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  1. I can't wait for the "Blackout" flat ride! Hopefully it looks like Berserker at Kings Dominion or Southern Star at Carowinds, because we've never had one of those in an RCT game! I'm so hyped!
  2. Do you guys think they will rename The Joker's Wildcard? I think they should us the Harley Quinn Spinsanity name
  3. The priority rides are: El Toro Kinda Ka Green Lantern Nitro Bizzaro Zumanjaro The Joker Skull Mountain The Dark Knight Coaster Superman: Ultimate Flight and Batman: The Ride I have already ridden at SFOG, so if I didn't ride those, I wouldn't feel bad. Which one has the longest lines? Okay, thanks guys!
  4. Hey guys! Next Sunday (8/7), I'm planning on heading down from Boston to this park, after years of it being on my bucket list! I just have a couple questions for the park regulars before I make my plans final. Will I be able to everything in the parks without a Flash Pass? Since I'm coming from Boston it takes around 4 hours to get there, so I'm planning on leaving my house after 5:30 so I can get there for when they open, and then leave at around 6, so I can get home at a decent hour. I've heard this park is always busy, even on weekdays or Sundays, is this true? Last question, does anyone have any suggestions on the order I should ride the rides in? I have a pretty rough idea of what I should ride first, but I just wanna see what other peoples opinions are first! Thanks!!
  5. I think a connection between Coyote Creek and Gotham City will happen when Six Flags, as a company, finally starts to remove SLC's from parks (Mind Eraser really needs to go and be replaced with something else.... anything else, lol)!!! Also, I think if "Roar" gets a RMC treatment, they could create a layout that gives Six Flags America space to expand behind the Roar and connect Chesapeake with Gotham City, going in between Apocalypse and Roar's break run.
  6. Six Flags America put up the park map and OMG!!! THEY ARE CONNECTING MARDI GRAS TO GOTHAM CITY!! If you've been to this park, you know that this park has a lot of dead ends and Mardi Gras/Southwest Territory is the worst! They are finally connecting them together!! You don't understand how exciting this is for me!! (not sure if this has been mentioned already, I haven't been on this thread in a while)
  7. I still don't know where they are putting the ride... They can't put it next to the right of the Ragin Cajun, because that's us employees enter the park, unless they re-root that, and I guess they could put it over there inbetween the Voodoo Drop and the Falling Star (I don't know how to pronounce the new name, haha), but I don't know if that's enough space. The name fits over there though, because the game in the center of all those rides is called Bourbon Shot!
  8. Does anybody know anything about Fright Fest this year? Are they gonna have any new attractions?
  9. Six Flags America 2015: 200 ft. Sky Screamer in place of Rodeo in Coyote Creek 2016: A ROLLER COASTER!!! (Anything, as long as it's thrilling and original.... Maybe a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter or Zac-Spin) 2017: New Waterslide (Mat Racers would be cool) 2018: 2 New Stunt Shows, One for each Arena 2019: Make a path from Coyote Creek to Gotham City and a path from Mardi Gras to Gotham City 2020: Put Something, Anything! In between that dang walk from Superman to Batwing! Along with re-designing Gotham City Six Flags New England Before 2014 Is Up: Remove Flashback 2015: Iron Cyclone (That's gonna be awesome!! Hopefully they actually do get rid of the Flashback and extend the ride to where Flashback used to be) 2016: BRING BACK NIGHTWING!!, PUT IN ANOTHER FLAT RIDE!!, AND RE-THEME BIZZARO BACK TO SROS!!! 2017: Waterpark Expansion 2018: Stunt Shows (and a complete overhaul of Fright Fest, because last time I went it was terrible!) 2019: Launched Winged Rider!! 2020: Kiddie Park Expansion WINNING!
  10. I recently got hired at Six Flags America in the games department, and during my training they told us about sales figures for the Games! The business manager for the games, told us that last season Six Flags America was #2 in games sales overall the Six Flags parks !! #1 was Six Flags Magic Mountain! At the beginning of this season Six Flags America was #1, but around June, St. Louis tried to sneak up on them for the #1 spot, but then we went back to #1! I can't remember what they said about where it is now, but when I heard about this I was so proud of my home park!!
  11. I don't think I will be able to post an official topic today, because school is my priority right now and there are a lot of projects and homework assignments going on. Plus Sports after school. I am getting really busy these days so the release for the official topic is indefinite. When I get some actual work done on Golden Springs Maryland, I will let all of you know. I hope I can do it this month!
  12. Yet another update from me. I haven't been doing a lot of work on this park this week, but since it's a long weekend this weekend, I'll have time in the morning to do it, because in the afternoon I have to hang out with my friends. So I will have a lot of time to work on this park! Then during the week I can staff the park which probably take a couple of hours. I hope I finish this park this weekend! Here's the Update: Shot1114.bmp The Twist. I thought this was a good fit for this USA type section of the park! But...... Shot1116.bmp Top Spin's weren't installed in America until the late 90's, so I deleted it. It will be back soon as a new addition to the park. Shot1119.bmp I replaced it with a SkyWheel to be more historically correct. Shot1042.bmp Others things going on in this section of the park is the Parachute Drop and Giant Slide. I have some terrain work to do around here and I have no idea what to do with the Giant Slide entrance. Any suggestions? Shot1118.bmp So this section is going to be called Capitol County Fair. (Because of the parks close proximity to Washington, D.C.) Shot1068.bmp This section of the park is Western Territory. The Lone Ranger didn't have a station when I took the picture, but now it does. Shot1067.bmp The queue line for The Lone Ranger. Shot1064.bmp This section is called Forest. Where Wildfire is located! Shot1046.bmp The Capitol Skyway station. In the Capitol Plaza. Shot1076.bmp Well, that's it for tonight. Don't know when the next update is, but it will be soon. See yah.
  13. This is probably the best amusement park I've seen. I love this park, because it is very in touch with nature and it actually looks like it could be a real amusement park. I love how you did the midways too! Love this park, I hope it stays around for a good long time, because I would love to see the new additions to the park and stuff. Look forward to seeing more from you!
  14. Dark Ride! I think that space is too small for a roaring rapids ride. Could be wrong, but I think at dark ride is the best choice. Keep up the good work on your park.
  15. Hey guys, this is the second update of the progress on my new project Golden Springs Maryland. In this update there will be some more coaster and attraction shots, shops and food shots, and a little bit of area shot. Enjoy. I can't wait to release a story. Shot1023.bmp A cool picture of The Lone Ranger. A stand-up coaster. Shot1037.bmp The Eagle. An Arrow Suspended Coaster. Shot1040.bmp The entrance to The Eagle. I didn't build the station yet, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be made from Shyguy's Main Street Set. Shot1051.bmp Venom, a Vekoma Boomerang Coaster. Also Enterprise, a Schwarzkopf Enterprise. Does anyone know of a CT for a Vekoma Boomerang Coaster, because I can't stand how the Boomerang looks in RCT3. Shot1062.bmp The Forest Hide-a-Way restaurant. This park of the park is finished. Shot1093.bmp Maryland Midway Cafe. Just finished this today. Has no roof yet though. Shot1070.bmp Flash Flood! A Shoot-the-Chute water ride. Shot1056.bmp Some buildings that need to be finished by Wildfire. Also gonna add some more shops and a theatre going down that pathway. Shot1088.bmp Mini Golf! And Bathrooms that don't have a building around it yet. Shot1101.bmp Rampage. A Wooden Coaster. Shot1107.bmp Rampage Station. Shot1105.bmp The little outdoor arena next to Rampage. Shot1099.bmp The Bay Theatre, next to Flash Flood. Shot1073.bmp Really! Again with the fog. All well. We'll find out when the official topic comes out.
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