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  1. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] This Wednesday just gone the Thompson family kindly invited the press and media to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the launch of their new £16.5 million double launched roller coaster Icon! I want to start of and just say this is without a doubt the best media event I have ever been too in all the years I've been dong this. It was phenomenally well organised, we were all looked after to the highest standard and given all the information you could possibly need. I genuinely can't fault the park in any way for this event and think they should be just as proud of how
  2. On Friday Theme Park Review were lucky enough to have been invited to the Press Launch for Alton Towers latest addition the "Wicker Man". Wicker Man is Alton Towers brand new GCI woodie and is situated on the site of the parks old Log Flume. The ride itself is everything you have come to expect from GCI over the years and its expertly complimented by some high quality theming and special effects. As you arrive near the ride you are immersed into the world of the Beornen who have decided that you are to become a "chosen one" who shall be sacrificed too the great Wicker Man. The Wicker M
  3. With the season getting ever closer I managed to squeeze in another quick trip to Fantasy Island to see what progress has been made since I was last there. It seems the Fantasy Mouse has returned after its trip to London over the winter! Im sure it won't be long before the ride is fully built again. It also seems that one of the 2 new rides for this year has arrived and is replacing Amazing Confusion! As the sun sets a new era for Fantasy Island begins! In the saddest news I can possibly ever report McDonalds has left Fantasy Island completely after shutting down early last season
  4. Thorpe Park today announced that 2018 will be "The Year of The Walking Dead" at the park. With multiple experiences happening through out the year it seems the Walking Dead have truly invaded the island! The headliner to be announced is rumoured to be a re themed version of X. What are your thoughts of the park getting yet another IP, comment below and let us know!
  5. No it was next to what used to be McDonalds many years ago/ by the first turn of Rhombus. It was there along with Beast having been relocated next to it.
  6. [quote name="Nrthwnd" By the way' date=' what is Psycho? A walk-through/funhouse or a dark ride? Its walkthrough/fun house/scare attraction combo. I thought it was only put there for "Fear Island" to replace the Crazy Mouse which went to Winter Wonderland. I assume Crazy Mouse will come back soon enough as its one of the parks most popular rides from what I can see. To be fair ive never seen the ride busy and it did take up an awkward space in the park. Im sure the park has plans for the space in the future as they do seem to be continually investing. I personally would like to
  7. With all the big news happening in the UK recently its easy to forget that other parks are steaming along with their own winter programs of maintenance and TLC. Such a park is Fantasy Island. This closed season has seen the removal of G-Force and the repaint of Millennium. Today I took a quick trip down the road to the park and took a look at what has been going on for myself. "Welcome to Fantasy Island!" Time to take a look at the new life the owners are continuing to bring to Fantasy Island. This will look very different soon enough. The last big section of the ride that needs
  8. PAULTONS PARK ANNOUNCES BIG PEPPA PIG WORLD EXPANSION The world’s first Peppa Pig theme park attraction, Peppa Pig World, is getting bigger and better as Paultons Park announces plans for a significant extension with fun new rides and facilities. Fans of the Entertainment One’s (eOne) hit TV series will be snorting with delight when the two new rides, The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride and Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club, are unveiled to the public on Wednesday May 16, 2018. The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride will take families on a tour around the newly extended part of Peppa Pig World in individu
  9. Galactica which uses the pouches works like this. -Train returns with guest on and seats come down -Restraints stay locked as multiple staff go round wiping headsets and placing them in pouches -Restrains unlock and guest leave -New guest boards and lower restraints. Headsets must stay in bag -Restraints lock and attendants come round to check them, pick up your headsets, wipe it then give it to you. -Guests fuck about with headsets then staff activate them. -After easily 8-10 mins the ride is ready to be sent. This all in all requires 8 attendants on each staton minimum. It's
  10. I dont think it could have been said any better than this. I am surprised its taken a park so long to buy one of these after Falcons Fury. This now gives me another awesome thing to ride due to me and Insane not getting on very well!
  11. Okay time to throw my hat in the ring about this investment. Im going to cut straight to the point and say I'm more interested in what toilet paper I will buy next than this. Merlin have done nothing but deliver lack lustre investments and lazy attempts at re theming IN MY OPINION over the last few years so I have no reason to think this will be any different what so ever. I have never been of the belief that Alton needed a woodie and I stand by that even now. Don't get me wrong I love woodies but this does nothing for me. Hell I mean they may prove me wrong and this may be a kick arse ri
  12. Recently Theme Park Review were invited to the preview event for the brand new "Lost Kingdom". Im going to be honest before I start that I love to visit Paultons Park whenever I can. To me it is one of, if not the nicest and most relaxing parks in the country, so this land had a lot to live up to in my eyes. I can safely say that it most certainly did that. For those of you who don't know "Lost Kingdom" is the brand new land opening at Paultons Park that transports guests back to the Jurassic era featuring 2 brand new roller coasters. This investment is the single biggest in the park
  13. Other than the terrifying giant rubber duck I look forward to seeing what Europa can do with theming a water park.
  14. It does amaze me how many people are desperate for an opening date. I would happily wait until next year if it ensured the ride was completed correctly and to a high standard. Yes I understand they did say an opening time and the ride was delayed but that happens with most construction projects in all walks of life. Even with the ride closed at least they have opened the shop which has some pretty cool stuff such as this Derren Brown Fortune Teller! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
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