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  1. Thanks for the pictures. I really enjoy DCA, and two of my favorites aren't tops on most people's lists. I LOVE Mermaid and Monsters Inc. Great colors, great sounds/songs in Mermaid...and I've always liked the Monsters Inc movie. Can't wait for CarsLand.
  2. This week I had the opportunity (at the last second) to go to Atlantis. I didn't see it listed so I thought I'd provide a report, though it's only a trip report, no photos. At the last second, my wife decided we should skip our original excursion and pay the $$$ and go to Atlantis. I couldn't have been more thrilled, regardless of cost. I was unprepared with the camera, so hopefully my words will give you an idea of the park. While it's $680 for two adults and two kids through the cruise ship, we heard from a casino dealer (of all people) to take the water taxi there and just pay
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only park (mid to large size) to be built since 2000 is DCA. I know Legoland is new, but it's basically using several things from CG. The new dark ride park has a shot. I find this shocking that no one has been able to put something brand new, from ground up, somewhere that worked in an entire decade. Parks closing, Hard Rock bombed, Wild West bombed, Cypress Gardens bombed, Astroworld, KKingdom, etc. The parks that are designed well, in good locations, continue to keep rolling them in...which shows that if you do it right, there is a "want"
  4. Aren't all companies built with "investors"? Although I do agree it's very odd they want Joe Schmoe to send in $25.
  5. The fundraising goal, at least part 1, is much smaller. I'm almost tempted to invest....just in case. I'll waste $25 somehow today anyway that I haven't planned for, at Target or Walmart or somewhere. And just in case this makes, that would be a cool feeling. I know it goes against all types of conventional thinking, but the fact remains it is a good area....within a 4-6 hour drive of tons of people, and Nashville is an AWESOME city. For people that think it's hicksville, they do have a NFL team and an NHL team, as well as a major D1 college. The music aspect alone br
  6. Thanks. I know HM is a holiday overlay.....but it's 6 weeks before Halloween and 3 months before Christmas. And the original ride is perfect, seasonal overlays ruin the original (in my opinion). I guess MK is beautiful as well (it really is), I've just been so many times. Where as I was taking EVERYTHING in DL, just so awesome. Saw World of Color, and yes, it's really impressive. And you MUST get across the country for MK. It is so cool to compare with your own eyes. You will not believe the size of the resort.....and if you like dark rides, the "Great Movie Ride" in
  7. Many of you are probably yawning, as you've been there plenty of times. But as a 40 year old Disney freak, I FINALLY got to go (just returned today). I grew up in FL, live in Atl, and have been to DW numerous times, loving it even more as I get older. I couldn't wait to make my own comparisons. No need to tell you what everyone knows....DW resort is better, Walt's influence is felt at DL, DCA is odd, rides aren't terribly "thrilling", DL is smack dab in Anaheim, walking distance of 7-11, IHOP, McDonalds, etc. But I thought I could add some things we noticed that we loved
  8. Also, if you wouldn't mind, let me know ANY time that is great...and times that are must avoids. Thanks so much!!!
  9. Kids have both cleared the 54" mark this season and I'm dying to take them to BGT for a few days. We really try had to plan trips around crowded times, which is easy to determine at most parks. But the Central Florida crowd patterns are unique.... I figured if anyone knew the ins and outs of BGT crowds, it would be our friends on TPR. We are initially looking at the S-M-T before Thanksgiving, or a MTW in the middle of March. Also, are their water rides open in November? Thanks in advance, Outback
  10. I'm always shocked when parks take out, or even worse, never have had a train. Trains, along with a roller coaster, bumper or antique cars, and a carosuel are park staples. EVERY park should have this 4 pack.
  11. As a park enthusiast much more than a coaster enthusiast (I only love wooden or mega/giga speed coasters with no inversions)....I always ride the train ride at each park. Just like anything else, these can go from outstanding to pathetic. Something about the way train tracks cut through wooded areas, over bridges, through tunnels, always been a huge fan. My favorite train rides... 1. Dollywood. That bending curve back in the woods, where you can see the rest of the train, majestic. Plus the steam engines are just gorgeous. 2. Busch Gardens Virginia. Beautiful park deserv
  12. What day did you go that was empty? Planning a first ever trip there next year, would love to go about the same time.
  13. Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!! Did I read your post right????? HM, SM AND POTC are scheduled to be refurbed during that week??? All 3?? Please tell me your kidding?
  14. Oh my...I am floored at the time and detail in these reports. You guys are so kind. I'm even more excited, and have spent tonight formulating our plan. I can't thank you enough, extremely helpful. Some has asked, so to answer the questions.....we are going September 19, 20, 21...(actually an off week in Georgia schools...and a dream for amusement park enthusiasts). We are staying across the street...Portofino. Thanks again for all of the help...I can't wait to go!
  15. They have done this reoccurring skit twice. It is so cool. Two people (Jason Sudekis and Nasim Pedrad) ride through a dark ride. When they enter a scene, the "audio animatronics" rise up and move to the song. Three move like robots, then once the song ends, they drop back. The ride gets jammed, they rise again, and get more aggressive to the girl, etc. This is the skit, but it was so cool having it on SNL... Both times were this season, one time with Jim Carrey as host, the other was Justin Timberlake (I think??). (By the way, this thread isn't a disucssion on ho
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