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  1. I've not had too many issues myself- although I thought I did earlier when downloading one of your scenarios, AJ. However, that could be due to my mind being, well, non-functioning right now more than anything else. Otherwise, the only time I've seen that problem before is when a user doesn't read the instructions for their browser: We've had issues with some extensions not being fully downloaded (it forgets the .SC6 to the file) and that has always been user error.
  2. There are a number of ways you can 're-size' your pics: 1.) Use an on-line photo re-sizer (Google it- there's quite a few out there) 2.) You can also re-size in Microsoft paint, too- depending on the version you have of it. R.D.
  3. Actually, in all fairness: This isn't about just the 5.00 price increases, and it isn't about Cedar Point directly; it is about all park operators out there- whether it be Cedar Fair, Six Flags or whomever. There will always be a demand for parks- even when they do go to an A La Carte pricing program- but I think the Fast Lanes (Like the "Fast Access" the airlines currently charge to get through security/boarding faster) are the tip of the iceberg. The fees will be coming- not just to Cedar Point, but I think to quite a few parks throughout the country over time. 5.00 mid season? That's not the issue to me; it is a bit weird they'd try to do so mid-season, but that's their choice. It is the ability to keep doing things like raising prices that are concerning. They are already taking steps to do said fees, etc. to 'enhance' the guest experience, and at some point we will see more of these 'A La Carte' pricing systems going into the industry. I will admit, I'm not a big fan of Cedar Point- and that goes long before WildCat was untimely removed. I've not been a fan of the park in many years. My prediction, which is based on what I've seen in other segments of the travel and tourism industry, is valid- and probably closer that it appears. Ouimet, while a decent manager is also one who looks at the bottom line: Profit$. If he sees that adding new pricing schemes will raise money, he will do it. That is his job, and I'd hope he does it well.
  4. Whore. As for the Bratfest- YUM. That looks amazing- and for charity, even better.
  5. Think of it this way, though: Little Tommy Spoiledrotten has just seen an ad for Cedar Point's latest 500 foot tall, 250 MPH coaster. Little Tommy Spoiledrotten is going to go to Mommy and Daddy and start whining, crying, throwing temper tantrums to go to Cedar Point and ride said coaster. Mommy and Daddy, with monstrous Migrane Headaches pop four Valium, and head to Cedar Point- and then pay: 20.00 for parking (We're already there) 75.00 for admission (Ditto.) 25.00 for Fast Pass (The lines are too long! says Mommy) 10.00 for All Seating privileges (Those front and back seats have too long a line as they are, so we'll cut the line by charging for it) 15.00 to ride the "B" list attractions (The park realizes that they need to control the number of guests on MilF and Maverick) 15.00 for the "A" list attractions (The park realizes they can make more money if they charge more for TTD and Wicked Twister) 10.00 for the "NEW" attraction. (The park realizes this new monster can make extra money- as it is new!) So there you go: 170.00 for Little Tommy Spoiledrotten to get his new coaster credit. Mommy and Daddy are out the same amount as little Tommy Spoiledrotten, too. Cedar Fair succeeds in adding nearly 75.00 to the ticket by adding 'A La Carte' fees. It's closer than you think.
  6. I've been reading over the past few pages about the price increases to Fast Lane products- and I have to say this: I'm a bit concerned as to where this is going myself. I've been in the travel industry for the majority of my life- in one form or another- and seen what happens when things like this begin. Let's look at the Airline industry, to make a comparison of "Then Vs. Now" In 1999, when you bought your 'one price' ticket, you got: An assigned seat, two checked pieces of luggage, and you could change your ticket for the difference in the airfare. On some airlines, you got a snack or meal, complimentary. You could check in curbside for free. Now: You want an assigned seat, it's a fee. You want to board early: It's a fee. Don't want to stand in a long security line? It's a fee. Food? Pay for it. Change your ticket? Pay a huge fee- and the difference in fare. Luggage? Hand over 75.00 for those two pieces of luggage. On some carriers: Want to carry it on board? Hand over 100.00, please. Now let's compare this to theme parks (Not just Cedar Point) in general: Let's skip long lines: Pay a big fee, no lines. Soon: Want to enter the park early? Fee. Want to get a particular seat? You need to buy the 'purple' wristband first- fee. Look! That new attraction they just added? Oh wait: You don't have the striped wristband- it's not part of your 'base' ticket you just bought- for a hefty price. Lines? Oh, yeah- you don't have the Fast Lane ticket, so you're standing in the four hour wait line. You are now thinking, well he's gone nuts: No, actually, I've not: Look at what the airline industry did over the past decade. What was once free for everyone is now a fee for everyone- with very few exceptions. Theme parks are trying this with Fast Lane type systems- and I can assure you, if they see profits in them, they will look at adding similar systems that would add that to current park pricing. And now you're saying this would never happen (I can hear it now). That's -exactly- what people said about the airline industry 12 years ago. And now, most of those fees aren't even optional. Picture in another decade of these fees/price increases what it will cost to buy a ticket/get a season pass for a theme park: Your 'standard' season pass might cost 160.00- but to get the different add-ons for the park, you're looking at another 200 plus- easily. Raising prices is one thing to help keep the number of Fast Lane prices in check- but we too need to keep the parks in check, as if we don't you're going to be paying quite a bit more for that park trip you wanted to take in the future.
  7. Florida parks, from as early as I can remember, have been year round. BGT (early 60s) and Disney (1971) have been round, as was Cypress Gardens (1943)- not to mention some of the other smaller attractions therein.
  8. That's pretty spectacular, I think. I did remember that if you have a copy of "The Incredible Scream Machine" By Bob Cartmell, there were some decent pics in there of the Aeroplane. Sadly, I lost my copy in a fire about a decade ago- but you might want to dig up some pics from there as reference points. R.D.
  9. Looking at that pic, I think it's actually fitting testing rather than running the circuit: The lap bars are all up- and typically Gerstlauer rides won't leave the station unless down/locked for dispatch. My best guess is they're doing a push through/pull back over the brake runs for clearance checks.
  10. Haymarket/Manassas, VA. (Also the same site as what was proposed to be Disney's America) Difficulty: 9 How many Heartlinelooping class coasters did Anton Schwarzkopf design?
  11. Tomes, your work never fails to inspire me to become better at park building- it is THAT good. This park is no exception to that rule- and is stunning all over. R.D.
  12. Challenge completed: Introducing CLEOPATRA'S FURY! This B&M WingRider combines thrilling adventures with a fully-themed ride, dark show and special effects attraction. Ride Cleopatra's Fury- if you dare... "The Institute for Egyptian Studies- learn about the history of Cleopatra, and the 'rumoured' curse on her posessions... Overview of Cleopatra's Fury and related buildings.
  13. I love the Rugrats theme area- very creative use of the existing rides in RCT III to fit a childrens' theme area, and to do it with style. Nice job all around.
  14. I think two would be quite redundant, don't you? Stick to only one B&M Wing Rider, please. R.D.
  15. SoCal: CPM will be disappointed... he said a B&M WingRider... not an Intamin one! Even I've been playing with the concepts myself... (Mind you, I'm not competing in this- but testing the waters a bit for future parks...)
  16. The scenario goes into your "Scenarios folder" Be sure you have the right file extension on it: .SC6
  17. I'm liking the look here of this park; the junior woodie is, quite nice- it has flow, speed and grace, something a lot of jr. woodies lack. Nice job!
  18. Looks good, Matt. I'm starting to monitor the flow on it, as I'd like to get things moving out there. And yes, an X-Flight drive should be a 'up-close' picture, too!
  19. Re: Big Bend: You might want to re-think some of that design, and bank it more; Speedracers used heavy banking as part of the 'thrill' factor, as well as having very little unbanked track along the course. A good example are the Whizzer twins. RCDB, as well as many other sites, have some excellent pictures of how a Speedracer was built. Also, look at the Jumbo Jet II model, which is closest to what you are trying to duplicate. R.D.
  20. You may use everything that C.P.M. provided in the scenario- and he has given you a ton of stuff to work with. However, I'd also think you don't want to overdo the scenery- but keep it looking good.
  21. All of those are cheats. All of those will get you banned- ASAP. The scenario was planted with 'Easter Eggs' throughout - some seen, some unseen to find and detect cheats. That serves as your warning: Don't do it. Play the game like normal, and you have a chance to win. Cheat on the game, and we will find you- and ban you. Ask the others who have been caught and are banned. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
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