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  1. Thought it was time we had one of these. To start it off, GoldieHound's thread "Six Flags Florida Escape" is now permanently closed. The thread is pretty much ego-driven crap and related that looks terrible- even by my standards.
  2. I'm sorry: This thread does NOT reflect the level of quality, detail or time that a TPR thread should have in it. Three pictures of a scrambler is not only insufficient, but in all reality, a waste of time. Six Flags Florida Escape is now closed permanently.
  3. A very interesting TR on some of the rarest credits on earth. I have to say seeing Parque de la Ciudad (sp!) sitting there is truly heartbreaking in so many ways. Veritgorama would, I'm sure, have been a catalyst for more developments like those in the future- had it ever operated. In a lot of ways, it looks like a hybrid between Arrow's "Gemini" coaster (Cedar Point) and a steel mine train; either way, it is sad that giant never saw passengers. As for the Schwarzkopf attractions: Nothing is -ever- as painful as seeing the last Speedracer (yes, Aconcagua IS the last true Speedracer!) sitting there waiting for some love, attention and restoration. The WildCat 54 is even more sad- as it is a rare credit these days. (Most of the remaining Wildcats are either the 65 version or the 45 version; the 54s did not sell well overall.) And yes, even the enterprise rotting is a tragic thing to see. Why a city like Buenos Aires has yet to figure out that a park like that when run right is a good thing to have- especially with so many good rides there to start off. (And yes, I'm deeply saddened by seeing all the Schwarzkopf goodness rotting there. I wonder if they take AMEX?) R.D. "Praise be to Anton, Amen."
  4. OK: Daily updates are not needed, especially since we are seeing essentially the same rides, layouts, etc. on every update. Translation: You're being very repetitive on a park that is, to be polite, not very developed, either plot-wise or grounds wise. Instead of showing us six of the same rides each day, improve one ride per day: Put up scenery, work on the stations, add more buildings/shops/shows/attractions, and make sure they fit into the park. You need not go over the top, mind you, but something other than the six rides you're featuring with some added detail and such. You will find people (particularly the people reading the forums) will enjoy your park more with some attention to details along the way. R.D.
  5. Please no DOUBLE POSTING on your thread. You have done this twice before- and asked not to. A third time, and Six Flags Arizona will be closed permanently. R.D. Games Forum Moderating Team
  6. Note on JakeCallan: Edited/deleted out content of one of his posts: Condescending, rude and elitist to the point of being cruel. Keep an eye on him, he's becoming a rather large cyst on the balls of the forum.
  7. AJ... if I didn't tease you, it would mean you're not important to me. I only share that sort of energy with people who matter.
  8. I'm actually now keeping tighter tabs on the 'junk' posters- goldiehound, coastin', etc. as well as a few of the regulars out there- as they only want to gain size... And AJ.... Look up. You responded to a spambot. Tsk, Tsk. Tsk.
  9. Sorry bout that: I've been busy with other projects. A Wildcat adaptation will be coming up soon. R.D.
  10. Right- I generally don't permaban- unless it's a dupe user or something -really- heinous. I try to keep the 'user notes' updated as we go- but a thread will be started for keeping tabs on thing- just in case...
  11. Admittedly (And AJ is witness to this...) I'm not the best with Google... (Yes, AJ, you CAN make jokes here.) AFAIK, Jake is simply a 'aren't I great? Don't you think that I'm great? I think I'm great, do this for me because I'm great' type of teenager: Entitled up the wazoo- but worthy of none. I know I'm earning the title of most-hated MOD on the Games Forum- but as of late we're getting a whole new crop of whiny, entitled teens coming in. I have -no- problem being the bastard here with threads like his (And a few others...) What I've been doing as of late to 'control' these kids is this: They get a 'please read the rules' post first, then a PM, and then their thread gets locked. It has proven most efficient in taking care of the entitled tyeps. Just ask our friend Goldie...hehehehehe
  12. Yeah, Jake is on my shitlist, and has been for a while. He is one that is one -small- step from getting my size 9 steel-toed boot into his ass. I've already warned him about his posts, his grammar and his attitude, and personally if he took a nice time out I'd not complain at all. He wants the site to be like his other stomping grounds that are more loose, and not like TPR. Just my .02 this morning....
  13. Xtreme: Feel free to do it again. You still have four days to get a 'new' entry into the challenge. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  14. Yes, all rides MUST be operational: No trackitecture, no hacks, trainers or related. Since these parks are to be uploaded to the exchange for voting, we need to have all rides functioning and capable. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  15. Re: Schwarzkopf coaster: Two things - 1.) bank the fan curve after the first inversion- your riders will appreciate it; 2.) Extend the brake run quite a bit- it is WAY too short for a Schwarzkopf looping coaster.
  16. Any chance we can get this pushed out? So far only three entries... and I'd like to see a LOT more than that.
  17. OK: I officially hate you: That Vekoma Whirlwind is -priceless- and functional. NICE JOB!
  18. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK... Time is running out. All rides must be submitted into the exchange by the close of business, 4 JUNE 2012.
  19. Close of Business 4 June 2012. We will conduct the vote ourselves- as it's easier than setting up a voting thread and having six people vote for their friends' ride.
  20. I've never heard of Old Spice- but you might want to contact whatever that is for help.
  21. An Out & Back GCI with traditional hills... B&M making coasters with force again. Schwarzkopf coasters getting resurrected next season. 2013 is looking like it's going to be a blockbuster year all around.
  22. How horrific- and in so many ways. May G-D bring peace to their families.
  23. Bland, uninspired and rushed. Put more thought into the design, take your time, and be original. This looks like it was thrown together without process, thought or idea, and really doesn't have a lot of potential along the way. I'd go back and try it again, but refine your idea before trying a build.
  24. More pics, less chatter or no thread. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  25. AJ: We also need to consider that not everyone will be able to handle the simple act of downloading things, and placing them in the right places. Sometimes people will try to do it in their own way, the way they use, and it won't always work for them. I'm a firm believer in the term "User Error" or "R.T.F.M."
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