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  1. Either read the first amendment of the United States Constitution, or go back to Pyongyang!
  2. It's time for a huge boycott against Chance "Nazi Germany/North Korea" Rides, Inc! The following rides are manufactured by Chance Rides and should be avoided by everyone; Zipper Aviator Carousel Century Wheel Giant Wheel Freestyle Pharaoh's Fury Revolution Alpine Bobs Yo-Yo Wipeout and Skydiver. I repeat, stay off everything manufactured by Chance Rides, Inc! Put Chance Rides out of business! Because of the tyranny at Chance Rides, even the insurance companies that sell carnival ride insurance are strictly forbidding all carnivals nationwide from allowing single riders on certain rides such as the Zipper. Give Chance Rides two options. Either get rid of "No Single Riders" or get rid of their rides. Stay off all of their rides until either single riders are allowed back on, or all American carnivals no longer set up anything manufactured by Chance Rides anymore.
  3. I have ridden solo on the Zipper countless times and have found it totally impossible to twist myself sideways, even on purpose. That lap bar that is attached to the door of the gondola is too tight a fit to allow anyone taller than about 3 and a half feet to turn sideways on the Zipper, even on purpose. Plus the inside shape of the gondola in relation to the position of the lap bar also makes it impossible for one to twist sideways, even on purpose. The manufacturer just wanted to make a russ to enforce total alienation of single adults, just as 9/11 was a suspected inside job, just to make a russ to usher in the New World Order.
  4. So according to you, people 18 years old or older have absolutely no right and no business going to carnivals at all!?
  5. If anyone was interested, by the way, the carnival company that operated that fair is Modern Midways.
  6. I tried to do exactly that on Friday, June 27th of this year at a carnival in Countryside, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) and nearly got arrested and thrown in jail for it. They had the Zipper at that carnival, I tried to go on alone, the operator would not even budge to let me on by myself, then I asked around if anyone was available to ride the Zipper with me, and they complained to the police. And not only did I not get a chance to ride one of my all time favorite carnival rides for the first time in almost 3 years, but I nearly end up spending the night, possibly even longer, in jail.
  7. Of all carnival policies, none is more alienating to single adults than "No Single Riders" policies. One of my all time favorite carnival rides is the Zipper. I have ridden single innumerable times on the Zipper and never had a single problem. But nowadays, practically every single carnival company, especially including Windy City Amusements, Modern Midways, and several others, carries literally a Zero Tolerance Policy for single riders! Literally, not only are our carnivals becoming boring, they are also more and more becoming restricted to couples and groups only, and being single is starting to mean pure, all out misery and boredom.
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