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  1. Gotcha- I'll work on that now. The only ride that might fall into that category is the Submarine ride, but I'll do a complete list and go from there. R.D.
  2. From the sources I've culled, BMR-X/Knightmare wasn't owned by Camelot, but rather is owned by an outside owner, and leased by Camelot. The ride recieved a major refurbishment before installation, and still is a low-time model of the BHS/Zierer series overall. I would strongly suspect that Gerstlauer would be interested this ride if not owned by an outside owner. I'm sad to hear the park close, but I hope for a good future for BMR-X. It is a great ride, with some really nifty forces, and preservation should be key. R.D. Praise be to Anton, Amen.
  3. It shouldn't at all- I thought I'd flushed out all the WW/TT rides during construction of the scenario from the ground up (I try to be -very- cautious for that.) Let me know what you find- and if you see something that needs extraction, let me know. I'll be able to get a patched version up tomorrow afternoon/evening with the fix in it. R.D.
  4. I don't know any "Small" Park that is 140 Acres, has 9 Roller Coasters, and has spent over 65 Million Dollars on new rides since 1991. Kennywood would be a better comparison than Silverwood to Lagoon. Lagoonisfun.com has been receiving information on this 2014 roller coaster since around 2010. Here is the info we have been able to put together.... 2014 Lagoon Roller Coaster: Will be designed by Lagoon's Vice President of Engineering, Dal Freeman. Lagoon will contract out the Track and Upright Manufacturing to Intermountain Lift, Inc. The ride will be just over 200ft Tall. The ride will have at least 1 inversion. We have also heard Lagoon will be installing one or two small family rides for 2013 before opening the new roller coaster in 2014. Since a "Frisbee" type ride has been on Lagoon's radar since 2004, I would imagine that's still an option after 2014. - Sid The same Dal Freeman who was at Arrow Dynamics during the Pipeline debacle????
  5. Again, and I won't repeat this message: A person- any person- may name their own created element WHATEVER AND HOWEVER THEY WANT TO. No person owns the names of their elements- end of story. If you don't like it, suck it up and deal with it. He can call it A swan's neck tortise shell Sit N' spin for all that it matters. You don't own that name, and for that matter nobody else does. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  6. Such an ego! And besides... I'm quite sure many of our other players will shame you into endless submission. If you think you can do better, post up pics of what you're building... Or leave the ego off the page. R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  7. I've been in contact with Cliff's over this since the announcement. At this time, 2013 isn't the year for the rebirth. From what the PR team has told me, it will be 2014 at the earliest before it is rebuilt at Cliffs. R.D. Praise be to Anton, Amen.
  8. Please, no backseat moderating. Your moderators really DO know what we're doing here! R.D. Games Forum Moderating Team
  9. LOL- as a matter of fact, it does- at the top of the camelback before the sidewinder. Then it's brutality from there on out! We're talking a real chunder-maker. I expect there to be some groaning over the explosive rides, but hey, they should know how to deal with them by now. I was going to list the ParkDat for the Wing Rider coaster along with the scenario itself to prevent problems along the way. Hopefully this will reduce complaints. (I know, I live in a dream world...)
  10. The new game will go live this evening/tomorrow morning. "Wonder World" is a scenario based around renovating/refitting a park from Halloween to 'new' themes. It is the first time we've done a scenery-based contest, but it is also about dealing with limited resources for rides, etc. First, and this does NOT leave this forum for any reason: There are several 'time bombs' built into the game. The first of which detonates about 25 seconds after the scenario is opened. The second about 90 seconds later. Let's just say that pranksters have fouled up the works of Wonder World, and that several attractions are pre-programmed to explode. There is no way to stop them, either. They will fire off automatically in what I consider to be the single best effects I've ever done in a scenario. Second: The park is in a run-down state; the 'operators' of the park knew that it was temporary, and CPM bought it as such. The park itself is trashed, long lines & even better: Crap coasters. I've pulled from the -very- bottom of the bad ride barrel for this park. Rides such as the Golden Horse SLC, the Meisho Shuttle Loop & the Chinese Knock-off corkscrew are used here. Seriously, this one is my Masterpiece for RCT II scenarios, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to top this one. Judging will be based upon who renovates the park correctly, removing the halloween overlays & displays, and who figures out how to use the land, scenery & space to the best advantage. The parks' goal is 10K in revenue per month- and with five coasters to begin with, that should not be difficult at all. The ParkRider Wing coaster add-on DAT is required for this game. Everything else is straight-up based on the game itself, and is basic. C.P.M. will also be running a photo contest in the same thread. People can win a prize based upon the photos they post up- Hopefully this will boost posting on the thread itself. R.D.
  11. This is getting better by the day- and the results promise to be impressive. Those changes you are making lend to accuracy on a scale not seen in quite a while. R.D.
  12. Interesting- but I'd dump the tilt on the MCBR- you'd be dumping your riders out during an Estop. R.D.
  13. This is looking quite well. HaVing ridden Speed many times, it was/is a great ride, and I'm hoping it's resurrection on the south end of the strip will compare. Can't wait to see the finished results. R.D.
  14. I've still got a handful of stuff here, and I'm happy to get it out, it will be less to move in the end of the day. It is also going to LA, so the cost will be a lot cheaper overall from A to B. I am thinking that once I get everything up and running again of doing an RCT II contest around cleaning up a Halloween mess; I will need help with that one in running it, as after 16 November, I go into high-gear for about four weeks with travel & work. I'd be happy to set it up, but we'll go from there once it's out.
  15. Thanks, AJ- I appreciate the help. I"m in the middle of migrating to a new computer setup, which has brought some security hurdles from hades, and using a temporary setup to do things with. I apologize for the delays here- my fault entirely- and can process things out in smaller increments until I get the rest of the setup figured out- sooner rather than later. For the time being, I'll be working on a temporary hookup (i.e. some web accessibility, but limited access to my own files). I'm hoping to be completely changed onto the new system by the end of the week, and have access to all of my stuff again. Again, I apologize for my drop-off there. R.D.
  16. Re: Schwarzkopf coaster design. People tend to think that the 'box beam' look was common- which it was not. Only two Schwarzkopf coasters used the box-beam structuring system, and no retrofits were created. Secondly, and this is where I have to raise a realism/authenticity statement: You don't have to retrack a steel coaster. It's a bit over-done, and in the end, you'd be better off having stuck to keeping the track- and simply repainting it. Overlaying more Schwarzkopf track simply removes the element of realism in a park, and in a lot of ways doesn't quite 'work' with the idea. R.D. Schwarzkopf High Priest
  17. Two entries... and a lot of complaining about the challenge. I don't think even if we do extend it that we're going to see any more. People didn't like the "I can't make this the pretty building & scenery tycoon' challenge concept, so I'm about ready to call it COD- DOA. I've already got a follow up contest on the heels of this one in RCT II; same basic concept. Do as they ask, give them what they want, and they'll still piss all over it.
  18. I dunno... now if it were a Schwarzkopf Loopingracer with that view, it might be the best in the world... but I'll call it great for what it is. R.D. Praise be to Anton, Amen.
  19. A very interesting TR of this new Movie Theater Screen. I still can't wait till they hang that up and start showing movies on it!
  20. Needs more photos. No, really. You need to add more photos, please. (Two to start a thread, and one shot afterwards = Not enough.) R.D. Games Forum Management Team
  21. AJ & Matt: I love the new format- it will in a lot of ways make it easier for people to see what others are playing. Hopefully this will keep the single photo updates down to an absolute minimum. The rules update works nicely as well. Re: The current challenge. While in chat, Netdvn decided to tell another member this: (16:46:32) netdvn: Just forget the contest (16:46:42) netdvn: If enough people can't play it, they'll change up the rules Netdvn has been a thorn in the games side now for a while, and I'm frustrated with his response. Should I suspend him, ban him, or forget the whole thing? R.D.
  22. Simply spectacular, and in so many ways. Originality like this design is why NL was created, and shows how with some 'outside the box' thinking a truly stunning ride can be created. You have a real winner on this one, and it shows from beginning to end. R.D.
  23. 1.) If you have to ask the question, I'd say "NO" to it, as you're over-thinking the process a wee bit too much. Remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE & STUPID. 2.) Do what you need to, and refer to rule #1. 3.) No. Recall Rule #1 of the challenge for that one.
  24. My thoughts on it are this: I spoke to coupon via message about it, and I mentioned the rules: One or two, Preview thread, Three or more, workthread/existing thread. However, if we open the door to letting people do one shot at a time, I have a real problem to this: We end up with lots of "this is my XXXX project, comments please" to bump it up. It will become a disease that spreads like wildfire, and that we won't regain control of in the end. In some cases, the warnings are necessary- but I also like to keep things in balance all over. It has to be that way or we will end up with this: "Well, so & so did it, so why can't I???? You're being unfair!" I don't want to deal with that myself- so I apply the rule consistently & fairly. It makes sense to use the Preview thread for single/double shots, and everything else in workthreads/theme threads. Coupon filled in his shots with two that he'd repeated from earlier updates. That's just not cool. If you don't have enough for a full update, that's fine. I understand that. Send the shots into the preview thread till you do, then when you have enough, put the pictures in your own thread, with details, etc. Bumping a thread with one shot? I don't want to see what would happen with a few of the OCD members if that starts. Workthreads are governed by the same rules as the regular forum posts, and I think we need to keep consistent with those rules. I will bend if there are special projects, one-off projects, or with some of the model-building threads, as they tend to be more detailed in one picture than in a dozen of some other posts. R.D.
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