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  1. After 2 1/2 years I finally finished this project. The first Rock 'n' Moviepark was my first big project and the reloaded version will be my last one. It was a fun time in which I becamed one of the best Rct3 Players in the german community, before it collapsed. Because I didn't want that the park isn't seen by anyone I chosed TPR to show it to you and now the time is come that you could take a closer look on the park file itself. A lot of Costum Scenery Objects (CSOs) are used and I'm not sure if you can find all of them in this times. If you are a professional Rct3 gamer for years I'm pretty sure you will be able to run and enjoy the park, but be aware that even with high-end Pcs the park will not be able to run fluently if you don't change some settings, for more informations check the read me file in the download. For more pictures, as well as informations about my older rct3/noLimits projects feel free to visit the flyingshark website. Click me for download
  2. Tentacle is named after the great purple tentacle of the legendary Day of the tentacle game by Lucas Arts. The very compact eurofighter is a white knuckle experience, inspired by Galveston Piers Iron Shark.
  3. When I started to be an activ member of the RollerCoaster Tycoon community in germany (Rct-World) I build the first Rock 'n' Moviepark, a highly successful park. His successor the Rock 'n' Moviepark² was one of the biggest parks at its time and was build with the help of ZeroG (a member at ShyGuysWorld). For my career at rct-world it was a breakthrough and I was a moderator just to the day when the german community started to collapse and only rct-3.org rest still alive. ZeroG and I began an other project, but the Rock 'n' Moviepark³ is lay to rest. After a while I began to have a new project and started to renovate the old Rock 'n' Moviepark to make it more realistic and bigger than all I have ever done before in this game. For more informations of the other projects please vist http://www.flyingshark.jimdo.com. This project is not finished yet, so if you have any idea what should be on the free spot feel free to post it. An onride video of all the coasters will be postet soon.
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