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  1. Right well, its been a while and i havent been at home with my mac that has rct3 on it. I present you. LUPIN: Legend Of The Forest LUPIN: Legend Of The Forest Lupin meaning latin for wolf, is a wild coaster experience that has you hurtling into tunnels around trees and through an alpine village. Sprint into 2 55mph launches,whisk through teeth biting bends and leap into sudden drops. Ride the wolf, Ride Lupin. But here is the almsot 75% complete update on my new coaster Lupin: Legend Of the Forest. Teeth biting bends Leaping drops into tunnels. Inspired by Cheetah Hunt, th13teen and verbolten
  2. Project Boulder Zierer latest coaster is a journey like never before, with a dual launch layout and speeds of over 50mph, Project boulder is not for the faint hearted. Experience sudden turns, sweeping drops and 'head chopping' caves. Heres a sneak peak. Fly over waterfalls and bend through the trees Launch to near 50mph through the bridge before plummeting down to the ravine into a cave. Sail above and below the trees, in a wild ride through the forest.
  3. Gone back to one of my old parks from about a year ago, started making a new area, not sure if ill actually keep it up.
  4. The season is 2013, Were here at the Premier Screaming Night for Field Of Screams Live, The walkthrough Horror Attraction opening in the Calamity-Ville Section of the park. I arrived at 6pm where it was still light and the attraction wasn't open, So whilst I waited till Dusk for the park to opening the night open only attraction, I got some daytime pictures from nearby attractions Eagles Claw and The Twister. The New attraction fits in-between the entrance to Calamity Ville and The queue for Eagles Claw. A shot of the overview of Field Of Screams From Eagles Claw. The Barn can be seen clearly from The Twister Got this from Eagles Claw Queue, Theres plenty of Corn. Shortly Night Fell, The area was soon lit up with patches of green and red lighting and fog machines, a loud scream was heard to announce the opening. We went in and the storyline is explained as we queued for around 30mins. As night fell the eerie redly lit corn and fire struck plan light up the way to field of screams. The entrance to the attraction. The queue line is all dim lit and eerie looking The Tvs explain the story, The reason for a recent zombie outbreak in CalmityVille is due to a newly tested fertiliser was meant to preserve food for eternity, However the fertiliser plane was hit by lightning and crashed into the water tower and nearby corn fields. This lead to the contagious substance getting into the food and water of CalmityVille residence. CalmityVille is currently under Quarantine but can you survive until you can leave or will the infected get you. The attraction started off inside the barn you turn right into a small room, an actor in a farming outfit ran in, screaming "stay together they're coming etc…. Make sure you stay in here unless I say so" . the lights dimmed and the 4 TV’s placed around the room flicker, static is shown edited with news clips of the zombie outbreak , out of nowhere the farmer actor comes back again, this time in front of the doorway, "Ill keep them back, just get out of here now get into the field and hide", He is then pulled from the doorway and the lights go off. Flashes of lights occur every 2 or 3 seconds with zombies appearing at the doorway, you are then chased out into the field. A loud sound of a plane passing overhead with a loud bang, plays as you exit the barn, we walked further into the field and started to hear the corn rustling as hands from below grab you're legs as you walk by. We then slowly turned down into a straight section, which was covered in blood stained sheets and laundry. Behind one of the sheets a zombie version of the farmer from the first scene, which chased us round the corner into a few turns. The next section featured a small outhouse; The outhouse is destroyed, opening up the room to intruders. Inside is some kitchen items and a bed, the Washing machine in the outhouse flings open as a zombie crawls out, the bed next to it shakes. Strobe flickers as someone leaps from the bed towards our group hissing in our ears, growling and grunting. We then went round the back of the outhouse, were child's music starts playing, a little girl stands back facing us, we then walked closer and closer as she slowly turns round, all zombified she sands there tilts her head then screeches and running towards us. With her burnt and bloodied Barbie doll, she strokes you're hair and she sang in an eerie fashion to some other members to our group. We then walked round the corner back towards the barn; We then stopped as 2 large metal doors meant we couldn't enter. But shortly after being stuck, the loud noise of the chainsaw could be heard from behind us, out of no where a zombie actor with a chainsaw chases us back into the barn. Sadly i wasn't able to shoot a POV video but sneakily got my camera inside Another POV Shot, actors come from every angle behind underneath and even above. The barn offers some few more scares with a chain-link strobe maze, a few actors in this area growled and one animatronic from above "Dribbles" fake blood and shakes on the group below. All in All, The attraction is a nice fill in for the park and suits the calamity-ville area perfectly, With a short term low investment attraction its clear why they hinted something for next season, A projection with the words Project Discovery were rumored to be seen at closing time near Barn Stormer?
  5. Thank You for all the nice comments, Now Lets skip a few months to my Last trip of the season, I will focus on Eagle Piste and a surprise. Which is one of the 3 opening areas in Ash Grove Park, although the smallest in terms of amount of rides with Only Hawks Flight and EP: Thunder Rapids, toilets and 1 shop. Its the largest in terms of land mass spanning over majority of the park, Eagle Piste is the large hill that looms over the Ash Grove park below. The best water attraction experience, Eagle Piste Thunder Rapids takes you on a adventurous journey around Eagle Piste on a route down rapids, round waterfalls and Geysers. But watch out Eagle Piste is under threat by AGP Oil Company, Try and stop the deforestation and pollution as soon as possible. Perhaps getting as soaked as possible you might be able to put of the flames. The Logo and entrance for Thunder Rapids. Queue Line is very odd with a wooden rope bridge taking you over the ride below. The station is themed to be a Watermill at the bottom of eagle piste. Oddly the Lift Hill is at the beginning of the rapids, As You look Up You can see Hawks Flight Swooping above. Looking down from the top you can see Most of Ash Grove Plaza and The finale of Hawks Flight. At The top of the lift, Hawks Flights Turn around flys above Thunder Rapids. Hawks Flight Looks very tall from Here. The Exploding Oil Truck that is causing issues for the habitat of Eagle Piste. The Wildfire AGP OIl company has left behind is disgraceful, escape before the flames engulf the forest. That can be done, the finale drop of 30ft into rapids will sure get passengers soaked. Eagle Piste Thunder Rapids POV: Next ride is the parks largest, tallest and signature attraction Hawks Flight. This is an intense B&M WingRider that takes you around Eagle Piste As you Fly around trees, interact with water and Swoop over Thunder Rapids. Hawks Flight takes you on the wings of a hawk through 4 terrifying inversions,1 that inverts you over a 200ft from the ground, looking over a cliff face and face down. Hawks Flight sure looks intense. Look at that lift Hill and In Line, It sure Looms over the whole park. Hawks Flight POV Spoilers for next year: The Park has announced next years attraction. Field Of Screams live Situated in Calamity-Ville.
  6. Sorry to Double Post just this is a big update so i thought i would give it a little nudge. After The ERT we heeded straight to the entrance for the opening ceremony. The park opening ceremony was about to begin sorry for the bad quality but i used my cell phone for this one, the bell tower strikes noon. confetti was blasted out and we then went in As we went through we walked though Grove Plaza, An Alpine Village Settled at the base of Eagle Piste. First ride I went on was LumberJack Based in Grove Plaza its a Family Coaster that flys round the trees and lakes. It got busy very quickly. Grove Plaza as seen from LumberJacks queue bridge. LumberJack Crosses over the main path 3 times before going under the queue line bridge. The first drop of LumberJack is perfect for little children and family members all alike. I headed straight to BarnStormer as it was the near to LumberJack, The queue was only 20mins so I Hopped on. a few empty cars went round due to some technical hiccups, typical opening teething. The inverted/Over-banked turn The banked top Hat just after the first launch I then noticed the queues got long; 3 hours for Hawks Flight, 2 Hours for Eagle Piste Thunder Rapids and `Many flats had 30mins to 1hour, perhaps the staff as being new were unsure how to batch efficiently or it was opening day hype but i couldn't be bothered to stand around queuing, instead i filmed some of CalamityVille from my RC helicopter and also uploaded POVs from Barnstormer and The Twister.
  7. Hello and Welcome I am Ross Martin the Owner Of Ash Grove Park Mania Fansite, Today is opening day but as being the official Fan-site of the park we have been given a behind the scenes morning before opening day at Noon. We arrived at 10am with a few people already there waiting for opening. The queue building up for the opening ceremony at noon. The First part of the day we got to head to Hawks Flight and walk up the Catwalks of the lift hall to get some great arial shots. The entrance to Hawks Flight. Looking down towards The Twister and Thunder River. Taken from MCBR catwalk you get a clear view of Barnstormers brake run and the indoor section towards the 2nd launch. After this we headed to CalamityVille for some ERT on The Twister before heading to the entrance to watch the opening and get to experience all the rides in opening glory. Well I noticed something as we walked by, seems as if the park already has plans for next season? I wonder what it is? ERT here we come. The Queue line takes you right under the lift hills supports before entering a destroyed building then up into the station. Looking down from the station at the car racing past the destroyed church. Although Family aimed its a fairly intense coaster. headchopper More coming soon.
  8. Sorry To Double Post, But I've been travelling a lot which has meant long car journeys with nothing to do so I went on my laptop and have done some more of Ash Grove Park. In my next update i hope to continue as if it was a story of a park, so sorry for these Work In progress posts. NOw heres a 95% complete CalamityVille. Twister is the first attraction to come across as you enter, The large road sign for CalmityVille opens us up into 2 ways to enter CalamityVille. The large road sign for CalmityVille with the devastation of the twister leaving a flaming car behind. 1 way is towards The Twister, the family friendly wooden coaster that sure packs a punch of airtime and speedy hairpin turns. The near miss at the bottom of The Twisters main drop. mid shot of the twister station and lift hill. The other way takes you to the Junkyard Playground, A kids play area with slides and water sprayers. A view from the top of one of the slides. The Saloon cafe and The junkyard play area. Finally in the main section of ClamityVille We have Barnstormer, Barn Swing'r , Slingshot and Free-faller. isometric shot of the overview of Calamity Ville. CalamityVille Main Street. Eagle Piste is still no where near finished and theres still supporting for both Barnstormer and Hawks FLight to do, Next update will be opening day and from there on i play it on a more story based way. Free-Faller Entrance
  9. So I started working on some coaster designs and area plans and decided i would make a park now i have finished school, Ash Grove Park is currently in 2 areas, CalamityVille and Eagle Piste. CalamityVille is a small farming town that in one end has been devastated by a recent twister. Twister the Family Friendly Wooden coaster, Whilst BarnStormer a multi Launched coaster, CalamityVille SwingShot a S&S Screaming Swing and A Drop tower with an unknown name. CalamityVille SwingShot and the Drop tower BarnStormer CalamityVille at the moment. Eagle Piste Currently has Hawk Flight a B&M WingRider that interacts and flies around WaterMill Rapids, Expect to have 2 more flat rides and a chairlift. Eagle Piste Hawk Flight Panoramic View of Eagle Piste
  10. Working on a new area of this developing ideas come into my head park, Calamity Ville, IN. 4 main attractions and more to come; BarnStormer (the multi launched coaster), Twister (The Family friendly wooden), Calamity SwingShot (S&S Swing) and a drop tower with no name at the moment. Still a WIP. Barn Stormer Barn Stormer Launch Might make a topic when i can really think of the park being more than 4 or 5 rides and can build some buildings, might then make a topic.
  11. Started making a little rapids ride then decided to make a Wing rider to go round it, massive WIP but might end up being a whole park never know.
  12. Do I spot water Splash effects after the main drop, Yes I do. Makes me happy it wood look weird if it didn't like in the test videos. Now that looks right, hope they add more landscaping and water effects to the beginning though look a bit bland Cant wait to ride this when I go to Italy for my vacation.
  13. whoops didn't think of that one :S TPR Game Exchange: http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2654
  14. Sorry To Double Post but.... Welcome, Welcome to the 74th Annual Hunger Games. The rise of the mocking jay has begun. TPR Game Exchange: http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2654
  15. With 3 days to go till the hunger games we give you the last update. Here to show you the last building the restroom block Entrance to the restrooms. . restroom roof Final Ariel shot
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