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  1. I am shocked that I haven’t been to Hershey since TPR New Hotness 2012, despite living 4 hours away. Really need to revisit Skyrush, among other things. I know I liked it but am always floored by its ranking.
  2. Pleased to see my love of Pyrenees isn't out of nowhere. Just behind Nemesis for #1 invert. Was without a doubt my favorite coaster in Japan and SO grateful we managed to sneak a few rides in on a rainy, rainy day. I would return to that park before returning to Fuji-Q (probably not before Nagashima, though... need to get on Hakugei).
  3. The tough thing is if someone comes in with a higher bid with the intentions of building condos or something else, that is what would happen. I don't feel super confident in the end game for this, but let's wait and see.
  4. I liked the pottery shop... that's a bummer, really. I've actually grabbed a few things from there.
  5. How can Kennywood justify closing FOUR rides (two great, one alright, one meh) and Lake Compounce gets away losing just one meh one? I know Kennywood has more to begin with, but still.
  6. I mean, Kenny the Kangaroo is like... a mascot for the park? I totally understand Volcano being removed. Kangaroo and Paratrooper are directly adjacent. Bayern Kurve is on the perimeter and just sort of plopped down on the asphalt, so it will certainly be an eye sore but not going to require much in the way of extra work after removal. Clearly they're flailing from a financial standpoint, because to remove four rides in one year with no immediate replacements for any seems awfully stupid. Four empty parcels in the park? I am so very sad to see my home park continue down this path. It
  7. I would recommend reading some other folks thoughts on here as well as on trip advisor. Especially of recent, because crowds seem to have ticked up. Also you need to make a reservation, they’ve been filling up most days.
  8. Similar topic, but out of sheer curiosity looked into Dollywood one day ticket and season pass prices since 2005 via Wayback Machine, inclusive of tax. I think they're a pretty affordable park overall. 2005: $43.50/$72 2008: $50.20/$83 2012: $60.60/$96.50 2016: $73/$122.35 2020: $88.70/$150.4 Price increases seem to be relatively consistent from 2005-2021. 2005-2012, prices went up 40% on tickets and 35% on season passes. Over a similar period from 2012-2021, we have increased 45% on tickets and 55% on season passes. Considerable investments have been made in the
  9. Robb, I just downloaded photos from my Google Photos to my desktop of my laptop and uploaded from there (that's been my practice normally as my phone doesn't have much storage so I don' keep them on there). When I open the photos from my desktop, they all appear to be the correct orientation, but then they upload and some are not.
  10. For whatever reason, when I choose and upload files, some of them end up arriving incorrectly oriented. Is there a way to rotate photos when writing up a report?
  11. Bert, I have a very, very similar Chocolate Crunch tin. It is my favorite souvenir of the trip and was super affordable. Best believe I would be grabbing some more when I return.
  12. Love to see some Nagashima. I really enjoyed our day here. I know there were folks that preferred Fuji Q, but I think Nagashima has a more well-rounded complete lineup. I'm glad everything was open here for me except the Jet Coaster. Thought this park had a nice selection of flats and transport type rides. Plus the bobkarts were a blast!
  13. I’m thinking maybe I’ll actually upload some Photo TR’s with the much easier tools... it absolutely was a bit tedious and frustrating before. Thanks again!
  14. Knoebels is absolutely one of my favorite places to visit. And it would take a lot for me to be steered away from returning (ie- ripping down Phoenix, and Twister, replacing the bumper cars with standard ones, and getting rid of all the tasty treats). I think it is an interesting thing to look at and dissect, is all. I am really a numbers guy. There's no doubt that the value of parents being able to go in and ride just a few rides is immense and can offer huge savings over most parks that require an admission. The main reason for bringing them up is moreso to just point out that I *think*
  15. I hope not! But would understand if so. My question is a simple one. Once on the Forum, is there a way to return to the home page of the site (ie- themeparkreview.com)? When I press home once on the forum or the big icon at the top, I just get sent to the forum home page. Otherwise, I am pretty happy with how everything looks so far! Thank you.
  16. Two things: The thought is that they’re bringing a Bayern Curve for this time of year? Or as a new permanent ride? Also, looks like some rides saw pretty steep increases again. I’m wondering if they’re changed just for the fall or...? Because they just seemed to have increased. Thrill flats are all $2.25-2.50, haunted mansion is up to $3, etc. E.G. flyers were $1.75 last year or two years ago so $2.50 is significant imo. I know I’ve said this before but clearly if they continue at this pace for too long, I think it’s going to be start becoming cost prohibitive for some families.
  17. Love the idea of working from the Ferris Wheel. It’s a pretty clever idea, certainly gimmicky but yeah. I’m pretty sure this park will be on the list of parks to visit when I return to Japan. Don’t plan to go to too many parks. Maybe one or two outside Tokyo Disney.
  18. Has anyone been to the park during Harvest Fest? Seems like they’ve hit capacity multiple weekdays already. It seems awfully surprising given reports of low, low crowds during the summer. Guess fall break and it being a popular event?
  19. -I would say Mega Vortex will likely stick around. You’re not wrong, it’s never hugely busy but it’s not too, too old. -A set of Flyers would be a nice addition. -Ravine Flyer will stay as is for a while, for sure. -Anything they can do to continue to improve the water parks capacity will certainly be good. It’s clearly a huge draw. Welcome to the Forum and thanks for the well thought out post. Was a good read!
  20. Living vicariously through your TR. A year without Knoebels is a sad year for me. But, I'll have my site for PPP moved to next year, at least. Missing the food!
  21. Hello all! We have Dollywood Season Passes and are *thinking* of visiting. Likely would be during Harvest Fest at this point. Either 9/30 and 10/5 or 10/7 and 10/12 (ie- first or second weeks of the fest). Ideally, we would enjoy the following: -Strolling through the park, seeing a few shows, getting cinnamon bread and as a bonus, if the lines drop to 5 min, riding LR, Thunderhead, and Wild Eagle, plus maybe the train. We wouldn't consider our visit a failure if the rides part doesn't work out due to us feeling uncomfy in lines (no harm, no foul). We would be going on a Wednesday eveni
  22. We have gone the last few years because we enjoy getting a bunch of rides on Phoenix that night and you get some free food with the festivities. It's also just because we enjoy the craft festival and the haunted overlays. So, if we are going to go that time of year, we miles well go that weekend. Seems like they'll push my reservation back a year if I want, so I'll probably opt to go that route.
  23. Kennywood is definitely hurting hard for guests Tickets are all the way down at $23. That is cheaper than *discount* night rider tickets usually are during Fall Fantasy Parades. I know not everything is open. But they've been steadily dropping prices from $32. I won't be visiting this year. But I feel for them and am bummed the Jack Rabbit's 100th anniversary cannot be properly celebrated.
  24. Certainly bizarre park. Really bizarre assortment of coasters. Some day in the distant future, maybe I will visit to see if they've figured it out.
  25. I bought one tin of the Chocolate Crunch. The Royal Milk Tea one. I love love love the tins and thought it was just about the best souvenir you could get (they were reasonably priced, if I remember)!
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