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  1. I got: A new mobile phone Effects Pedal for my guitar (old one broke) New stand for my guitar 2 Xbox360 Games In The Loop on DVD Harry Potter 6 DVD The Flaming Lips the Fearless Freaks DVD Pavement Brighten the corners album Chocolate Money A bunch of other stuff.
  2. U2 Are headlining Glastonbury next year! I really can't wait. I'm hoping that Bono doesn't do any of his preachy stuff like he always does, and I hope they just do a toned down greatest hits set! They will pull off a blinder either way. It's going to be an absolutely fantastic evening
  3. Robb, is there anyway you can find out that guys I.P adress, contact the police and have him arrested?
  4. A- Animal Collective: Unlike Anything I have ever heard before. Mesmerising and hypnotising at the same time. B- The Bees: Capturing every single genre from the 60s perfectly. C- Cat Power: Beautfull soul with a modern twist, Chang Marshall has an incredible voice. D- David Bowie: Do I need to say any more? E-Editors: Great Echo and the bunnymen inspired band from Birmingham F- Flaming Lips: Simply stunning music of the highest degree. Wayne Coyne is an absolute GOD. G- Grandaddy: Radiohead inspired punk crossover band. Ok I guess but a little depressing. H- The Hold Steady: Craig Finn is the best lyricist of the 21st century without a shadow of a doubt. I- Islands: Great band from montreal, a mixture of tropical music and indie pop. Return to the sea is well worth a listen. J-Joy Division: The first ever post punk band. It all started here folks. K- The Kinks: Ray Davies is an utter legend. L- Liam Finn: Son of Neil Finn from Crowded House, he plays all the instruments you hear in this album. EVERYTHING. M- Magazine: Brilliant brilliant new wave band. N (I have nothing for N) O- Orbital: Great 90s electronica rave band. P- Pavement: The best band of the 90s by far. Q- Queen: I don't need to say anymore. R- Radiohead: Thome Yorke is my idol. Amazing band. S- The Smiths: Again another idol of mine. Morrisey is just a legend of rock. T- Talking Heads: I just love this band. Not like the depressive shit you get nowadays. U- U2: Bono is a bit of a jerk but U2 are an excellent band. V- Vampire Weekend: A fun band that I listen to only in the summer W- The Walkmen: You and me is one of my albums of the year. X: Have nothing for X Y- Yeasayer: All Hour Cymbols is an amazing album Z- ZZ Top: Again why not? Cheers, BlackHole2006
  5. Heya Guys, I've just got a quick question and because of different time zones etc I couldn't ask last night: I am going to a music festival from the 23rd to the 27th of June and I was just wandering what day are you planning on going to either thorpe park or chessington so I can meet with you guys during the day? Cheers, BlackHole2005
  6. Apparently David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Coldplay are headlining Glastonbury next year so I am really psyced about that!
  7. Anyone else here into Sonic Youth? I think Goo is prettey much and INSPIRED album and it's amazing. Also Honourable mentions go to The Walkmen, when I saw them live they were really intense, got goosepimples all over and have rated that perfomance as my Number 2 performance of all time, Muse being the first. Also has anyone else heard of The Flaming Lips? I am so despirate to see them live, they are touring in the uk next month but apparently the Tickets have all sold out. Cheers, BlackHole2006
  8. Meh I'm not really into this relationship scene yet. In my view if it happens it happens, yes there are girls that I quite fancy but I'm not at all fussed if they go out with someone else or not. I love my life at the moment and I really don't want that kind of thing to get in the way if you know what I mean. Girls can be so bitchy sometimes. (no offence)
  9. I saw him live a few years back. Great songwriter to be sure, but the show was a little odd due to his mental state and eccentricities. Have you seen the documentary they made about him? The Devil and Daniel Johnston? It's awesome. I especially like the bit where he goes mental and pretends to crash a plane. I am actually going to see him live in 4 weeks and a half, really looking forward to it. I think I'll go with an open mind though, because I kind of read about his "Style" of playing. I'm sure once I get used to his style I will love it. Cheers, BlackHole2005
  10. At the moment I am absolutely in love with Daniel Johnston. Surely one of the greatest singer songwriters ever lived. It's just a shame that no one has heard of him to appreciate his music. Also, Husker Du are another band I can't get enough of right now, and Talking Heads are awesome too! Cheers, BlackHole2005
  11. Just emailed dan with a funny youtube vid. Hopefully he will appreciate a woman playing A kazookalele to The Final Countdown!
  12. SLC's are really photogenic. That's basically the only thing that's good about them. This summer I visited SFNE and rode Mind Eraser as the second ride of the day which wasn't a good decision as I had a splitting headache after. Then again I did ride second from back so it really depends on where you sit, because the other time I rode it I went in the middle and I thought it was really smooth. IMO B&M inverts are defiantely better and more smoother then SLCs Cheers, BlackHole2005
  13. HAHAHA yes! I LIKE FISH! Great Photo TR so far Robb as always, I would really love to go on a TPR trip one day, maybe when I'm older though Cheers, BlackHole2006
  14. Posted in the Intimidator discussion thread: Even though the ride hasn't even been built and opened yet? Cheers, BlackHole2006
  15. Got Radioheads latest album In Rainbows and Holy shit it's amazing, the best track on it by far is: Here is a list of the top 5 best tracks IMO: 1. Weird Fishes 2. 15 Step 3. Bodysnatchers 4. Nude 5. Faust Arp The next Radiohead album I'm gonna buy is Hail To The Theif but if anyone else has any other suggestions of In Rainbows esque Radiohead albums then please say! Cheers, BlackHole2005
  16. I go away on Holiday in about 3 days time to America to see my relatives and also they promised to take me to a Theme Park near them! Cheers, BlackHole2006
  17. Yeah I'm sure if I were a Springsteen fan I would have enjoyed ot ,prw. my dad is a massive fan of Springsteen and he loved it. Madness were great! Anyway, DAY 4- SUNDAY (The Final Day) Ok, So it was Sunday and the whole event seemed to have gone so quickly, but because it was the last day I really wanted to soak it up and make it really special, I think I did so, and I wandered around alot and caught up on some really interesting Cabaret acts, as well as other interesting sights and sounds around the festival. Plus, I have a video which I would like to show you aswell, ignore the bad quality and enjoy it, I will post this video after I'm done with the pictures though. A view of the pyramid stage early in the morning. It's prettey sad to see that people leave it in such a state, but the whole feild is usually cleared by 12 oclock midday just when the bands are about to come on. A very cool band called Easy Star All Stars opened up last day of the pyramid stage, they are a Beatles cover band with a reggae twist, and did the whole of the beatles album reggae style. They have also done Radiohead- OK Computer and Pink Floyd- The Dark side of the moon. Status Quo were one of my festival highlights. We were at the front with all the Quo nutters so it was really really fun. A remote controlled robot squirting random kids with water. A Brass band, I think these guys were called Carnival Collective, not too sure though! Cool Dude! A person dressed as a dog being walked by... A scotsman playing bagpipes! The Penguin Cafe Orchestra put on a great show, if not a little slow. Madness put on a wonderfull performance. The guy on saxophone was on these stings doing athletics at one point! People using recyclable bins to create an african sounding drum beat. A Pirate ship! Y'arr me harties! The Prodigy were good, but the crowd were very rough so we left for... Echo and the bunnymen! who blew the roof off the John Peel stage! I hope you have enjoyed these photos, please comment. I will post a video very soon, don't expect much though. Cheers, BlackHole2006
  18. I didn't really hang around much for the prodigy because the atmosphere was really quite rough, full of drunken youths and stuff because over here Prodigy are getting quite mainstream now. Ahh Orbital, I was looking at some old videos on youtube and they looked insane! I heard that they have now reformed and because next year is Glastonburys 40th anniversary there could be a chance of them playing! Anyway, DAY 3- SATURDAY. Day 3 was the official day of Bruce. Now I was really looking forward to him and stuff, I heard about how good he was live, and when I was saw him I was really quite underwhelmed. I found his set really self indulgent and bland, he looked like he just kept to his stage shows, bear it in mind that this is a music festival and not everybody is going to know every song by him, but I just thought that he should have kept to his hits and the songs that people knew. Enjoy the pictures and this day had some of my highlights musically! We started the day by watching this amazing Polish Folk Band at the JazzWorld stage, We had to arrive there prettey early because otherwise we would have been buggered to get a spot for the next act. ROLF HARRIS! I know, his songs may not be that impressive and quite cheesy, but my, what charisma and on stage presence, if you every get the chance to see this guy, then do it! You wont regret it! A true performer Engages and Entertains their audience, nobody does it better than rolf. Another picture of Rolf in all his glory. Spinal Tap! Now you may be thinking what the hell they were doing at a festival, but they seriously put on a good show, especially for sitting in the sun and enjoying yourself. All I can say is STONEHENGE! More of the Tap. Stiltwalkers dressed as clowns. At Glastonbury you do get alot of people dressed in costumes walking about, it just adds to the atmosphere really. Adam and Joe from BBC 6 Music telling random jokes to people in the cabaret tent. I stumbled accross this by accident! A Poet from Botswana in the Poetry and Words tent. Very Good. This random folk band that we watched before Badly Drawn Boy, they were really good! Badly Drawn Boy! This was seriously one of my festival highlights, he is a childhood hero of mine and I was right at the front, he even smiled at me at one point! More from the legendary BDB. Half of his set was acoustic and for the other half a band came on. Kasabian were OK, could have done with a better view though. More from KASABIAN. And finally Bruce Springsteen. As I said, I did find his set really bland. That's the end of this set of photos. Please comment and look out for the final part with a video too! Cheers, BlackHole2006
  19. I think there is one backstage at glasto, but you have to buy a pass if you want to go and backstage passes add an extra £30.00 to your ticket. The backstage passes are only really worth it for the clean toilets and the shortcuts from the pyramid stage to the other stage, other than that it's full of snobs and media types so I don't really reccomend you get one. No I didn't get to see any of those bands, I was at Neil Young on friday and he literally raised the roof, and I was seeing Springsteen whilst franz ferdinand were on, and the day Blur were on I went to see the Prodigy and caught the last hour of echo and the bunnymen. I really regret that decision now though because Blur looked amazing on telly! Anyway, These are now pictures of the Friday, the first day the bands were on. On Wednesday and Thursday you get those days to chill and get used to the festival. And trust me, you need those days. If you really want to soak up the festival atmosphere and take in the Sheer size of the place, then you should arrive early morning Wednesday, you won't appreciate Glasto at it's fullest if you arrive on the Friday. Also, Wednesday and Thursday are really usefull if you want to go off and explore, see the sights and sounds and just have a look at what is on offer. DAY 2- FRIDAY. This was Bjorn Again opening the pyramid stage. They are an abba tribute band and they were really good fun, really put my mind off the morning rain. Another shot of Bjorn Again. The rain wasn't that bad really, and the site very easily turns to mud. Most people who live in england would have seen the floods that they had at Glastonbury in 2005, which was really bad news, luckily the drainage system has been improved now. The infamous mud. I can honestly say that I didn't see any mud like this all weekend, and to be honest I only took this photo as a money shot, because everyone got to have a photo of the mud. During dan black, some guy who is obsessed with Prince so it seems. Pama International at Dance East. They were awesome, a great reggae group. The Rakes put on a terrible show, nobody really got the lead singers sarcastic comments, and he came across as an arsehole. Jugglers in the circus tent. These guys were amazing and were really funny. WTF. These guys did the robot to random 80s music. One of the funniest things I saw all weekend. Hawaian Dancers on the Blazing Saddles stage. I think the men enjoyed it more than the women This was an awesome folk band who made everyone sit down because they stopped playing music, then made everyone stand up and dance again. It was funny because some random couple was walking past and the lead singer just shouted "OI! SIT DOWN!" Hugh Cornwall from The Stranglers performing on the acoustic stage. Golden Brown didn't sound the same with the keyboards though. The Williams Green tower. Fleet Foxes were great, they were just really scared and they admitted that this was the biggest crowd that they have ever played at. More of the fleet foxes. It was really sunny at this point. Awesome road sign. More awesome signage. Some random guy booking a holiday, let's hope he doesn't go to mexico. The holidays they have on offer. GOAT JUICE AND DUMPLINGS!!! Really cool band with a Folk/ Trip Hop crossover at the avalon stage. Stayed here for a while. Rory the hoolerhoopist on the sensation seekers stage. GO RORY! This Juggler was amazing. The Specials have been my highlight if I wasn't so far at the back. When you are at the back you have random people sitting in chairs talking, they don't care who is on, they might aswell be anywhere, but they just really ruinedhe performance. Neil Young was one of my highlights. He is absoluely amazing. Anyway, that's the batch for now. Hope you enjoy them and look for part 3 coming on later in the evening or tommorow. Please comment meanwhile though. Cheers, BlackHole2006
  20. *kicks self* I should have read this thread before I posted the TR on the random section, it took me ages ago and now the photos will probably be deleted because I used Photobucket instead of the TPR upload system. Sorry
  21. Hey Guys, 2 weeks ago I was at the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts 2009, and to be perfectly honest with you I really want the weekend to happen again. Now your probably sitting here thinking "Oh it's just another music festival", but this is where your wrong. Let me give you an idea of the sheer size of the place: There are over 50 Stages and Performance areas, the place covers 900 acres. If you were to walk from one end to another you would be walking 8 Miles. The sheer size of it is scary. Ok enough of the facts, let's get down to a review of the weekend: Now last year was really very good indeed, because of the controversial headliner choice of Jay Z, most people decided not to go there, not just because there was Jay Z there but because in 2007 it was trechfoot conditions, everywhere was muddy. Anyway, last year there were more people there who actually wanted to be there, and it made the atmosphere lovely. This year we had really heavyweight headliners, Neil Young on the friday, Springsteen on saturday and Blur on sunday. I think that because the headliners were so well known loads of people brought tickets, and it genuinely felt more crowded than last year, there were people everywhere. This year however I decided to take a break from the main stages and experience the more performance art type stuff, most of my time was spent wandering around the circus feilds watching the cabaret acts, or around the Shangri La area where the real randomness happens. The weather was absolutely brilliant, Glorious on Thursday, even more so on friday, saturday and sunday. Unfortunately there was a Thunderstorm on the thursday night, but this was at 9 o clock so I was still outside my tent wandering around shangri la which is an absolutely fascinating place. And also on sunday night there was an intense downpour, which made it impossible for cars to get out on the monday when the festival had ended, luckily we left at 5AM but I felt sorry for the cars going out at 7 o clock when the traffic is usually at it's heavyest. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos, and expect part 2 to come later on in the evening. DAY 1: THURSDAY There are alot of camp sites around the site, and this is one of them. By Wednesday most of them were full up so we really struggled to find a space when we arrived, luckyly we managed to squease our tent in Family Camping. At this festival there is no "Arena" like normal UK festivals, by Arena, I mean festivals that have a fenced off area with the stages and a seperate camping area, and at a certain time in the evening you get hearded out of the "Arena" like sheep and get sent back to the campsite. With glastonbury you can stay out as late as you want to, and even camp right by the mainstage. This is the main Pyramid Stage, an icon of the festival since 1971. The orange chill and charge tent, most people today say that this festival has gone commercial and corporate, this is not true, the festival supports many charities and gives around 2 mil each year. This was the only type of commercialism I saw all weekend. The Other Stage is the second stage of the festival. This year it had Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand and The Prodigy headlining. The entrance to the park area, which is a really relaxing area of the place. Also in here is the park stage, which had Animal Collective headlining. A sand sculpture, one of the many works of art which you can find around the festival. One of the many bars at the festival. Yup, There be the park stage. The rather tall tower which gives very good views of the site. It's not called the rather tall tower, it just looks rather tall. At this point it started to Drizzle, Slightly, and at this point I was begging the heavens for it not to rain. The teepee feilds, very natural and hippyish. Say hello to the crusties while your here. More of the splenderous teepee feilds. The crusty version of father christmas. The craft feilds. If you want to see a guy making a fire with his bear hands, this is the place for you. Sculpture of lady with metal boobs. Shangri La was the highlight of my festival this year. We made a re visit at night. I swear I saw Gary Glitter in here somewhere. Apparently this is the largest kids festival or something. Havn't visited it however because I'm not a kid! Maybe next year though. This is not our tent, this is the annoying next door neighbours tent. In there is an Arfican band, you know how the tribal people do singing and stuff. It was good. Croissant Neuf is a great place to go and chill. Crowd Shot! More shot of the crowd! An amazing view. Another shot of the beautifull view. And again. Can't get enough of that view. This wall was amazing. Really shows the detail that goes into this place, just for 5 days a year. Some kid shredding on a guitar. Shangri La! They literally built a subway for this place, and there are many rooms in this subway which you can go in and explore, each with it's own bizzare characters. It is amazing. Club DaDa in shangri la. Gypsy and Folk bands play here. And finally, the pyramid stage at night. Please comment on these photos, and stay tuned for part 2 coming later on in the night! Yeah! Cheers, BlackHole2006
  22. Here is a list of my top 10 bands, the top band being my favourite of all time: Sonic Youth Radiohead Pavement Nine Inch Nails Grandaddy The Flaming Lips Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds David Bowie The Aliens Primal Scream
  23. The last gig I saw was Jason Lytle at the Islington Academy. It was a strange venue located in a shopping mall, but all the same the gig was very good. He played a mixture of Grandaddy songs and stuff from his solo album. Also he ended with A.M 180 which the crowd went wild for. All in all it was a good show, with a very relaxed atmosphere. Cheers, BlackHole2006
  24. I have officially left school forever! Plus I only have 1 more exam to go, then 2 weeks till Glastonbury! then after Glastonbury I'm going to alton towers for the weekend!
  25. The glastonbury line up has just been anounced at 10am today: Glasto Line Up I personally think it's one of their strongest yet, but I'm a bit annoyed with the other stage line up, it looks terrible. The Script and Lady GaGa... erm no thanks. Apparently the weather that weekend is going to be really hot so it should give them a break from all the mudbath contitions that they have had throughout the past years. Cheers, BlackHole2005
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