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  1. I asked an employee about the hands rule on the Disk 'O, and they said it was due to how the restraints operate on this particular (older) model. Once restraints are "locked" they will no longer open, but they can continue to ratchet forward while the ride is in motion. The hands-down rule is to help guests brace themselves against the back to prevent any unnecessary tightening of the restraint during the ride cycle. I highly doubt it would cause any injury, but I'm sure it could easily frighten a small child (or an adult ). Also, the operator I talked to was very happy and kind, so hope
  2. I am sure that was taken into consideration as well. I can say with relative certainty that the major concern was articles from the train. This may not be easily visible from the pictures, but the nets are constructed with a pocket that is intended to catch loose articles.
  3. Great report! Directly across from the first drop/overbanked turn is the new water play area, so there is an opportunity for loose articles to be projected into that area. Rather than place a net beneath that portion of the ride structure (which would alter the look of the area) Dollywood decided to place the netting on the ride itself.
  4. Gatlinburg is about as cheesy as it gets, but I just can't get enough. Pigeon Forge has opened some new mountain coasters as well, so be sure to check those out too!
  5. One thing I didn't notice from the original announcement is that Wild Adventures will now provide free Pre-K Season Passes to kids ages 3-5. Once parents apply for the pass it will give children free access for the rest of the 2018 season as well as the 2019 season. This is in addition to an announcement a month or so ago where Wild Adventures partnered with the local university to offer free passes to students that lived on campus, and reduced-price passes to those that commute. They will even rename Double-Shot/Firecracker (made famous in Zombieland) to Blazer Blastoff after the school's mas
  6. Alligator Alley - New for 2019! https://www.wildadventures.com/Explore-the-Park/Other-Attractions/Adventure-Area Looks like the new attraction for 2019 will be a 3-acre alligator-themed kids area. Six new rides will surround an interactive gator pond, where you can feed, walk over, and interact with baby and adult alligators. The park will also introduce two new educational experiences - a 'gator nursery' to showcase the park's baby alligators, as well as a show called "Gator!" coined as an 'edutainment' show. The centerpiece of the new area will house the alligator habitat,
  7. Photo TR - Saturday, July 30th, 2016 Ever since I was a kid on TPR I wanted to do a photo TR of my now old home park, Wild Adventures. Sadly, life got in the way, and I grew older and moved further away, but I always remembered how much this site and park both meant to me as a a young coaster enthusiast. Fast forward about 11 years, and by golly the stars aligned! This weekend I happened to be visiting family, and a friend shared a news article about Wild Adventures offering free tickets to educators through Monday. Since I never intended on visiting the park, I did not have my camera with
  8. Heading to SFDK tomorrow - is there anything non-roller coaster wise that's a must do? We're planning on spending the entire time in the park, so we're also looking for a good place to eat!
  9. Harley Quinn did not replace the remote controlled monster trucks, but it is located in Mindbender's turn into the brake run. It fits snuggly between the turn, Batman's merch store, and Batman's existing exit. The monster trucks are still there, and SFOG had the working too. You are correct about the Joker - once you come in to Gotham, you'll see it on your right directly across from Crime Wave.
  10. That makes much more sense. The ride-op was still saying the ride was 240, but I was under the impression, like you said, that it wasn't quite that tall. Thank you!
  11. The Joker Chaos Coaster Media Day and Photo TR It’s epic. It’s chaotic. It’s devious. And, it’s waiting for you and 23 other riders! It’s the all-new THE JOKER Chaos Coaster. Experience the insanity of facing off against one another and rocking back and forth through seven stories of looping mayhem. It may seem like the madness is slowing down, but you are about to be thrown for a loop, upside down, 72 feet in the air. And, it’s not over yet. Get ready to be sent in the opposite direction for even more looping havoc. If twists and turns are more to your liking, get ready for a thrill b
  12. This is one of those coasters that's just plain gorgeous. Dive Coasters have never really tickled my fancy, but I think I could watch this one all day.
  13. From the air the park looks so compact. Does it feel crowded from the ground? Are there height restrictions for construction? Forgive my limited knowledge of the park. Like many people, Taron has slipped under my radar, and I'm trying to get caught back up again.
  14. You know, I definitely wasn't expecting this type of ride (or should I say any new ride for 2015), but I'm quite pleased. It's a perfect fit for their current line up family/flat rides, and I'm sure it will go over well with the general public. I'm very satisfied with what Herschend Family Entertainment has done with Wild Adventures. The capital improvements have really changed the look and feel of the entire experience at the park. New paint, restaurants and landscaping have really gone a long way. It's been nice to see a company take their time, and really work to change it from the insi
  15. It has always interested me how TPR draws people from all walks of life. People from different states, countries, and continents, with different languages, backgrounds, and beliefs all find a common ground in enjoying the amusement industry. None of us live the same life, yet we are all united by our part-time obsession. That being said, I have always wondered what types of jobs my fellow enthusiasts have. Even though I'm sure we would all like to, very few of us can make a living off of loving theme parks, water parks and roller coasters. Sure, you visit parks as often as you can, but yo
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