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  1. Oh geez, I've been to Puy du Fou so I'll go with the Efteling's Ravelejn done in partnership with Puy du Fou, lol. We liked many mention though. Waterworld Lights, camera..... Festival of the Lion King
  2. FedEx was dogging it before the pandemic, some of that was unwarranted because the relationship with Amazon was always overstated. Pay close attention to the Walmart/ FedEx relationship. (Walmart was steal in the not too distant past as well)It grows closer by the day. FedEx will now offer free return pickups of Walmart returns. I have long been a proponent of FedEx starting a combi fleet offering some passenger service with parcel service as a way to greatly expand same day deliverly service for retailers not named Amazon. Their largest freight hub now has two unused concourses t
  3. Should have bought FedEx, lol. The moment they announced they were pulling planes out of the desert to put back in service, I sure did. Allegiant air was a good one to buy as well. Leasure will be the first thing to bounce back, the legacy air carriers' business model depends way too much on high fare, business and close in travel. Pure selfishness on my part, I wanted to see the collapse lead to Southwest snatching up Alaska. Leasurw market is about to get a new player with JetBlue's Founder, David Neeleman's Breeze Air. Has fantastic former C-Series now Ai
  4. We had one day the first week of June at DLP last year. It was a Tues and a slight rain was falling as we arrived at the park at noon from our trip from center Paris. Bu the time we got though the gate it was over. We hit Studios first and it was so uncrowded, breezed through the place riding everything open multiple time except Crush's. It still had a 30 to 40 minute waits it was a one and done. We hopped over to The Castle park and crushed it without even trying. We never felt like we were rushing thing were nearly walk on or walk on. We rode Big Thunder at several different points in the
  5. Or...ignoring it and hoping that it goes away. Avoiding the demands for season pass refunds is hurting Customer Service for patrons calling without mask issues. They need to get it together.
  6. Are you okay? Do you need help? It's okay if you're not okay. Talk to someone. I'm fine, living in fear ain't my thing, son of a crop duster.
  7. Open this country up, if I'm going die, I want to be riding coasters to the end.
  8. They'll open for the area spring breaks. First two weeks will be doubtful.
  9. We bought 1,500 shares of RCL recently, and now just sitting on it until it eventually gets back up to $130(ish) a share.... Then we will be selling! They got no love in the stimulus package, good luck. If they want money, they are going to have to register the boats here and build them here. The Jones Act is no joke and Viking just figured out how to get boats on Mississippi to comply with it.
  10. The DJIA chart for the last two weeks would make for one hell of a out and back coaster.
  11. All they are trying to do is flatten the bell curve so hospitals aren't overwhelmed.
  12. We are 48hrs from peak hysteria. Parents are getting pissed now that schools are closing weeks on end considering children seem nearly bulletproof. If a child has underlying health issues like mine(has ITP, low platelet count) accommodations need to be made otherwise keep them open. The average age of those dying is somewhere close to if not over 80.
  13. I'm not elderly(yet) and no underlying health conditions, I'm going to theme parks, I'll fly to get there and I'll take a cruise if the deal is good enough. My take on it is that so few that are carrying it exhibit symtoms and in my personal opinion thousands upon thousands are carrying it by now that containment is a wishful fantasy. Now that it is out in the open and folks are looking for the first sign of anything we can get a start on the elderly and unhealthy until it is too far gone and I think that is the main issue now with this age and condition set. That is they have had it for w
  14. That appears to be a Splash Battle. What did dollywood do with their rafts? Top right looks to be a Rapids ride andsomewhat sharing the same footprint with a coaster but appears to be for a.future expansion. They left a couple of spots blank.for.even more later on. Need a small footprint woodie like the the Fun Spot, or ZDT type.
  15. Update on that New Great Wolf. They are looking at Jackson TN. That is really odd as there is zilch for anything else there and at 150 million not that big of a resort. It is about an hour east of the main Memphis burbs and 11/2 to anything midtown. I gather they are trying to cut Nashville down to 2 and a 1/2 hrs to 3 depending on where in the Nashville area they come from but makes Little Rock AR and Jackson MS further away. Then there's the Birmingham AL factor. If they placed this closer to Memphis in the I-269/I-40 area, it is an easy 3 hr drive, this makes it less appealing.The Memphis
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