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  1. October 9th 1982: Welcome back! The park is losing money and attendance fast. Shot1024.bmp First I went to Colorado Autos. Shot1025.bmp Then I got shot up and down on High Flyer. Shot1026.bmp Then the park held a tour that you could walk the tracks of Sawmill Chute and take the stairs up and down. Shot1028.bmp All the park will be adding for 1983 is a food stand.
  2. August 16th 1982: Welcome back! Shot1021.bmp See anything different on Sawmill Chute? Shot1020.bmp Sawmill Chute is open again with more scenery and a storyline too about floating in and around a underwater town on the way to the Sawmill, and when the they get to the it, riders escape down the side of the mountain. This is my favorite part. Shot1022.bmp The park said that with the attendance dropping the park is losing money slowly. The park was asking about what rides people wanted for next year to see if visitiors had a high demand. Shot1023.bmp The park said the park will open next year and the park is still planning on operating.
  3. Sorry for posting everyday, my plan was to be at 1984 by now and I'm going on vacation August 10th so I'm going to post everyday until friday. July 21st 1982: Welcome back! Shot1011.bmp I hopped on the Chairswings first. I love how it swings over the midway. Shot1012.bmp Next I went to Big Bend. The park added a garden by the entrance. The park learned from it's mistakes by putting a fence by the flowers. On Skywheel people went in the flowers. Shot1013.bmp Colorado Auto's got a facelift. (I'm still working on it.) Shot1018.bmp I heard a car on Big Bend got stuck on the big turn two weeks ago. I'm glad the ride is running again. Shot1017.bmp Sawmill Chute is getting a facelift too. Also the park said Skywheel didn't bring as much attendance as the park thought it would.
  4. Sorry about forgeting to do David Walsh on two of the pictures. June 1st 1982: Skywheel was closed opening day because of a few parts of the ride were damaged when the ride was put up. Shot1004.bmp Does this look good on Parachute Tower? Shot1006.bmp Sky Wheel opened today. The line is getting long. Shot1007.bmp Sky Wheel filled up (except for that one seat, I wonder why it isn't filled up.) Shot1008.bmp No need to put your hands up. This is a relaxing ride.
  5. I love the storyline to the park. But maybe add more trees and bushes.
  6. You have never shown us Rattler, Canyon Runner, or Yosemite Sam's Canyon Runner. Also I think two Canyon Runner crossers is enough. Maybe you should rename Yosemite Sam's Canyon Runner to be Road Runner Express.
  7. October 17th 1981: Welcome back! Shot0970.bmp Not much has changed in the construction area. Shot0971.bmp The park has been pretty popular. Shot0972.bmp The park has 4 roller coasters that are all great. Shot0973.bmp An overview of the construction area. Shot0975.bmp I think it's time to announce the 1982 attraction Sky Wheel.
  8. September 12th 1981: Welcome back! Work has been started on next years attraction. Shot0964.bmp Welcome back! Shot0965.bmp Land has been cleared. Shot0966.bmp The view from the top of High Flyer. Shot0967.bmp From the top of Big Bend. Shot0968.bmp See you next time! What do you think the new ride will be.
  9. PLEASE COMMENT. I do not want to update the park if no one comments. I make a new ride and only the same person I305KD comments. There has to be something to talk about. July 13th 1981: Welcome back! Shot0921.bmp Sawmill Chute is always fun. Shot0957.bmp What a classic shot! Shot0946.bmp Most importantly, the theatre is open. Here are some construction photos. Shot0947.bmp Shot0948.bmp
  10. PLEASE, give reviews and stuff to improve on. May 9th 1981: It's Opening Day! The theatre wasn't ready for opening. Shot0926.bmp You are about to experience Big Bend. Shot0927.bmp Freefalling! Shot0928.bmp Into the helix! Shot0929.bmp Shot0930.bmp Shot0931.bmp Shot0934.bmp I rode Mad Mouse next. Shot0935.bmp I went on Tilt-A-Whirl next. Shot0936.bmp It got dark soon but night time rides on High Flyer are the best. Shot0939.bmp One last ride on Vortex. Shot0942.bmp Bye, Colorado Canyon!
  11. Season 2 Announcement! Shot0919.bmp Big Bend operated at Six Flags Florida Escape and was removed in 1977 and put into storage until the park bought the ride two months ago. Shot0920.bmp Big Bend will greet guests when they park. Also a theatre will be located across from Vortex.
  12. One month ago, Colorado Canyon was started! October 9th 1980: Welcome back! This is probably my last day at the park for the season. Shot0912.bmp Staring down by High Flyer's turnaround. Shot0913.bmp There was red track spotted (if you read my first park, you probably know what it is.) Shot0914.bmp You can see it from the top of High Flyer it looks like there is a lift motor on the track. Shot0915.bmp I couldn't get a good view from Parachute Tower. Shot0916.bmp I guess I'll have to see how this turns out. See you next time!
  13. PLEASE Comment, it makes me feel that my park isn't really viewed and that I shouldn't carry on. September 8th 1980: Welcome back! Shot0907.bmp The first thing I noticed was that the Thunder Bob's were gone. The park should really put up a fence. Shot0908.bmp Do you like the colors on the bumper cars? Shot0909.bmp High Flyer ready to thrill riders. Shot0910.bmp On my way around the park, I noticed that Thunder Bob's was moved over by Mad Mouse. Shot0911.bmp My last ride of the day was the Vortex.
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