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  1. Wow, thanks for your highly positive (sarcasm), and also totally incorrect opinion (this only works with a US crowd) on this subject. You know that you don't HAVE to hear yourself speak, right? And the rest of us will go about our day just fine? How can a opinion be incorrect? It is just a my personal opinion that you do not have to agree with, which is fine. Not here to ruin anybodies day, but I think it should be ok to have a opinion on a message board, even if goes against the administrors opinion. And I speak a lot and hear myself too which is usually just fine.
  2. Europa really took a lot from Disney when they first opend. But now they have the staff and creative minds to do there own things. With 5.5Million visitors, the money is obviousely there. I like that they update the little rides, including this one. It will not bring more visitors, so other parks would just let it rod or close, here they take some money in hand to update it. Shows that the park is actually caring.
  3. I am a downer on this one as I think this really works only with a US Crowd. For those who like this, good for them and have fun. For me, it would be my worst nightmare.
  4. Of course Roaring Rapids is expensive to run, it is also rather popular. It is hard for me to believe that they would take it out. I could imagine if a new big ride is coming in 2019 that it start at Cyclone Bay or whatever new name this area will get and goes OVER Roaring Rapids, but not taking that ride out. Magic Mountain has done a really good job in the past decade to update the park from the entrance area to the Boardwalk now. If they follow the pattern, Cyclone Bay is next and really needed. The Roaring Rapids/Tatsu area is fine and beautiful, especially during Christmas and only area for a update that is missing would be the Viper area, which is not spectacular, but not bad either. We basically got a new park within the past years. I for one are happy the way Magic Mountain is going.
  5. I think Europa actually is one of the most beautiful parks world wide, only to be topped by some Disney Parks(not Disney Paris, Europa beats that one) and maybe Busch Gardens. The beauty about Europa is that you want to chill there. The coaster line up is not really stunning, but you want to stay there and not leave, enjoy the food and the beauty.
  6. Nice report, I am surprised that you wrote that you felt safe in Amsterdam, why would you not? Any place in Europe is statistically safer vs any place in the States(and I love the States) The Red Light District is not really seedy, but we europeans have a different understanding of sexuality vs the US anyway. Out here in Frankfurt we have a red light district festival that turned into a family festival over the years,lol.
  7. That is what I think too. In most amusement Parks, maybe besides Dosney, you run from ride to ride, but at Europa, you actually want to sit down, relax , enjoy the scenery, have raclete and splurge in one of the Hotels, not particular cheap, but these Hotels are attractions for themself.
  8. Currywurst and Döner, there is nothing else you need in life. (ok, maybe Beer too)
  9. Easy to explain, in the US most fair and rides are owned by one company, no need to upgrade, in Germany every ride is individually owned by families, so they have to outdo each other to gain attention, hence, they invest in there rides to make it stand out compared to the ride next door
  10. Mayonaise on fries is a must! I personally like it. How could you not like Currywurst? Never met anyone who did not love it,lol. Love the trip report, just a quick correction. The tents are not quickly build, they start in July constructing them. Taking them down is rather quick though. Same with rides,it is amazing. I walked one day after closing over the grounds and Alpina Bahn(which is massive) was almost gone(besides the station and ground tracks) and that was 12 hours after closing. Just wow.
  11. Did you talk to the Dippin Dots guy? Although I think 2019 too, but why would they advertise it now? Let's say the ride opens mid july 2018. that is still 8 months from now, just go back in this thread and look how Klugheim looked 8 months before opening. It is not that much different and we have no clue how complex the theming will be and of course you have to count in the weather in winter that can delay construction. It will open eventually
  12. It always depends on the weather, of course there are no summer crowds, but school is still out, so if it is nice outside aka no snow or to cold, it can be busy. Also remember that the park will be closing for Winter on January 15th(I think)
  13. From my experience they rope off the line, but everyone that is already in line will be able to ride
  14. I am looking forward to Phantasialand in the Winter as they have great seasonal food and the park is all decorated and so beautiful. You really do not want to leave . To stay on topic, Europa does a great job too. The water rides are down, but I think I did Blue Fire in December, so it is not down for the Christmas season .
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