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  1. Air service is rapidly expanding in this area. Destin got Allegiant several years ago and has been growing since. Now Southwest has entered Destin. Next up is Gulf Shores, they are building a terminal and will surely land a LCC "Allegiant" type carrier.
  2. Yes Downtown Memphis nothing into this. This is actually fairly easy access to the areas that matter. North Ms and East of Memphis TN. A combination of the new outerloop of I-269, I-22, I-55 and the section I-69 complete makes this easily reached without ever hitting Memphis proper. Only Arkansans will have to deal with Memphis proper. This is clearly being eared toward multiple night stays. The old weekend getaway you might say. At 3 or less hrs drive, there's nearly 4 million people. Outside of the Memphis area and it's 1.4 million there's Little Rock AR Jack
  3. https://dailymemphian.com/section/business/article/21025/harrahs-tunica-site-redevelopent-resort-water-park This site is massive. Two huge hotels and once Championship quality golf course the building for the F.E.C is already on property. All of these are visible from the screen grab from Google Earth. Just Google image search Harrah's Tunica Resort for more photos. If this doesn't include an indoor water facility they are wasting time. Hopefully it leads to a dry park in a dry part of the country themepark wise. That I-69 has Birmingham less than 3 hrs east an
  4. XNA was the Secind fastest growing airport in the US in 2019, pre covid clocking in at 17% year over year and was clocking 20% over that the first two months of 2020 before Covid. It is double the size of Springfield in terms of passengers. Not knocking Springfield I wish we had their amount of Allegaint destinations as well. I would not be shocked by this time next year Allegiant is flying to Knoxville from one or both of them. That would basically connect SDC and Dollywood for passholders. SDC might explore a better package outside of the 50% discount. Springfield put in a grant
  5. The amount of construction and housing starts in this area has electricians and plumbers pulling down high 100K wages. NWA is seeing all kinds of service and professional career growth. This area will likely be gaining two full fledged Med Schools in 10 years. One will be a private one founded and funded by Alice Walton and UAMS is moving toward a full fledged center like Little Rock. It should be noted that Arvest was Alice's brother Rob's creation. This is good news as well. Looks like XNA is in Jet Blue's Founder's crosshairs for his new Breeze Airline. Which could help folk tr
  6. It is what it is, lol https://nwacouncil.org/2019/11/22/benton-county-wages-grow-163-labor-bureau-reports/ All good news for SDC.
  7. Arvest is based in Northwest Arkansas and was started by a Walton of Walmart fame. It is a huge regional bank around here flush with capital and big time backing. This brings me to NWA and Silver Dollar City. Northwest Arkansas is on track to nearly double in size by 2045. That means around 1 million in population. Nice to have one of the fastest growing and increasingly affluent regions in the country in your back yard so to speak. Springfield is also growing but it is not the juggernaut that NWA has become.
  8. Hot Springs has tons of potential but has seemingly failed to truly capitalize on it. Historic downtown renovation of hotels and such should be tied to gaming permits to help fund it with stipulations for historic accuracy. Instead Oaklawn has a monopoly on gaming in town. The trade off should be allowing Oaklawn to host fall horse meets so that it can become part of the Breeder's Cup. If I could get a hold of Magic Springs, I would attach a hotel with an indoor Waterpark on it in a heartbeat and expand the operating season of the dry park to where it is open on the last three weekends of Oa
  9. That's rich. Arkansas isn't going to tell them to stay closed, lol. The Gov pretty much ended all restrictions on Friday except the mask policy and it's on it's last leg. Restaurants were packed out all weekend.
  10. It is missing shooting up the waterfall and feeling the mist that Taron has. If I found a Genie in a bottle and my first wish was for more wishes. After wishing for health and wealth, one of them would be Phantasialand opening up a US park using the basic principles they have there, integrated hotels in highly themed areas. An Epcot World Showcase with thrill rides and in park hotels, yeah that's the ticket.
  11. Oh geez, I've been to Puy du Fou so I'll go with the Efteling's Ravelejn done in partnership with Puy du Fou, lol. We liked many mention though. Waterworld Lights, camera..... Festival of the Lion King
  12. FedEx was dogging it before the pandemic, some of that was unwarranted because the relationship with Amazon was always overstated. Pay close attention to the Walmart/ FedEx relationship. (Walmart was steal in the not too distant past as well)It grows closer by the day. FedEx will now offer free return pickups of Walmart returns. I have long been a proponent of FedEx starting a combi fleet offering some passenger service with parcel service as a way to greatly expand same day deliverly service for retailers not named Amazon. Their largest freight hub now has two unused concourses t
  13. Should have bought FedEx, lol. The moment they announced they were pulling planes out of the desert to put back in service, I sure did. Allegiant air was a good one to buy as well. Leasure will be the first thing to bounce back, the legacy air carriers' business model depends way too much on high fare, business and close in travel. Pure selfishness on my part, I wanted to see the collapse lead to Southwest snatching up Alaska. Leasurw market is about to get a new player with JetBlue's Founder, David Neeleman's Breeze Air. Has fantastic former C-Series now Ai
  14. We had one day the first week of June at DLP last year. It was a Tues and a slight rain was falling as we arrived at the park at noon from our trip from center Paris. Bu the time we got though the gate it was over. We hit Studios first and it was so uncrowded, breezed through the place riding everything open multiple time except Crush's. It still had a 30 to 40 minute waits it was a one and done. We hopped over to The Castle park and crushed it without even trying. We never felt like we were rushing thing were nearly walk on or walk on. We rode Big Thunder at several different points in the
  15. Or...ignoring it and hoping that it goes away. Avoiding the demands for season pass refunds is hurting Customer Service for patrons calling without mask issues. They need to get it together.
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