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  1. A few years back (2208) we waited 3 and a half hours to ride the hulk. I had just hit 54 inches so it was my first B&M and it was my dad's favorite coaster, so we decided a 70 minute wait wasn't bad. But shoddy operations and tons of line cutting turned that into a 3 and a half hour wait. That day there were thousands of high schoolers on field trips and huge packs of them would cut the entire line. It was awful, but the ride was great. Later that evening when all the groups left we were able to ride it three more times with a 15 minute wait.
  2. Well in 1982 the Iron Bowl was played at Legion Field in Birmingham. That was the year of "Bo Over the Top". They didn't start playing on home fields till 1989 and even then they still played a fewgames at Legion Field (1991 for example). Also if you've ever been to a game at Jordan-Hare you'll know that there's easily thousands of people who sit and tailgate on the Green Space or hang out in their RV's over in the fields by the Ag Labs. Even though the stadium holds 87,451, there are easily at least 100,000 people in the Auburn area on gamedays and that number only increases for games like the Iron Bowl. And when you consider 1982 and the success of Bo Jackson, the 1982 games were huge.
  3. Thank you! Canobie Lake was definitely an inspiration for the park as a whole. I've always loved the smaller, charming parks across the country. Thank you! Hey guys I'm back with a new update on construction! The Octopus was just recently installed. Hopefully it will be thrilling enough for our college clientele. We are making sure to place extra trashcans at the exit as well. Hopefully to save us some money on vomit removal! Additionally, the chairswings have arrived along with an antique car ride. We realize that not all of our guests may be interested in huge intense rides, so hopefully these attractions will give everyone something to enjoy. Our landscape architect went all out to prepare the Antique Cars for opening day. And the big news of the day is that Alabama Corkscrew is testing! Track was completed only a few days ago and the surrounding area continues to develop and grow. The ride is a real eyecatcher from multiple angles of the park. We made sure to make the queue extra long as we anticipate that this will be the most popular ride once the park opens! Guests have many close interactions with onlooking park guests throughout the course of the ride. Hopefully it will allow for some great photo opportunities!
  4. Hello there, I'm James Spencer, head of PR for the new Lake Martin Park. I know I look young and I am, I just recently graduated from Auburn University. Lake Martin Park is set to be Alabama's first amusement park. We are located 30 minutes from Montgomery, and an hour and a half from both Birmingham and Atlanta. Additionally we are only twenty minutes away from my alma mater. Here's a photo of what where we are developing. I wish it would be clearer, but satellites are still pretty crappy. Hopefully we will eventually expand to the lake front, but as of now, we still have a ways to go. As head of PR, I'm allowed to go into the park and take some construction photos. The main entrance is completed, as is 90% of the entrance plaza. If you would notice the popcorn lights on the buildings; it is our intention to keep the park open late at night and offer discounts to anyone who is visiting past 5pm. Additionally, we will be offering student discounts. With so many large universities in the area, we are hoping to attract the college crowd. Which would explain this. Six Flags Over Georgia has four roller coasters including a massive wooden roller coaster and a multi-looping coaster. They were originally pitched this ride which includes 4 inversions, however, they just recently opened Mindbender so they have no need for another sitdown looping coaster. They offered it to us for a steal. Poor decision by them as this will be the tallest coaster and will have the most inversions in the south! That will be sure to draw local students. Beyond the huge thrills of the Alabama Corkscrew, are a few more gentle rides like the railroad. We plan on keeping the park open late into the fall. Auburn football games bring in 100,000+ people a weekend and hopefully some will make a detour and visit our little park. We wanted to capitalize on the families that will be visiting as well as the college students. The Grand Carousel takes center stage in the center of the entrance area, which has been happily dubbed "Carousel Plaza." The plants in this area were just installed two days ago! Carousel Plaza will host many eateries and shops for park patrons. On this side are Nate's Bar and Grille, Sunkist Orange Juice, and then guest services which will include lockers. On the other side is Firehouse Franks, a small gift shop, the Candy Counter, and another souvenir shop. We hope you enjoyed this short construction update of our park and we hope to see you this summer for the grand opening!!
  5. Rocky Point in Warwick, Rhode Island. I've grown up hearing my parent's stories about the park and how much fun it was. Sadly the park closed when I was only two. It would also be nice to have an amusement park in Rhode Island.
  6. Hey if you're going to use other people's photos please give credit. The photos of your new flat rides are all taken directly from CFH Rides without any credit. Flying Scooters Inversion 360 Tango The Enterprise photo is also stolen. Stealing people's work without credit is an easy way to get yourself banned bud Also nice Vekoma Pandemonium Your Old Mill Ride looks nice too Old Mill House of Hades Humongous
  7. If you stick with the bare bones of the games, RCT2 is the best. Out of the box it has the best tools to make a realistic park. If you download custom content however, RCT3 is far superior in almost every facet (in my opinion). The ability to maneuver the camera in any angle separates RCT3 from other games. Most of the time when I look at RCT2, I feel like I'm looking at a park map but RCT3 puts me in the middle of the park as if I'm a guest myself. Also RCT3 has more possibility. With the on ride camera, you can build extremely complex dark rides and time them to coincide with lasers and particle effects. Additionally you can get a much more true ride experience and actually see what your coasters would be like to actually ride through. But with almost any game you can make some fantastic work. RCT2: RCT3: The RCT3 photos are of my own projects. RCT2 is not my own and was used to show the full extent of the game's capabilities. All credit goes to the creator.
  8. Anyone notice that one of those coasters appears to be Time Machine from Freestyle Music Park?
  9. I rode Bizarro at SFNE 14 times in a row before I had to get off because my thighs were getting sore fro the ejector air. Five minute lines on everything allday. Other situations: Kumba 8 times in a row without getting off (we went on a rainy day that ended up clearing up, the ark was empty) Boulder Dash 12 times in one day Maverick, MF, TTD 10 times each. Fast Lane was a blessing
  10. I rode Georgia Cyclone last October and it was a very enjoyable ride. It wasn't terribly rough and very much reridable. GASM on the other hand.....
  11. This video would only make sense if it was released on April 1st Things I've noticed: - No terrain work - Terrible texturing - Is that TOGO track? It doesn't look like anything I've ever seen - The physics are all wonky - Why are there no banked curves? - Stick supports - grid system paths - Oh boy food stands that look like food - Why is one of the ploppable mountains going over the path? - I guess more flexible coaster layouts even if the models and track designs are atrocious - What the fuck are those mountains with the skulls built in? - Why does one of the flatrides look like a medieval torture device? Symbolism I liked: - the coaster crashing and burning like RCTW is - the peep symbolizing me who puked at the end Basically they went through the lists of suggestions we gave them, took a huge dump on them, and then showed us a mobile game.
  12. I can imagine nothing is getting done. My family lives up in New England (I'm currently studying in the south) and they claim that this is the worst set of snowstorms they've ever seen. Hopefully it doesn't impede progress too bad.
  13. Things that really really bother me about that recent in-game photo: 1. The cars wheels intersect the track 2. there are no upstop wheels 3. The guests arms are not below the shoulder restraints 4. The supports in the background are god awful 5. each car seats 2 guest as opposed to the 2 row alignment of a standard Arrow car (which I'm assuming is the style they are basing it off of) 6. More goofy food stalls 7. No curvature in the paths Decent Things: 1. shadows 2. foliage
  14. I used to be super embarrassed of my amusement park and RCT3 obsessions, but I've learned to get over that. My friends all think it's actually really cool now and all bug me to go to SFOG with them. Plus my college roommate is a Disney Parks nerd so I actually have someone who understands a good amount to discuss with. I've come to realize everyone has some weird little obsession so no one really cares when they discover yours.
  15. A little bit or architecture based off of SDC And a nice mine train
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