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  1. Greetings again, everyone! Winter has moved in quickly in these parts, and a lovely snowfall has taken over the park. This time, I hired professional decorators to come in and groom the park nicely- and with some assistance from some top-notch ride designers, I've got a totally new park from the ground up! TPR CHALLENGE V PART II: Snow Place Like Home Beautiful, isn't it? As you can see, the park is covered in a blanket of snow, and BOY did the weather change overnight! Cool & somewhat damp, this park has such a lovely overlay of festive, holiday colours. I love the way t
  2. Whew! What an exhausting project! After some serious review, a ton of deliberation, and inspecting each park in submitted, I have come up with three winners (Sadly, nobody made the 'Best Value Park' aspect in this challenge... perhaps next time!) The Best Photography Award goes to Chrisxz's submission during construction. It not only shows the park being cleaned up, but a great balance of colour & different painting techniques. Very nice job! The Best Scenery Award goes to JerryKoala2112 for his park. You did an excellent job with the park's overall transformation, and did creativ
  3. Greetings again everyone! I have started to review the entries, and I must say there are quite a few good parks submitted! I will be posting up the winners of this challenge on Friday, and to ONE of those lucky winners will get the first crack at the SECOND part of the challenge. I do hope your up for it- as it will be a LOT of fun to see what you do next! C.P.M.
  4. Greetings Park managers: As there seemed to be so much difficulty with the original scenario, I decided to do a new challenge in its place. The name of the game is still the same... but the outcome is VERY, VERY DIFFERENT. TPR CHALLENGE V: PART I This is a two-part challenge: The first part is to clean up this park I got second-hand from some carnival operators and it is a mess! The park comes with attractions already installed that you can work with, but I'm afraid that's about it. The rides came from China- almost all of them. And the theming? It is DREADFUL! So tacky, so cheap.
  5. Hello again! I must say the past few months have been chaotic for me. My little company is growing so well with the help of many people, so I decided to try something new! A few months ago, a carnival company set up a little Halloween park on one of our future park sites, and themed it to the month of October. I'll admit, the theming was, well, awfully tacky all around, and lacked the charm that one of my parks normally has. Towards the end of October, they offered me a deal: They would let me buy up all the rides & attractions, so long as I kept them running. TPR CHALLENGE V: THE
  6. Good day to everyone, I've been very busy this summer, and come across some really nifty things, including my latest purchase. Since everyone did so well with trying new things, I decided to see if I could get a real bargain- and I almost succeeded. Almost Shady Glen Park Challenge- in 3D! Shady Glen park originally started as a fruit farm, but when the original owners failed to grow apples & oranges, they began to cut down trees- and ended up turning the lumber into The Streak- their wooden coaster. The park was a bit successful as a picnic grove, but failed to gain the attent
  7. Hello again! It seems I've run into a spot of trouble... and that perhaps YOU will be able to help me out. Check back tomorrow to see what I've done this time! C.P.M. Oh dear, what HAVE I gotten myself into? I never expected to go into 3D!
  8. I have some wonderful news! After reviewing the entries, and having the powers that be vote on things (Yes, even I answer to a board of directors!) a winner has been chosen! Congratulations to Mr. Sum 1_55 for his winning entry! Please PM MCJaco with your information on your X-Flight Media day Bag of Crap! I'm looking forward to having your new coaster in Cogburn Ranch, too! C.P.M.
  9. BONUS TIME! Greetings again! I've been pleased to see a few of the submissions for my latest park adventure... but I'd like to see a few more. I'm always looking for creativity in the design process, and I'd love to see what everyone can do! So, I'm extending the deadline till FRIDAY at MIDNIGHT, PDT. Go for it- If you've been waiting to submit something, you now have four more days to do so! C.P.M.
  10. Hello again TPR! I've just gotten back from a long and very fun trip to ride these new creations by B&M: the Wing Rider. I must say that I'm quite impressed with them, as they are fun and quite nice to ride on! It just so happens that I've got a park that I'm in the process of rehabilitating that NEEDS one of these beautiful creations: Cogburn Ranch Challenge My latest endeavor: Cogburn Ranch Download the park here! In this challenge, you have to build one Wing Rider from B&M, and upgrade the park to make the goals I've set out for you- but I've made these easy, a
  11. After much deliberation, we have a winner! Congratulations to Anac0nda! His winning entry, Scarlet Rain, can be found Here in the games exchange! Please send a PM to QueerRudie with your name, Address and other information, and you will soon receive a TPR shirt and DVD! And keep an eye out folks... I've seen a bunch of bunnies around lately- and I do love watching them HOP. C.P.M.
  12. Greetings Ride Designers... After doings some 'shopping' for my latest enterprise (Literally! I bought one!) I realized I've made a huuuuuge mistake. Actually, it's not so huge. It's rather small, really. In fact, that's where you come in: B&M No Limits Challenge I You see, in all my shopping, I forgot to get a coaster... or two... or four. I was so focused on buying up some splendid rides (More on that in the future!) that I used up all the space in my current park. So now, working with B&M, I need a few good designs. RULES AND REGULATIONS: 1.) Your coaster must be
  13. Greetings once again! I've just had a lovely time visiting a number of parks around the world- and the new coaster for Europa is looking TREMENDOUS! I had a great meeting with some wonderful people to help make my parks that much better in the future, too! Let's get down to business: Choosing your favorite track of the Winter Track Challenge! We had six entrants upload their coasters to the Track Challenge, and here are the entrants: Remember, a TPR T-shirt and DVD are on the line for the winner: Entrant #1: Kooky Schnee:Hupferle Kooky 1.BMP Schlitten Gaudi Koo
  14. Hello again everyone! After losing my laptop at IAAPA, I started to dream of having my own special park, just for rides that I've enjoyed in the past. Now it's your turn! TPR TRACK CHALLENGE: Holiday Park 2012 SCR96.BMP Welcome to Holiday Park 2012. All yours for the building! Download the scenario HERE! In this TRACK challenge, you are given a plot of ground with no restrictions... other than the size. Here, there's no money, no rides, no shows nor any attractions. It's your chance to build a park where you can build the rides of your dreams... Two of them, at le
  15. Congratulations to our two winners of this TPR Challenge: Popular vote winner: AJClarke0912 And.... for my choice of what I found to be the best interpretation of a Schwarzkopf Looping coaster: Gertslauer1. His coaster featured quite a few of the Schwarzkopf elements that made his ride a success: Twin loops, a layout that was reminiscent of the Lisbergbanen coaster, and a custom built layout. An excellent job with the designs. Please PM your addresses to QueerRudie ASAP so we may get your TPR bags of Crap out to you quickly! And I'll be seeing you all again soon- I've just picked
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