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  1. Doing a 2023 Season Update on this, primarily for myself: (Prices 2001, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 via Wayback Machine); Inflation is $1 in 2001 = $1.70 today. Phoenix: $1.50 $2, $2, $2.50, $3, $3, $3.50, $4, $4.50 Flyers: $0.80, $1, $1.20, $1.50, $1.75, $2.50, $2.50, $3, $3.50 Carousel: $0.70 $0.80 $0.90, $1, $1.50, $1.75, $2, $2.50, $2.50 Red Baron: $0.60, $0.70 $0.80, $1, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2, $2 Adult Wristband w/ Coasters: (not available yet for 2023), $31, $37, $39.50, $47, $50, $53, $55 Other notes- Black Diamond is $4, Phoenix, Twister, Impulse, Flying Turns- $4.50, Haunted Mansion increased from $2.50 to $3 to $3.50 in the last two years. All flats are $2.50-3.50 now, Skyway remains $5 Kiddie rides are $2 (Kozmo's Kurves = $3.00) Campground rates went up from like $56/58 to $62/66 to $65/70 the last two seasons as well which seems pretty steep. Prices increased again, of course. Which is to be expected. Coasters all went up 50 cents, many flats did as well. I would say about half or a bit more of the rides went up by 50 cents. This represents a roughly 10% increase on everything in one year. If you are a family of four and you ride with tickets for a day and rode 15 rides each, that is $15-20 more than last year, probably. It seems like they're pretty clearly trying to push people toward wristbands more and more. Which sucks. I know labor and other costs are up, but these hikes seem more dramatic than warranted at face value and far exceed the increases in years past. I’m expecting wristbands will be $55 or $60 during peak summer when they do release those, early season is cheaper due to shorter hours.
  2. ^Very very helpful information. Won't count on being able to hop in line for things before park close. That's definitely an element of the Tokyo Disney parks that is unfortunate compared to the U.S. parks where you can just get in line 5 minutes before close and extend your day a bit. That, coupled with seemingly earlier close (9:00 PM) might make it difficult to get too, too much done. But we will keep our eyes peeled on how the parks are operating closer to our visit.
  3. Hey, thanks! I think we've opted to do a Full Day at Tokyo DisneySea and try to squeeze in just a half day (evening) at Tokyo Disneyland. Plan to just hit up a few of the favorites. If we can somehow still get premier pass for Beauty and Beast, great. If not, may not work out. Just a whole lot of non-amusement park related things to do this time. So, doing my best to strike a balance!
  4. Hoping to visit the parks on 8/30 and 8/31. Just trying to figure out when school vacation typically ends to figure out if I should push the visit to the next week! Will plan to get Premier Access for many of the rides if lines seem to warrant it... since we only have a day at each park, we will want to make the most of it.
  5. What a lovely park. It's only been a handful of months since my visit and I look back so fondly!
  6. A few other things: You can get ticket books from Weiss Market for $17 ($20 at park). It's tricky because you don't want to have extra tickets, but maybe $40 worth to start would be sufficient. Phoenix is really great in third row IMO! I think it is better than in the front in some ways. Must rides for me beyond coasters: Black Diamond, Haunted Mansion, Flyers, Bumper Cars, Carousel, Skyride (can skip but is a really nice ride), Log Flume (also can skip but a really solid flume), Pioneer Train (super pleasant), Drop Tower is great, Antique Cars and Motor Boats are also well done but maybe not critical. Try to have some unique food options. You can go to International Food Court in the morning and get your breakfast and then be armed with your tickets and line up for Flying Turns before park open to knock it out. I don't know if Impulse has been running a single rider line or not. If so, I would do Flying Turns first, for sure. Have a great time!
  7. Hahahah, I personally like Kentucky Kingdom a lot, too. It may have been obvious in years past but KK has definitely added some coasters. Both are fun parks, just Holiday World is more my speed.
  8. Reading some really great things about The Beast. This is one of the rides that has contributed to my love of roller coasters the most. I am not sure yet if it'll work out for us to make a trip to Kings Island this year. I'm really hoping so. Looking forward to hearing folks thoughts on how it is running!
  9. Holiday World is obviously the superior park. We only spent 3 or so hours at the park on a weekend last year and got on everything we wanted, including the drop tower and coasters. It is definitely doable.
  10. Great report! Seems like a pretty well done iteration of the food and drinking event. Will make it back soon enough for Pantheon.
  11. Hello! We are thinking of visiting the park on June 1st (Wednesday). Have a few questions: 1. We move fast, but would like to hit most all of the interesting park attractions (can skip many of the flats probably). Would a second day (or half day) be appropriate? 2. Can anyone share thoughts on the Hotel Charles Lindbergh? Some logistical questions on the hotel itself: -Are dinner and breakfast served outside of park hours so that we can enjoy them and not take from our park time? -Same goes with the bar... is the bar open after park close? -I assume you are allowed to exit the hotel into the park starting at 9:00 AM? Does this offer an advantage for getting on rides before other park guests (I know rides won't open until 10)? -Any other details, etc. on why we should / shouldn't stay there, I would appreciate. Seems like a good value all things considered 400 euro). 3. Tips for otherwise accomplishing the park? 4. The quick pass... "The pass entitles the holder to 2x faster access as a single person or 1x faster access in pairs (with accompanying person)." Can someone explain what this means? 10 euro for lesser rides and 20 euro for Taron and Black Mamba.
  12. Great report. Certainly looking forward to eventually returning to BGT. Train was closed when I was there as well, so some new things to experience.
  13. I've always been disappointed that they've taken such a complacent approach with World Showcase. Still a good bit of real estate to work with back there to squeeze in a few more countries. With attendance rising across all parks, it seems totally necessary. I know they've expanded some existing pavilions but still.
  14. Really thrilled to only have to go two years without a Bayern Kurve in my life. Truly an awesome addition.
  15. I really think if they scrapped the rooms and sold this at $300/person for four hour dinner party experience I’d consider it. Or even $500/person but include Hollywood Studios ticket, the lightning lane passes and lunch. That to me would be the better move.
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