks from tomorrow. Guidelines for the winner will be established in the thread by CPM. Some elements are designed to prevent overplay, while others are there to challenge. R.D.
  3. For a small-market fair, this is impressive. And your posts need quite a bit more Schwarzkopf... R.D.
  4. Ask and you shall receive, Hanno... Shady Glen park is now ready for release- I'll post it up to the exchange tomorrow night, along with the announcement thread in the GFM's forum from CPM- all it will need is to be moved into place on Monday Morning, and to have the Front Page & Twitter/Facebook feeds updated with the info on it. More details tomorrow- as I'm going to tweak the existing scenario a bit for play effectiveness. R.D.
  5. I'm pushing the RCT 3 contest to next Monday due to delays from work and from building the actual game (I want this one to be special, as it's a first-off.)
  6. Thanks for that AJ- I'll start to pull them apart and see what would work for RCT III. I should have a prototype game ready by Wed/Thur depending on how work goes tomorrow (If US/AA is 'announced' tomorrow, it will be later in the week). Any other ideas would be great, too- as this is sort of new territory for me.
  7. Do you have a 'RCT II'd' version of that? I.E. something I can get a good planform from, and work from there? I'd like to get this ready to go in a weeks time (I head to Asia next week tuesday for five days, and want to release it Monday AM). I like the idea of the run-down park in disrepair. Perhaps get a lot of guests sick, trash everywhere, etc. that needs to be fixed. Some of the different ideas that are being floated around in my foggy head are an older park with ancient rides that break down constantly, and few choices to replace them with (Limit the amount of "Here's my 900 foot tall, 600 mile long, 128 inversion B&M" types of rides).
  8. G-D help me for saying this, after the last disaster: It's time to run an RCT 3 contest. Any ideas would be great- as I've got a planform park setup, but would like to make it closer to what CPM has done in the past before starting the contest. Also, what would be a good 'challenge' for a park setup? I.E. Do we do build XXX type of ride/rides?
  9. SLOW DOWN! LIVE LONGER! Keep updates to your park to ONE every 24 hours- or more please. Rapid updates don't get attention, and you end up being repetitive with your functions and pictures. R.D. Games Forum Moderating Team
  10. IIRC: When Thriller was delivered to SFAW, it still had the original trains from the fair circuit. At some point, Wieland Schwarzkopf (Via Premier Rides, who also mutilated the original design) had the 'new' generation trains with OTSRs added, which weren't that bad (at least to me.) Wieland Schwarzkopf did develop new trains for Schwarzkopf coasters featuring the standard OTSR in place of the the standard lap-bar/jack-in-the-box restraints. They were based upon the existing Schwarzkopf chassis, but were modified for the restraint locking mechanism to work with existing coasters- so expensive modifications to the platforms would not be necessary. It is my understanding that only Thriller/Taz/Zonga/Tsunami is the only coaster to have received the new trains from Wieland. Since then the patents have been passed along to Gerstlauer, who are now making new trains & assemblies for older Schwarzkopf coasters. I would be curious to see if Gerstlauer does make an OTSR package for a customer's needs if asked- and if they would do a jack-in-the-box restraint for new build trains. Either way, a relocated Schwarzkopf Shuttle loop is good- as it is preservation, and that is ALWAYS important. Praise be to Anton, Amen.
  11. S-C-H-W-A-R-Z-K-O-P-F. SCHWARZKOPF. LEARN THE MASTER'S NAME, PLEASE. From what I understand, Bullet hasn't been in the UK for quite a few years now... In all reality: I suspect they have acquired a second-hand shuttle loop coaster rather than Wienerlooping as is described. Granted, I'd love to see a fifth Schwarzkopf rebuilt in Mexico/Central America, especially if it IS the Wienerlooping. Preservation of these classics is always good- in one form or another. (Of course, for all we know this could be the final resting place for Tidal Wave(s)/Greezed Lightning from SFKK, too.) Praise be to Anton, Amen.
  12. I'm loving the look of this ride: The layout reminds me of an odd love child of Wildcat and Lightning Racer with elements of Gwazi's layout mixed in. Either way, it's a beautiful coaster all around.
  13. Pretty amazing! Having been on the Kennywood model once, I've always had a fascination with these odd flats. Seeing a model of them brings back pleasant memories of my past. Nice work!
  14. Incredible progress so far- and AC is coming along quite nicely!
  15. I've always wanted to voyage here for the oddity of the attractions this park holds- and can only hope to make it there in 2013. It is nice to see a park of this scale still exist among parks that are nowhere near as well themed but more popular overall.
  16. First: Please read the Terms of Service/Posting rules for the Games Forum. You can find those HERE. Second, Try the Google Search function. We may not have a full library of recreated parks yet, but there are some out there. In addition, search the Games Exchange Archives. Some of our players have been posting up their own versions of parks, and a few have tried to recreate things in there as well. Third, please edit your posts for grammar, punctuation & spelling. Nothing drives a Moderator nuts worse than a badly edited post. R.D. Games Forum Moderating Team
  17. Some people like their beauty to come with a little pain.... In all reality: Tennessee Tornado rolls in at 2682 ft. long- a good 'average' length for an Arrow, while the Arrow Loop-Screw combos rank in at around 1500 ft. long. "It's not the size that matters, but rather, how good your screw is." R.D.
  18. We've already had quite a few of these types of games- none of which survived. Try searching for the last few, and you'll see why. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  19. I suspect that nobody interrupted Moses either, and most likely for the very same reasons. R.D. Praise be to Anton, Amen.
  20. I want him for my birthday. And excellent photo TR(s) again. It's interesting to see how these smaller parks fare up to the big boys- even the ones that have spent time being decimated by SixFlags ownership. R.D.
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