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  1. Probably Cú Chulainn at Tayto Park in March when it opens.
  2. I have Entomophobia, a fear of specific insects, badly. Spiders... They're just, ughhh. And flies, just, they are the spawns of Satan.
  3. Using 4 different airlines for my trip to San Francisco and Cancún next year. I'm using British Airways, Virgin Atlantic twice, Delta twice and Aer Lingus.
  4. I'm familiar with Reddit and I would love to see a TPR subreddit. And I think it would bring a lot more people here.
  5. So the final chapter of Five Nights At Freddy's got released yesterday, hopefully I'll be able to get it tomorrow. Looking at Let's play videos of it, it looks absolutely terrifying. The mechanics of the game are much different and unique, and by the looks of it the best FNAF game yet. (Spoilers ahead!)And the storyline is so good, how the child we play as is the victim of the Bite of '87 and how it was the Fredbear animatronic and the child's older brother and his friends who caused it. The storyline is so intriguing and emotional. A great finale for a great series.
  6. The two tunnels on Cú Chulainn, me and my friends didn't dare put our hands up.
  7. I'm pretty sure the flags are the county emblems of Ireland.
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