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  1. I'm going to be In Michigan this weekend so I'm deciding to head over to cedar point for one more go. I already know I'm not going to get there by the parks opening, maybe 2 hours or so later. My question is would it be okay to wait till I get there to purchase FL plus, or get it online?
  2. I am so excited for Valravn. Mostly because I love Shiekra and Griffon and I'll have a dive coaster close to me. But I'm a little worried about the new restraints. One of the things that I love about Shiekra and Griffon is that the restraints leave me with quite a lot of room. So with the drop and everything else I get tossed around which adds to the intensity of the ride for me. I just hope the new restraints dont hold you down tight like they do with the wingriders. I havent ridden Banshee so I cant speak on that. But that being said I'm still crazy excited for the ride.
  3. The few times I've used those app queue times they're usually poorly update of very inaccurate. Is universals app better?
  4. I'm scared to ask this because of the answer I'm sure I'll get. But I gotta ask because I need to mentally prepare myself lol. So how crowded is the park on weekends. Like average wait times?
  5. How are crowds during the first weeks of august? That's when I'll be visiting and I'm debating if I should get the express pass of not. Also how does the express pass work? Is it more like CF fast passes or Six flags. And lastly are the crowds here usually much heavier than Sea world or Busch Gardens? Thanks -Kris
  6. I just had a fanboy heart attack. I don't care how crowded this would probably be when I visit. I'm 100% positive it'll be worth it. God bless Universal
  7. I doubt that's true, based on how much false information we've gotten from the employees already.
  8. Yeah I understand it was probably hard to get the whole ride. With the trees and everything but thanks for sharing though. Also does anyone else notice how quite it is.
  9. Ugh!!! They couldn't follow the ride as it went around But thanks for the video though. Something is better than nothing, I'm sure the park will provide another one soon.
  10. At first I was excited about Maleficent, mostly because I just adore Jolie. But the more trailers and commercials I see kinda turns that excitement down.To me it seems like they're trying to make her sympathetic and those villains just doesn't do it for me. Plus I thought Maleficent was so much more awesome when she was just evil. I shall be seeing it this weekend and I hope it proves me wrong. Edit: Also if Maleficent turns into the dragon I might just love the movie because of that.
  11. Agree with what ^^ Said about X-men. Best one to date. I don't think the other guy playing quicksilver will be as good. Besides the flawless movie (10/10) I was so surprised how many young children were in the theater, I mean like 4 and 5 year old. The movie was really violent for PG-13 some children started crying and the parents did nothing. Also they couldn't even sit still, they kept talking, making noise, and the parents just sat there. I'm sorry but that annoys the hell out of me.
  12. That might be my favorite photo taken of the ride so far. It's so big yet so small and compact. Also the tunnel looks... funny.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised to see this thing being delayed another week. It seems like they have a lot of work to do in 20 days including testing. But whatever probably won't get to ride it till mid June anyway This thing looks stunning
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