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  1. Ok, now THIS is going to be awesome! It's really stacked Festa as the best parts of the park now too! Plus, having AC, Tempesto, and Pantheon so close should help diffuse the crowds and make wait times all around slightly shorter! I also LOVE that it goes down to the Rhine River, adding to the collection of coasters that do so! I well timed train ride could potentially give you FIVE coaster trains syncing up at once!!! That's nuts!!! I will be interested to see how the entry pavilion interacts with the service road. The leaked plans made that area a little dubious, but I'm positive Busch w
  2. As someone who considers airtime the most important part of a coaster, and who loves cutback/overbank turns, I've been excited to ride this one for a while. This endorsement is making me excited for my fall trip to KD even more!!!
  3. Lol oh my! I waited 2 days before posting and clearly now that I'm not in VA Im even more behind the times >< I'll leave my old post as is because you should never deny others a laugh even if it's at your expense
  4. Just a quick "unoffical" update on Pompeii from a friend who works in the park now that the dust has settled so to speak. It sounds like as of now the word is that the special effects system had nothing to do with the fire. Apparently JCC fire was able to get six trucks in very quickly and, as others have already pointed out, it was extinguished quickly and minor damage was the whole result. It's very likely the ride will reopen this season, but it's going to be slow going because they will need JCC to inspect both the building and the ride, before and after repairs are done. For this reason a
  5. This is by far the stupidest thing I've seen a park do. I only ever road it when it was Dueling Dragons, and was lucky to get many rides in on both trains (2003). I consistently put both sides in my favorites list. The theming was amazing (I know it's gone now, that was also a dumb move), and it was a rare ride that was just as fun to watch all day as it was to ride. What a dumb fucking move closing this down is. They took out the queue (dumb), they stopped the duel (dumb), and now they're closing it. I've been mad at coaster closing before, but this is bogus. Also, am I wrong, or is t
  6. ^ That's actually pretty common. I remember seeing "air time" advertised for both Apollo's Chariot and Nitro when they were new. Marketing people love looking for any angle at all to make the newest ride even more special.
  7. I miss these days! Back when the PLC was basically non-existent, the loading gates WERE non existent, and you used a hand crank to let the train in and out of the station! I remember I used to get so excited on LNM at BGW when they'd over-shoot the station and the whole train got to go for a second ride! Hell, even up through the 90s you could crank arrows out with a train leaving the station the moment the first one left the lift. I have some old footage of even Alpengeist somewhere with a train leaving the station the moment the first one is off the lift from 1997. I think early 200
  8. Clearly must only be decorative, because not only are there aircraft hazard lights on BGW attractions (for obvious reasons), but a coaster without lift lights would be super unsafe during a night evac!
  9. Before the all-but-official RMC conversion of GC, I was thinking 2018 could have been repainting GS and a floorless conversion, a la Mantis/Rougarou at Cedar Point... an opportunity for marketing a "new" ride, and high exposure up front, too. Granted, I'd guess it's not a cheap conversion, but surely they are aware load/unload on our GS is the worst one of all the stand ups. (That's for real.) The ride is so good! It just needs some attention, just like Ninja/Blue Hawk did. Under-rated, IMO. Fresh paint, two floorless trains, loading station re-do... boom I don't want them to conve
  10. Holy shit that looks amazing. Some very interesting and intense looking elements on that, which is par for the course for RMC, but with the added height, MCBR, and twisted insanity, there's no way this won't be the best RMC to date, and probably the new best coaster in the park! I bet the line will only be 4-6 hours opening year too!
  11. Been well over a decade since I stopped working there, but even back then Apollo needed 2 clicks and a clearly visible red line to go. It was possible to see the red line a bit and have it locked but the computer would say it wasn't locked. There's also that awkward spot where the pressure against the lock from a larger guest gets the restraint "stuck" where it lacks that wiggle room to unlock, and you hear a huge "thunk" when the air finally manages to pop the harness open, which makes an awkward situation worse since if everyone wasn't looking at that part of the station before, they are now
  12. It's always possible, but that plot actually isn't as big as you might think riding by on the train. It's something like 5 1/2 acres total, and some of that site got eaten up by verbolten and the black forest. When you look at the plot on google maps and compare it to even "small" countries like Ireland, you get perspective on just how tiny that old plot really is compared to the park at large. With that said, NO ONE has managed to impress me more with putting things "where they shouldn't fit" than BGW. IF they decided to build a new country without revamping an old one (the way Hastings b
  13. If more than one day is an option, I recommend it. The park is easily doable in one day, but there's other cool stuff to do in the area too. If history is at all interesting to you, the historic triangle has a lot to offer, and it's all confined enough to go into BGW for a few hours on more than one day, while also seeing some other things in the area.
  14. ^ Could go either way. Mon/Tues are typically "low" attendance days, but august is august. Those are certainly the best days of the week to assume lower attendance. BGW is weird though. Sometimes you go on a weekend and can walk right onto coasters. Sometimes you go on a weekday and are waiting an hour. With that said, outside of Hallowscream and major holidays, wait times are rarely more than an hour for any ride, and you're far more likely than not to see wait times of 5-15 on most coasters, with Tempesto being the only one to have a somewhat longer line (though still usually short). On
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