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  1. Closed forever. User made multiple accounts and created drama.....
  2. Worth flying in from the West Coast for... for the SECOND time. And what Robb said, too. This event should NOT be missed- ever. It is that good. It takes quite a bit to impress me, and I'll say that a day at SFoG is still on par with Disney. the B-E-E-RT is amazing, as are the fried pies. The park gives us everything- and goes over the top to do so. Last year's backstage tour was -phenomenal- in every possible way (And no, it's not solely because I got to get up-close & personal with a certain German there...) DSB is, to me, the DO NOT MISS event of the year. You will not be disappointed. R.D.
  3. Memo to me: Avoid GC after dark. Stay with known & proven wet-less rides. BTW: How are the ops mid-week from the 6-10th of August? Not that I'm coming out early to, um, 'pray religiously' at the shrine of Anton or anything...
  4. Please do not update your park for attention- ever. If you do not have pics to upload, do not post a "We have new rides coming" post. You will end up with your park suspended- or closed permanently. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  5. I suspect you are coming down with an advanced case of Schwarzkopf Syndrome, a nearly fatal disease if not cured with proper does of Vitamin Gz. Repeated doses of Vitamin Gz are required- depending on the situation.
  6. Suspended coasters aren't dead... they're just dormant for a while. It's time... time to shake, shake shake Senora. 2800 feet of twisted goodness.
  7. I nailed i305Kid after he made a stupid mistake in chat (Never admit to your screen names elsewhere...) What's weird is that his IP wasn't banned when I 'removed him' earlier. Could the boards have had amnesia?
  8. You do realize this could be the theme for a new slide or two: Tower slides into a splash pool? The Baby Drop! Really fast tube slide? Express Delivery, of course!
  9. Beautiful pics as usual, Hanno. These parks look like a hybrid of a cheesy carnival with hefty theming mixed in. (And only TWO pictures of the LoopingStar?????) R.D.
  10. Yes, Yes you should. Repeatedly. And shame on you if you miss this one.
  11. I feel like it's X-mas eve... and I'm going nuts here. SPILL Robb, SPILL!!!
  12. Chunky. The transitions aren't very fluid, especially around the first drop/return to elevation. Some of the on-course radii are too tight to negotiate smoothly or without undue forces. Refine the first drop, lower the starting elevation of the coaster and reprofile some of the direction changes, and you'll have a great design. The concept is there, the smoothness is not.
  13. Ahem: Please start adding pics to your threads. Thank you, R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  14. Is it any surprise that I've got my tickets here? And extra time planned in for some 'Anton Lovin'? Now if Southwest would stop messing with my plane ticket, I'd be happier. Look forward to seeing everybody at SFoG- and at DSB!
  15. Beautiful pics of OlympiaLooping. It's good to see them keeping up with the paint on her, as for the most part, the colours are perfectly matching, and show good care for one of His greatest works. R.D.
  16. Why would those non-Ska, non related bands be placed in a park about Ska? They have -no- links to Ska, and are at best faux punk bands. CJ: I'd refine the park concept a bit, as you need to encapuslate each era in Ska history: I'd do it more as that, rather than as theme areas based upon location: 60's: Jamaican Ska, the early movement to the UK, Spirit of 69. 70s: Punk roots blend with Ska; 2Tone Movement, early US Ska 80s: British Invasion/Ska arrives in the US, birth of the early reformists 90s: US Ska takes hold, rise of the FrankenSka movement 00's to present: Underground Ska is born, return of the roots. Remember it best as this: Roots, Boots & Suits- the three key tenets to Ska.
  17. That's fine. I did that one late last night- and he has been warned before not to double post.
  18. What a contradiction. I'm sure that's what he meant to say. Hell no. SFoG does NOT need one of those at all, Alex. The park is fine with NOT being like every other SixFlags in the country. Yes, they have similar rides... but realistically, SFoG is the -QUALITY- park of the chain.
  19. That's an excellent source of material- Microfilm of the NYT is an impressive sub-register to work with. A thought occurs to me, though: Have you considered diving into the Rye planning district's files? I'd be curious to see/find out if they kept the planning records for that far back- and if so, would they be able to produce something. R.D.
  20. You'll have to wait seven days before anything is revealed: No double posting rule has been violated multiple times, and the user has been warned previously: Park is suspended for seven days. R.D. Games Forum Management team
  21. I'd say go for it myself: I've been looking around, and it's becoming a commonplace habit for this particular forum: Other sites' bad habits are rubbing off on the members migrating here... and it's rather frustrating all over. I'd also say we might want to combine the PSAs for forum rules together, so we don't end up with 10,000 'Read this Firsts" up there.
  22. I'd strongly suggest using the B&M track system myself as well. The looping coaster track is great- but it needs a lot of finesse to get it to look right/smooth right in an actual build. There is an art to building coasters of that style- Schwarzkopf interpretations are difficult to get right, and since there's no 'steep up/steep down' type elements in the structure, you end up with mulitipoint/complex hills/drops- which doesn't look fluid in the end. R.D.
  23. How about pictures of stuff we've not seen yet: You're showing off pretty pics... of the exact same thing every time. (I.E. how about your next update featuring the new ride/show/attraction you're building... instead of the same things from different perspectives. Honestly, I can't tell too much of a difference from your first post to this recent one...) R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  24. Absolutely incredible. I've often wondered if I'd not lost my kits in a fire how big I'd have ended up building- and this would be a good start. The design is sumptuous, the layout flawless. This is something I'd hope a park would invest in for the future. R.D.
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