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  1. Is it time yet? Is it time yet? Is it time yet? Is it time yet? Is it time yet? And more importantly: Is it ERT on Mindbender yet? Is it ERT on Mindbender yet? Is it ERT on Mindbender yet? Is it ERT on Mindbender yet? Not that I'm already excited yet or anything...
  2. Winning. I'm calling it a Stengel Dive. If the track drops out of it- as I suspect it does, it will be an amazing stunt- if it works, of course. Perhaps better pictures will help...
  3. I gotta say: This is pretty F'ing inpressive- all over. It's different, it's not a total reproduction, and as much as I don't like Vekoma Boomerangs- it has style. Nice job.
  4. Agreed about the 'enclosed' kiddie boomerang: Try it again... it doesn't fit into the park very well. And don't tell HersheyPark about your 'unique' first drop. Storm Runner might get jealous of it's Flying Snake drop....
  5. JetStar 1F: Using a CTR that is new to me, I've been playing with extreme trackbending and contorted layouts to produce a new series of JetStar inspired coasters.
  6. Re: Schwarzkopf double looping: The first drop is a bit too long- I'd re-think that a bit; your trains don't need that deep a drop to accelerate into that loop. Also, I'd refine the hills; there are too many 'mulitsegment' positions which makes the design less fluid- and ends up appearing choppy and broken up. Plus, your first inversion is lower than the second... Just my .02. R.D. Praise be to Anton, Amen.
  7. Oh HELL no. No water near one of the Crown Jewels. Keep the water ELSEWHERE in the park. (Besides, I don't want to get wet during ERT.)
  8. If you have nothing new added, and you have nothing new to share: DON'T UPDATE. Please. It isn't worth it. Many of the parks you see here go several weeks without updates, and guess what? PEOPLE READ THEM. There is no requirement to update your park every other day, especially since it is the same updates each time over. Honestly, I can't tell one update from the next after reading through your thread- and I see no real change other than different angles. I try to think we support all people of all skill levels here in the Games Forum, and I'd like to think we support people who choose to do a park and do it the way they like. That's why we are here. However, as has been pointed out in the past, they will make changes along the way. They don't post up the same series of pics from different angles, and they try new things to make their park special. I'm afraid I'm not seeing that here. I see updates of the same exact thing over and over again. In a nutshell: The Town Planning Commission isn't happy with the park's operations thus far, and if they continue to see such mediocre updates, they will step in and shut this park down, just like they did with Six Flags Florida. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  9. OOOOH! Can I get, say, 30 minutes in Mindbender's shed, alone???? Seriously, y'all know how to throw an event- and last years was absolutely incredible in every respect. (Not to mention I'm flying in before and after to have the run of the park at the same time...)
  10. YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Not that I'm a -wee- bit excited for this event or anything... Last years was -incredible- all around. I mean that. Over the top. Beyond fun! Getting to have Mindbender ERT was amazing... Oh, and there are other coasters there, too, apparantly. R.D.
  11. 1.) I had no prior knowledge of this being the subject for the July quiz; nor did I participate in it's creation. 2.) I did not bribe to have the quiz made. 3.) Yes, I scored a 30/30 on it. 4.) Praise be to Anton, Amen. R.D. (Honestly, did ANYBODY think I was going to miss this one???)
  12. That's kinda funny... I've yet to hear anybody who's visited the park in the past few months mention anything being said on the trains about the new Movie Theater... Same with any other staff in the park for that matter.
  13. Incredible TR, Adam. It almost looks like Aquatica is a catalogue park for ProSlide Canada in all their attractions. Unfortunately for some of us, it would be impossible to enter. That close to SeaWorld would end up with me being picked up by animal rescue and thrown into the Killer Whale tank to be saved... R.D.
  14. Well, there went the last shred of my heterosexuality. And great update too, Chad. There could always be more Schwarzporn, but that's me.
  15. Wow. Apparently we have don't know how to moderate either. You got one guy backseat moderating... and another sprung up right behind. Is it a full moon or something???
  16. Please, No backseat moderating. We're good people here, and we do know what we're doing. And yes, no more one-pic posts, Give us some detail, clarity and such. One pic posts aren't allowed. R.D. Games Forum Moderating Team
  17. OOOooohhhh! Another banning??? YAY! (Sets up gallows...)
  18. OK: SLOW DOWN. I mean that. Slow down the posting. There is no requirement for you to update your park every 18 hours (or even less...) Henceforth: No updates for your park- no matter if people comment on things- for 36 hours between them. (And yes, I'm counting... tick, tick, tick.) If you have a lot of improvements, SAVE THEM for one big update, instead of posting multiple updates per day. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  19. Absolutely incredible, Randal- and in every way imaginable. It's projects like that that astound me in every way. R.D.
  20. Mindbender, like her sister ShockWave, has three train blocking for the station area. As in: they can/would stack three trains at the platform without any issues. Schwarzkopf designed it that way- as He did with all of the large-scale coasters in His arsenal. If Mindbender were operated at normal 'full' capacity (45 second dispatch, normal ops), three trains would be a breeze to do. Same thing with ShockWave: The rides are inherently built to handle these ops. I don't bash SFoG for doing two trains- if they feel it is necessary to do so, good for them. I'd love to see three trains again, as Schwarzkopf designed it to be.
  21. Fanboy much? I tend to not get involved with things like this, but I'm afraid you've not only stepped over a line, you've danced across it and well into next week. Everybody is entitled to their reviews on food. Food is an extremely subjective opinion all around, and one that depends on the person eating the food in the first place. Where I find fault in your accusations is this: Were you there? Did you eat what he was eating? And for that matter HOW do you know so much about a taco being produced there? I'm sorry if I sound abrupt on this, but something isn't right about this. You come in and immediately accuse somebody of lying simply to counter a bad review? Really? Having read many reviews not only here but across the interwebs about Indiana Beach and the decline of the park, I have to say not only was Chadster's review accurate, but on-point with many other opinions of the park recently. To simply accuse somebody of embellishing a story when you have no proof nor evidence to me is wrong- and something I find totally reprehensible in every way. Chadster registered his opinion of the food, backed it up with suitable research and presented it to the readers of the forum, as any good travel reviewer would do. You are entitled to your opinion, so is Chadster. R.D.
  22. Or you could upload the park to TPR's Game Exchange and save a lot of us frustration, too... R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  23. Interesting- I'd love to get a copy of that CTR- as it would help with the recreation of a JSI.5 (Similar to what I made for another TPR member...) Realistically, it looks good: Nothing out of place, nothing too extreme, bent well, and smooth. Suggestions? Well, in part it would be that you only have right turns- perhaps a figure 8 element in the second half/towards the end might be nice. A helix would also be good- in wide width, of course. As for blocking for capacity: you have several points where you could do so, the reason would be to add capacity (Four 'trains' vs. two, for example- or more.) Nice coaster overall! R.D.
  24. Two posts does not a valid thread-starter make. More content ASAP or no thread- that's the rule: 3.) Do NOT start a thread for a park if you only have one screenshot, or just a Photoshoped logo. We want quality posts and threads. Get your park, or track, started and moving along before you need to make an announcement. A video of your park will suffice, as those take time to put together and edit. Also, do NOT single-picture post to your existing threads. If you only have one picture, use "The Preview Thread" to showcase it. Use your threads for more detailed posts with more than three pictures. From Theme Park Revew Games Forum Rules 24 hours- or the thread will be locked. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
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