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  1. Greetings again, everyone! Winter has moved in quickly in these parts, and a lovely snowfall has taken over the park. This time, I hired professional decorators to come in and groom the park nicely- and with some assistance from some top-notch ride designers, I've got a totally new park from the ground up! TPR CHALLENGE V PART II: Snow Place Like Home Beautiful, isn't it? As you can see, the park is covered in a blanket of snow, and BOY did the weather change overnight! Cool & somewhat damp, this park has such a lovely overlay of festive, holiday colours. I love the way the decorators came up with this park, so the aspects of this challenge are a bit different. OBJECTIVE: To complete the challenge (20,000.00 per month in ride revenues) as well as build the best designed coasters that you can. As you can see this time it's about the money & the rides. Overall, the winner of this challenge will not only come up with a profitable park, but also one that has well-designed, well-operated rides. The more realistic, the better. What I'm looking for is the best balance of rides to the park, the best use of park land, and the best use of technology to come up with a winning design. Such a humble, well-designed little coaster! RULES OF THE CHALLENGE: 1.) Complete the challenge specifics by the end of YEAR SIX (October, year 6) This includes 20,000 per month in operating profits from the rides, as well as repaying the loan to the scenery people 2.) Create additional rides for the park that are well-designed, and fit the overall holiday/winter theme to the park. You may only use theming elements that come with the scenario as provided. Only select rides may be removed. 3.) Re-theming existing rides is FORBIDDEN. I spent a small fortune on having these rides done the way they are now! You may ADD scenery around the rides, but I like the way they are! 4.) No cheats, hacks, trainers or other 'assist' methods are allowed- at all. No exceptions. Anybody caught using these will be banned, no questions asked, no second chances given. 5.) You may add theme areas to the park as you see fit- but it is STRONGLY recommended that you stick with a the existing themes as provided- that is, if you see fit to add a Mountain Winter theme area, go for it- but no, building an area themed to Star Wars (or any other outside theme for that matter) will result in a beautiful entry that gets nowhere. 6.) All parks must be submitted to the exchange by the end of the day (10PM Pacific Standard time) on December 31st, 2012. A winner will be chosen from the park entries submitted at that time, and will be posted shortly thereafter. 7.) DO NOT ALTER, CHANGE OR MANIPULATE THE STORY LINE OF THE PARK. NO FUNKY EVENTS, TAKEOVERS, ETC. WILL BE ALLOWED. PLAY THE GAME AS IT IS, FOLKS. 8.) You do not need to have participated in the first part of this challenge to play: Anybody can join in for the second round! Oh the weather outside is frightful- so you'd better make lines delightful... Two winners will be chosen for this one: Best overall designed new-ride in the park, as well as Best Overall Park in this challenge. You might not have the best park, but if you've got a ride that REALLY wows me on it's design, placement & theming, you could end up a winner. In addition, another Photo Contest of your progress will be held: Show us what you've been working on, and have a chance to win a prize. We had some really beautiful pictures taken during the last round, and I hope to see much of the same thing again! And, as with the last challenge, 500 points for your park will be added to your TPR Exchange account at the end of the challenge- keep adding up those points, and get some nifty stuff! DOWNLOAD THE SCENARIO HERE! I will be checking in off and on over the next few weeks, so be sure to show what you're working on- I do know I like to see lots of pics of what you are working on! C.P.M.
  2. Whew! What an exhausting project! After some serious review, a ton of deliberation, and inspecting each park in submitted, I have come up with three winners (Sadly, nobody made the 'Best Value Park' aspect in this challenge... perhaps next time!) The Best Photography Award goes to Chrisxz's submission during construction. It not only shows the park being cleaned up, but a great balance of colour & different painting techniques. Very nice job! The Best Scenery Award goes to JerryKoala2112 for his park. You did an excellent job with the park's overall transformation, and did creative things to enhance the beauty of the park itself, as well as showcasing skills on the rides themselves. Give yourself a round of applause! Now, that leaves the Best Park of the challenge. This was, to me, the most difficult one to find a winner for- as almost everybody did some tremendous work with their parks. I was really impressed with how each park came together, how each park was renovated/restored, and how Park Managers thought they would run the park after the awful people who ran it before. The winning park contained creative use of land, good scenery balance, showcased the rides effectively, added attractions that fit the mood, theme & design of the park, as well as did so in a way that was not overly showy. This park had several new attractions added, plus used existing rides to their advantage, going so far to theme several of the rides to fit the desired outcome. Congratulations CCRON! Your park was the BEST OVERALL PARK in the first part of this challenge! Please PM QueerRudie with your names & addresses ASAP, and a TPR Bag of Crap will be sent to our three lucky winners. In addition, CCRON can expect a present in his PM file today, containing your special prize- one custom built for you! Tune in tomorrow everybody... The snow is falling like mad here, and I think I hear Sleigh Bells ringing... C.P.M.
  3. Greetings again everyone! I have started to review the entries, and I must say there are quite a few good parks submitted! I will be posting up the winners of this challenge on Friday, and to ONE of those lucky winners will get the first crack at the SECOND part of the challenge. I do hope your up for it- as it will be a LOT of fun to see what you do next! C.P.M.
  4. Greetings Park managers: As there seemed to be so much difficulty with the original scenario, I decided to do a new challenge in its place. The name of the game is still the same... but the outcome is VERY, VERY DIFFERENT. TPR CHALLENGE V: PART I This is a two-part challenge: The first part is to clean up this park I got second-hand from some carnival operators and it is a mess! The park comes with attractions already installed that you can work with, but I'm afraid that's about it. The rides came from China- almost all of them. And the theming? It is DREADFUL! So tacky, so cheap. I guess that is why I got a good price on it! Such potential! PART I: CLEAN UP THE PARK! In this challenge, you must clean up the park, restore the park to a more traditional look, and remove any trace of Halloween in it. I really don't like the way it looks- it is too tacky, even for me! You may use any scenery tools provided in the challenge, as well as your own creativity to make the park look better. RULES FOR THE CHALLENGE: 1.) You have till the end of Park Year 5 (October, year 5) to complete the challenge basics: Earn $10,000 per month, and repay your loan in its entirety. 2.) You may use any scenery provided- but nothing else. Trachetecture is NOT allowed. 3.) All traces of Halloween colouring, scenery & other decorations is to be removed. 4.) You may only remove select rides. 5.) No Hacks, trainers or cheats are allowed. Using any of these will result in a ban. No exceptions to this rule. 6.) You may NOT use Six Flags, Cedar Fair or any other park chain for the basis of this park. Be creative, and don't leech off of those brands, please. 7.) Keep us informed: One lucky person who posts pics in this thread of their progress will get a TPR Bag of Crap. The more pics you post, the better the odds on a win! Chuck's Corkscrew! DOWNLOAD THE PARK HERE! Prizes: I will be sitting down with a select panel of other Park Managers and deciding THREE winners: 1.) The Park Manager who does the best job with the scenery; 2.) The Park Manager with the most people-friendly park (Prices, rides, etc.) 3.) The Park Manager who does the most creative job at showcasing the existing rides. Each one will get a TPR Bag of Crap... but one will get an ADDITIONAL prize as well. As you can see, this is Part 1 of 2. I have some big plans for this park, and in order for me to get that rolling- you have to win at this challenge first. The person who does best of the three winners will get a HUGE leap forward in the Part 2 of this challenge. You have until the close of business (Midnight, Pacific time) on December 10th to complete your challenge. No entries will be accepted after that date/time. A winner will be announced on Thursday, December 13th, and Part II of the challenge will begin shortly thereafter (once our winners have been notified. You may enter one park per Park Manager. Each Park Manager who uploads will get 500 points from the TPR Exchange- which goes towards one of the new TPR DVD Downloads! Good luck to all our members! C.P.M.
  5. Hello again! I must say the past few months have been chaotic for me. My little company is growing so well with the help of many people, so I decided to try something new! A few months ago, a carnival company set up a little Halloween park on one of our future park sites, and themed it to the month of October. I'll admit, the theming was, well, awfully tacky all around, and lacked the charm that one of my parks normally has. Towards the end of October, they offered me a deal: They would let me buy up all the rides & attractions, so long as I kept them running. TPR CHALLENGE V: THE PARTY'S OVER Such a strange little park... See, the problem is that I took delivery of the park just prior to the park closing in October... and the park is trashed! People really DO know how to party, don't they? THE CHALLENGE: You must clean up the park, including removing all the Halloween overlays and theme the park's midways and attractions. In addition, you must meet the goal of 10,000.00 per month in ride revenues, as well as paying back the loan entirely. You can find the park HERE in the exchange! You will also need this: Wing Rider Pack.zip I couldn't belive how cheap this one was! RULES: 1.) Certain rides & attractions may not be removed, changed or moved under any circumstances. You know which ones those are, as they will be indicated on the map. 2.) You may not theme the park to SixFlags, Cedar Point, etc. Be creative, folks. My parks are mine! Not SixFlags or Cedar Fair! 3.) You may add attractions as you see fit, but you will be judged in this challenge on how well you fit them into the park. For example, a 300 foot coaster would not fit here, now would it? Be creative with your rides, and you'll do fine. 4.) You may re-theme ONE Of the coasters- and only ONE. Pick carefully... 5.) Cheating, hacking and/or altering the scenario is grounds for banning from TPR. No exceptions. 6.) You have till the end of year SIX (October, year 6) to get your work done. Ugh- the themeing is so cheesy! HINTS: 1.) Use what the game gives you- and no more/no less. You really shouldn't try to out-think/overthink the challenge, as it will present its answers to you as you play it. 2.) Midsized & smaller attractions are a plus here. A 25 inversion megacoaster isn't going to be the best bet. 3.) Be creative with your ride placement, as there is plenty of room to expand & change things as you see fit. 4.) The park lends itself well to expanding smartly- do so, and you'll have a lot better time playing the park. 5.) Intertwining attractions? Good call here... OK: So I'm also swapping things up as far as prizes go for this as well. I wanted to see how people progress in the challenge, so we're also going to have a PHOTO contest as well! Every time you upload a photo of your park prior to completion, you will be entered into a second prize contest. The best photo of Wonder World during 'renovation' will be chosen and will get a TPR Bag of Crap! The more times you update your progress in this thread, the better a chance for a win! In addition, the park that pleases me the most with its renovation will win a TPR Bag of Crap AND a TPR DVD! Remember to upload your park to the exchange, and add pictures of your park to this thread before the close of business (MIdnight, MST) on MONDAY, 19 November 2012. Good luck, and may the best park manager win! C.P.M.
  6. Good day to everyone, I've been very busy this summer, and come across some really nifty things, including my latest purchase. Since everyone did so well with trying new things, I decided to see if I could get a real bargain- and I almost succeeded. Almost Shady Glen Park Challenge- in 3D! Shady Glen park originally started as a fruit farm, but when the original owners failed to grow apples & oranges, they began to cut down trees- and ended up turning the lumber into The Streak- their wooden coaster. The park was a bit successful as a picnic grove, but failed to gain the attention that it needed to grow and expand. In the past few years, the park itself has begun a slow decay. The former owners offered me a decent price for it, and I took them up on the offer. I now have Buyer's Remorse! A small overview of the park itself. As you can see, the park is a bit crowded with trees... and lots of them! I love this feature myself. THE CHALLENGE: In this challenge, you must complete the scenario- all three levels- and turn the park around completely. I do, of course, have a few things I'd like to set down as ground rules: 1.) You may not remove, modify, or change the wooden coaster, The Streak, in any way. No changes may occur to how it operates, either. This fine gem of a coaster is something that I think should be a cornerstone to the new park. The Streak- oh how I love this coaster! 2.) You may not obliterate all the trees. In fact, if I see that you've clear-cut the trees, you will not be eligible for the prize in this challenge. Removing one or two here or there is fine, and you may ALWAYS add more trees (Hint, hint.). I like the feel of this being a grove of trees, and that the people like that. 3.) No large-scale coasters. No coaster may exceed 100 feet in height, nor more than 3,000 ft. in length. If you choose to make a steel coaster, no more than TWO inversions may be used, and those can only be vertical loops. 4.) No large-scale buildings: You may build small buildings that cover a plot of ground no bigger than 4x4 in space- and you may not link them together. Again, this is a small, family picnic grove becoming a park, not a Six Flags/Cedar Fair property. 5.) You MAY move rides within the park- I put in three rides to make sure there would be other draws for families there. Those are yours to keep- and use as you need. The rides, however, may not be removed from the park. 6.) I'm giving you till the end of October, year 10 to finish the park. Any parks after that won't be eligible for the prize. DOWNLOAD Shady Glen Park HERE! Some hints: The key to keeping me happy- and you in the running for the prize is keeping the original feel and design of the park true to it's form. Some ideas are: 1.) Think small, and carry on: This park isn't the biggest, but could use some love in the form of small, family-friendly rides. Think along the lines of Knoebel's or Strickler's Grove. Those parks are perfect for what I'm looking for. 2.) Don't overthink things: Remove a tree, replace it. That way you don't have to lose out in the end. Trees = happy park owner. 3.) Think outside the box: Generic coasters won't cut it here. You have plenty of space, and lots of land to work with. Use the land wisely, and try something different. A clone of an existing coaster isn't quite what I have in mind, so be original and creative. 4.) Pay attention to your expenses: They DO add up. I've given you some great rides to start off with, so make them profitable, and turn that into what you're building the park with. You do have a debt to pay down, so I suggest working with that first, and then moving onto expansion of the park. The Streak! THE RULES & REGULATIONS 1.) No cheats, hacks or editing tools are allowed. 2.) No additional scenery will be allowed. I've given you what you are allowed to work with. Go from there. Tracketechture is NOT allowed, so don't do it, folks. 3.) Cheating will be grounds for immediate banning from TPR. No exceptions, no second chances, no returns. 4.) All parks are subject to scrutiny by the judges. 5.) You may not alter, change, warp, or mutilate the scenario or plot of the scenario. This is not a future Cedar Fair, Six Flags or other park company park. This is Shady Glen Park. 6.) All parks should be submitted to the Games Exchange for consideration, as well as being posted in this thread once you're done with it- a link to the exchange in your submission post would also be nice. Pictures ARE required. 7.) Your park must be submitted to the Games Exchange no later that MIDNIGHT PDT 10/1/12. Any late entries will not be qualified for the prize. So, after reading all that it's time for what you've been looking for: The PRIZE The winning park will get a GIANT TPR bag of Crap, as well as their choice of DVD from the TPR DVD selection. How will the parks be judged? That's easy: 1.) Keeping the feel of Shady Glen Park: 25% 2.) Creativity in the new rides added: 25% 3.) Keeping within the 'Family Feel' aspect: 25% 4.) Trees retained/added: 25% As you grow your parks, add them to this thread- I'll be dropping by on occasion, and if I see things that I like, I'll be adding comments! C.P.M. 9/17/12
  7. Hello again! It seems I've run into a spot of trouble... and that perhaps YOU will be able to help me out. Check back tomorrow to see what I've done this time! C.P.M. Oh dear, what HAVE I gotten myself into? I never expected to go into 3D!
  8. I have some wonderful news! After reviewing the entries, and having the powers that be vote on things (Yes, even I answer to a board of directors!) a winner has been chosen! Congratulations to Mr. Sum 1_55 for his winning entry! Please PM MCJaco with your information on your X-Flight Media day Bag of Crap! I'm looking forward to having your new coaster in Cogburn Ranch, too! C.P.M.
  9. BONUS TIME! Greetings again! I've been pleased to see a few of the submissions for my latest park adventure... but I'd like to see a few more. I'm always looking for creativity in the design process, and I'd love to see what everyone can do! So, I'm extending the deadline till FRIDAY at MIDNIGHT, PDT. Go for it- If you've been waiting to submit something, you now have four more days to do so! C.P.M.
  10. Hello again TPR! I've just gotten back from a long and very fun trip to ride these new creations by B&M: the Wing Rider. I must say that I'm quite impressed with them, as they are fun and quite nice to ride on! It just so happens that I've got a park that I'm in the process of rehabilitating that NEEDS one of these beautiful creations: Cogburn Ranch Challenge My latest endeavor: Cogburn Ranch Download the park here! In this challenge, you have to build one Wing Rider from B&M, and upgrade the park to make the goals I've set out for you- but I've made these easy, and the money is already rolling into the park! RULES: 1.) You may build only ONE B&M Wing Coaster- and no other wing-coasters. As much as you'd like to do three, I only would like one- no overkill, please 2.) You must complete the challenge by the end of year SIX. That should NOT be difficult at all, as I've already given you a running head start. 3.) Some rides are to be preserved. You will figure this out when playing. I'm keen on my rides! 4.) You may use any other rides that are provided in the scenario to fill out your park. 5.) NO CHEATS, HACKS OR TAMPERING WITH THE GAME, PLEASE. YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM TPR IF YOU DO SO- AND THEY HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE. The Wing Rider: OK, so you're saying this: "I don't have the wing rider track! HELP!" Good news, everyone! Here is a set of rides that you can easily upload into your RCT II game to play the scenario. 1.) Download this: Wing Rider Pack.zip 2.) Unzip the file, and put the contents into the "OBJECTS" data file in you RCT II folder on your hard drive. 3.) Load the game. 4.) Play the scenario. It's that simple- and easy to do. In less than 10 minutes, you are ready to build my new park. Once you're done with your park, upload it to the TPR Games forum: Use file type: "TPR CHALLENGE" Your park should be saved as "(Your screen name) TPR Challenge" so that it would read like this: "CrazyParkManager TPR Challenge" only using YOUR name in it's place. TAKE PICTURES! Post them here (Yes, you're allowed to do single shots in this thread!) Oh! The prize: How could I forget the prize! Our GENEROUS Moderator mcjaco has granted us this: A WONDERFUL Six Flags Great America X-FLIGHT media day Bag of Crap! One X Flight Tote bag One X-Flight metal water bottle One X-Flight XL T-shirt One X-Flight luggage tag One X-Flight USB 2GB Thumb Drive One X-Flight Save the Date Media Invite One X-Flight Info folder and contents One X-Flight Media Day Media Pass And as always, have fun with this! C.P.M.
  11. After much deliberation, we have a winner! Congratulations to Anac0nda! His winning entry, Scarlet Rain, can be found Here in the games exchange! Please send a PM to QueerRudie with your name, Address and other information, and you will soon receive a TPR shirt and DVD! And keep an eye out folks... I've seen a bunch of bunnies around lately- and I do love watching them HOP. C.P.M.
  12. Greetings Ride Designers... After doings some 'shopping' for my latest enterprise (Literally! I bought one!) I realized I've made a huuuuuge mistake. Actually, it's not so huge. It's rather small, really. In fact, that's where you come in: B&M No Limits Challenge I You see, in all my shopping, I forgot to get a coaster... or two... or four. I was so focused on buying up some splendid rides (More on that in the future!) that I used up all the space in my current park. So now, working with B&M, I need a few good designs. RULES AND REGULATIONS: 1.) Your coaster must be between 2450 and 3250 feet long. 2.) Your coaster must be between 85 and 125 feet tall. 3.) Your coaster must have AT LEAST TWO TRAIN OPERATIONS. A bonus will be given for THREE train ops without stacking the trains on the blocks. 4.) Your coaster MUST have THREE inversions. Not FOUR, Not TWO, Not SIX. Three. Three and Only Three. No more than three. No less than three. 5.) Your coaster must be of the 'compact' nature. No freeform, spread out designs, no Out and Back designs. I don't have enough space in my new project for a big ride. 6.) YOU MAY SUBMIT UP TO FOUR TRACKS: That's right, enter four different tracks, and raise up your chances of a win! 7.) To clarify: This project may ONLY be of a B&M Sitdown Looping coaster. Not a Floorless, Standup, Drop Machine, Flying, Inverted or other coaster. Only a Sitdown Looper, please. So now that you've read this far, how about the prizes up for grabs? Well, that's easy: For our 'Best in show' winner, you will get a TPR Bag of Crap PLUS a TPR DVD! For our "Nice job" winnter, you'll get a TPR DVD! For all our entrants, you'll get a 250 point bonus in the exchange. So how will a winner be chosen: This time, the great Moderators of the Games Forum will be voting on the rides. Well, not voting, but rather scoring. Rides will be scored on a 100 point basis, with each score added up to find a winner: 10 points: Color and Scenery 25 points: Layout 25 points: Originality of design 10 points: Use of Space 30 points: Keeping to "B&M Design" (Yes, make your jokes now...) The key here is to give me a B&M design that has the FEEL of a good ride- that is, no funky elements that I wouldn't find ON a B&M coaster. You can be creative, but making an element that you'd find on a Gerstlauer coaster onto your coaster here is a no-no. OK: Now the bad stuff: All entries are subject to review. If there is -any- inkling of cheating involved: You will be banned ASAP. NO EXCEPTIONS. Due to the complexity of this challenge, you have till February 29th to have your rides submitted to the TPR Game Exchange. In fact, post your finished rides in this thread, with pictures please. (That's a must. No pictures, no entry!) If you want to add a video of your new ride, go for it! We'd love to see what you've got in store. Good luck to everyone! C.P.M.
  13. Greetings once again! I've just had a lovely time visiting a number of parks around the world- and the new coaster for Europa is looking TREMENDOUS! I had a great meeting with some wonderful people to help make my parks that much better in the future, too! Let's get down to business: Choosing your favorite track of the Winter Track Challenge! We had six entrants upload their coasters to the Track Challenge, and here are the entrants: Remember, a TPR T-shirt and DVD are on the line for the winner: Entrant #1: Kooky Schnee:Hupferle Kooky 1.BMP Schlitten Gaudi Kooky 2.BMP Entrant #2: Megamatt Flurry Flurry.BMP Dueling Spirits: Snow Snow Wind Wind SCR1.BMP Entrant #3: Trainman668 Blizzard Polar Express Entrant #4: Mr Sum 1 55 Himylayahoo Himalayahoo.BMP Express Ski Lift Express Ski Lift.BMP Jack Frost Jack Frost.BMP Entrant #5: Nosferatu Avalanche Avalanche.BMP Blizzard Blizzard.BMP Frostbite Frostbite.BMP Entrant #6: Almere Stars Frosty Grizzly SubZero Voting will begin today, and continue for ONE WEEK till Monday 16 January 2012 at MIDNIGHT EST. Don't delay, either! Here's some hints to promote your track: 1.) Link this thread to Facebook and Twitter! Show off to your friends what you've made- and if they're TPR members, they can VOTE for your track 2.) Post in the Challenge thread about your park! SHOW PEOPLE WHAT YOU DID! Now for some housekeeping: Please don't critique people in this voting thread: Show your votes, not your reasons here! Any fraudulent voting will result in not only being removed from the challenge, but also from TPR. PERMANENTLY. TPR doesn't play around with that here- at all!
  14. Hello again everyone! After losing my laptop at IAAPA, I started to dream of having my own special park, just for rides that I've enjoyed in the past. Now it's your turn! TPR TRACK CHALLENGE: Holiday Park 2012 SCR96.BMP Welcome to Holiday Park 2012. All yours for the building! Download the scenario HERE! In this TRACK challenge, you are given a plot of ground with no restrictions... other than the size. Here, there's no money, no rides, no shows nor any attractions. It's your chance to build a park where you can build the rides of your dreams... Two of them, at least. RULES OF THE TRACK CHALLENGE: 1.) You may not add or change the scenery: It's Winter, folks. 2.) You are limited to no more than TWO coasters in your park: They will be rated and that's how the contest will be judged. 3.) You may add other attractions that are provided in the scenario- but nothing else. 4.) The time limit is EIGHT years gametime, and you MUST COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE! 5.) As always: Your entry will be checked and inspected. Any foul play or cheating will lead to an immediate ban from TPR. No exceptions. 6.) ALL RIDES MUST OPERATE! No tracketechture is allowed- sorry! You have plenty of stuff to work with in the Track Challenge How is this different from a TPR Challenge? Well, in a way it's nearly identical. However, the tracks are the basis for the 'win' here- not just the park. In order to be an entrant: The two coasters you build in the Track Challenge MUST BE UPLOADED to the exchange AS WELL as your park. IF YOU UPLOAD YOUR PARK IN THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS, THAT QUALIFIES AS THREE UPLOADS TO THE EXCHANGE- AND THREE TIMES THE POINTS TOWARDS TPR DOWNLOADABLE DVDS TOO! You have two weeks to complete this challenge- As in: After I'm done partying it up in Anaheim for New Years Eve, I'll be closing the contest- 2 January 2012. So this time through I'll be giving away several really nifty prizes: For our first place by voting winner, you'll get a TPR DVD AND a TPR T-Shirt! For our second place by voting winner, you'll get a TPR DVD AND... If we get enough entries into the Track Challenge, I'll add prizes along the way! Robb sent me quite a stash of stuff to work with! A NOTE FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS: If you do win a place in the TPR Track Challenge, know this: We will get your prizes to you as soon as possible, however, due to shipping restrictions this could take longer. Be patient and we'll take care of you. HAVE FUN AND SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT! C.P.M.
  15. Congratulations to our two winners of this TPR Challenge: Popular vote winner: AJClarke0912 And.... for my choice of what I found to be the best interpretation of a Schwarzkopf Looping coaster: Gertslauer1. His coaster featured quite a few of the Schwarzkopf elements that made his ride a success: Twin loops, a layout that was reminiscent of the Lisbergbanen coaster, and a custom built layout. An excellent job with the designs. Please PM your addresses to QueerRudie ASAP so we may get your TPR bags of Crap out to you quickly! And I'll be seeing you all again soon- I've just picked up a small park in England that's a gem- but for some reason, the people are all scared of big rides! C.P.M.
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