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  1. So they are a little rougher, big deal. I think the layout is superior to BTR's. The first inversion is really disorientating and interesting, and the inline twist is AWESOME. It really makes the ride IMO. The foot choppers it provides are mind blowing, much more so than BTR. You even catch a little air on the hill by the station. BTR in comparison just seemed kind of boring. Two loops and two cork screws? Come on, where's the variety? It was also so smooth that it felt like we were just floating along. Combine that with a boring layout, and a zero G roll that just whips you through it with no airtime, and it's not gonna be high up on the charts for me. Anyone feel the same way?
  2. It couldn't be that difficult to rig a counter to the turnstiles and figure out how many people have entered the park at any give time of the day, could it? It would be awesome if they could display it live on the website so locals could decide if they want to go or not. And hey, while they're at it maybe some motion sensors in the lines that will display wait time. Just set them to trip after 5 minutes of uninterrupted motion, maybe 3 to a line. Any thoughts?
  3. Although I'm never gonna visit, that's still cool because I'm allergic to wheat and barley.
  4. jmccalip


    I assume you meant USPS, but two to three weeks from now??? That's insane.
  5. jmccalip


    How do you ship them? It's been 8 days since my paypal payment cleared.
  6. I was testing out an HD tv, so I was looking for some free 1080p footage, and I came across this. Click here for download(132mb) There's not a lot of coaster footage, just a few seconds, but the quailty is amazing. Definably worth downloading.
  7. Haha, that would be nice. Somehow I don't think Kemah can fit in the out and back version though...
  8. Maybe this is because the Houston area lost its home park and went without a coaster for almost three years. Of course it's going to get more attention. You want to stop with your utterly useless posts? No one gives a damn about how you think it's stupid that we want updates. The coaster changes almost on a day to day basis. Maybe we want to know if it's going to be slow and rough before we drive an hour there and back to spend $20 for ONE coaster. If you don't like this thread, don't click on it! Simple as that.
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