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  1. More Gerstlauer Infinity coasters for us Europeans...
  2. Have to visit this park next time in SF. Next year goes for NYC-Chicago-NYC but already have enough for an extra US trip an am still split for Georgia-Texas and Calif-Revisit...
  3. And what about lapbars that have only one anchor point at one side? Gerstlauer uses them for multiple rides.
  4. Modifications not by the manufacturer are always an accident to happen - more so if the company doing the modifications have no or little experience in working with amusement rides. The wear and tear on amusement rides is far heavier than even many engineers think. Also would be interesting which authority cleared this modification - if it was entered by Terra Mitica. As Anton said in the TV documentary:
  5. Agree that going with friends is far more fun - but as said before as I travel to visit foreign parks. And while friends are willing to do one park in a week with me they are not willing to visit 6 in a week. So like next year I will travel next year 3 weeks alone for parks and then meet up with friends for a week in New York. But normally a polite manner will help in either spotting and asking another single rider to team up - or even ask the ride attendant. And if you are nice and polite I guess most attendants are willing to let you wait top of the line until another single rider pops up and let you team up. Next to that its always smart to check out the ride sign to see ride regulations and then decide if you really need to ride. Like with Parque De Attraciones in Madrid the Tornado having 1,87 height limit - so did not queue for it. Of couse I was slightly disappointed but not as much as if I had queued for half an hour and then turned down. That is an example I do not understand as Dancers here run single riders and never heard there is a problem. But reading the ride entry sign and knowing it I would skip the ride as I can ride it here on carnivals alone. I mostly even ride them alone with friends as I am quite tall and fin it rather cramped with two persons - mostly putting one of my legs on the other side of the car. On German carnivals there are even riders half standing inside having the lapbar only over their knees - no problem with ride attendants.
  6. Great pics! Cannot wait to visit Cedar Point next year!
  7. That would at least be fair. On larger rides there is normally no problem here like a Frisbee, TopSpin or TopScan as these offer ample seats for single riders and large groups. And if you visit during the weekday most rides are happy to get every rider they can get - they nearly never get full and happily take single riders. I cannot remember an European flat that has restraints that will only work with two riders - but we also do not have those small flats by US manufacturers, a small flat here is a BreakDancer, Paratrooper, Shaker or Monster. There are some rides I only do with friends on local carnivals and parks like waterrides and ferris wheels as those are only fun with a group. Only made an exception for Spanish Shoot-The-Chute as it was hot - and those boats also have ample seating for single riders.
  8. Must be an American carnival thing. Never had any problems here in Germany. But American carnivals are only a shadow of ours...
  9. Our boys are home. Now on the way to the Berlin FanFest. All pictures Source: Twitter Looking good - Source: Twitter Shortly before Brandenburg Gate
  10. MTV still exists? Since its Pay-TV its dead here!
  11. Anyone knowing who made the Frisbee and TopSpin? Some aspects look like they are designed based on the HUSS design but other parts of the rides look like they are knock-offs...
  12. Nice to see this finally open. But some trees would be nice in the "USA Street" and "Western" areas to ease the Italian summer heat.
  13. Guess so as I am at 110kg - at 1,95 meters and 4 times gym a week most do not see me that heavy. And never had a problem on any Intamin coaster.
  14. This looks like being another cool thing to do in Orlando. Will the cars be lifted to the top empty - with riders having to board an elevator to the top - and board the cars upstairs?
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