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  1. I got: A new mobile phone Effects Pedal for my guitar (old one broke) New stand for my guitar 2 Xbox360 Games In The Loop on DVD Harry Potter 6 DVD The Flaming Lips the Fearless Freaks DVD Pavement Brighten the corners album Chocolate Money A bunch of other stuff.
  2. U2 Are headlining Glastonbury next year! I really can't wait. I'm hoping that Bono doesn't do any of his preachy stuff like he always does, and I hope they just do a toned down greatest hits set! They will pull off a blinder either way. It's going to be an absolutely fantastic evening
  3. Robb, is there anyway you can find out that guys I.P adress, contact the police and have him arrested?
  4. A- Animal Collective: Unlike Anything I have ever heard before. Mesmerising and hypnotising at the same time. B- The Bees: Capturing every single genre from the 60s perfectly. C- Cat Power: Beautfull soul with a modern twist, Chang Marshall has an incredible voice. D- David Bowie: Do I need to say any more? E-Editors: Great Echo and the bunnymen inspired band from Birmingham F- Flaming Lips: Simply stunning music of the highest degree. Wayne Coyne is an absolute GOD. G- Grandaddy: Radiohead inspired punk crossover band. Ok I guess but a little depressing. H- The Hold Steady: Craig Finn is the best lyricist of the 21st century without a shadow of a doubt. I- Islands: Great band from montreal, a mixture of tropical music and indie pop. Return to the sea is well worth a listen. J-Joy Division: The first ever post punk band. It all started here folks. K- The Kinks: Ray Davies is an utter legend. L- Liam Finn: Son of Neil Finn from Crowded House, he plays all the instruments you hear in this album. EVERYTHING. M- Magazine: Brilliant brilliant new wave band. N (I have nothing for N) O- Orbital: Great 90s electronica rave band. P- Pavement: The best band of the 90s by far. Q- Queen: I don't need to say anymore. R- Radiohead: Thome Yorke is my idol. Amazing band. S- The Smiths: Again another idol of mine. Morrisey is just a legend of rock. T- Talking Heads: I just love this band. Not like the depressive shit you get nowadays. U- U2: Bono is a bit of a jerk but U2 are an excellent band. V- Vampire Weekend: A fun band that I listen to only in the summer W- The Walkmen: You and me is one of my albums of the year. X: Have nothing for X Y- Yeasayer: All Hour Cymbols is an amazing album Z- ZZ Top: Again why not? Cheers, BlackHole2006
  5. Heya Guys, I've just got a quick question and because of different time zones etc I couldn't ask last night: I am going to a music festival from the 23rd to the 27th of June and I was just wandering what day are you planning on going to either thorpe park or chessington so I can meet with you guys during the day? Cheers, BlackHole2005
  6. Apparently David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Coldplay are headlining Glastonbury next year so I am really psyced about that!
  7. Anyone else here into Sonic Youth? I think Goo is prettey much and INSPIRED album and it's amazing. Also Honourable mentions go to The Walkmen, when I saw them live they were really intense, got goosepimples all over and have rated that perfomance as my Number 2 performance of all time, Muse being the first. Also has anyone else heard of The Flaming Lips? I am so despirate to see them live, they are touring in the uk next month but apparently the Tickets have all sold out. Cheers, BlackHole2006
  8. Meh I'm not really into this relationship scene yet. In my view if it happens it happens, yes there are girls that I quite fancy but I'm not at all fussed if they go out with someone else or not. I love my life at the moment and I really don't want that kind of thing to get in the way if you know what I mean. Girls can be so bitchy sometimes. (no offence)
  9. I saw him live a few years back. Great songwriter to be sure, but the show was a little odd due to his mental state and eccentricities. Have you seen the documentary they made about him? The Devil and Daniel Johnston? It's awesome. I especially like the bit where he goes mental and pretends to crash a plane. I am actually going to see him live in 4 weeks and a half, really looking forward to it. I think I'll go with an open mind though, because I kind of read about his "Style" of playing. I'm sure once I get used to his style I will love it. Cheers, BlackHole2005
  10. At the moment I am absolutely in love with Daniel Johnston. Surely one of the greatest singer songwriters ever lived. It's just a shame that no one has heard of him to appreciate his music. Also, Husker Du are another band I can't get enough of right now, and Talking Heads are awesome too! Cheers, BlackHole2005
  11. Just emailed dan with a funny youtube vid. Hopefully he will appreciate a woman playing A kazookalele to The Final Countdown!
  12. SLC's are really photogenic. That's basically the only thing that's good about them. This summer I visited SFNE and rode Mind Eraser as the second ride of the day which wasn't a good decision as I had a splitting headache after. Then again I did ride second from back so it really depends on where you sit, because the other time I rode it I went in the middle and I thought it was really smooth. IMO B&M inverts are defiantely better and more smoother then SLCs Cheers, BlackHole2005
  13. HAHAHA yes! I LIKE FISH! Great Photo TR so far Robb as always, I would really love to go on a TPR trip one day, maybe when I'm older though Cheers, BlackHole2006
  14. Posted in the Intimidator discussion thread: Even though the ride hasn't even been built and opened yet? Cheers, BlackHole2006
  15. Got Radioheads latest album In Rainbows and Holy shit it's amazing, the best track on it by far is: Here is a list of the top 5 best tracks IMO: 1. Weird Fishes 2. 15 Step 3. Bodysnatchers 4. Nude 5. Faust Arp The next Radiohead album I'm gonna buy is Hail To The Theif but if anyone else has any other suggestions of In Rainbows esque Radiohead albums then please say! Cheers, BlackHole2005
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