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  1. Hi Everyone! These are the official renders. Robb got them from RMC. I've been working with Alan Schilke from RideCenterline and RMC for a while now and I was assigned to do the design of these trains. I'm very glad to read that most of you like the design Regards, Camiel Bilsen Coaster-Lab
  2. Hi everyone! Thank you for all the comments. I’m excited to hear all of your opinions about this. I hope I can take a few minutes of your time to explain this project and myself. To assure you that everything has carefully been taken care of with this collaboration with Golden horse, let me start off by saying that Golden Horse (or Jin Ma rides) has done everything legally, signed every official document and dealt with my lawyers and German business partner. They have the right to display my two designs as stated in the contract. I'm well aware of their reputation and I do not agree with Golden Horse’s way of working at all. I had to really think twice about whether I wanted to design those two rides for them or not and they know that. They told me that they want to take their business to Europe and, instead of copying other rides, want to come up with original designs of their own (I obviously can’t confirm if they were telling the truth). However, they informed me that they don’t have creative designers who are able to produce new rides for them, which is why they hired Coaster-Lab. That’s exactly what coaster-lab is for and it’s why I started this company in the first place. They wanted me to design a coaster with 16 inversions that would fit inside a 157ft x 341ft space, and have the track be no longer than 3280ft (which is shorter than the Smiler). It also needed to be faster and higher than the Smiler… Therefore I had no room and track left to make airtime hills or anything that was not an inversion. The 16-inversion coaster will be calculated in Germany and constructed by Golden Horse. The second coaster they wanted, had to fit inside a very tight space. It had to have an Impulse coaster-type footprint. I had already designed a ride that would fit inside that footprint back in 2011, so I showed it to them and they were very enthusiastic about it. This project with Golden Horse wasn’t my first. I have worked with Gerstlauer, Maurer Söhne and the Fungroup, who’ve contacted me the same way Golden Horse did. I was never an employee at any of these companies because I worked as Coaster-Lab (or as a freelancer if you will). For me it’s kind of unfortunate that the first thing most of you see and read about my company is about this project I did for Golden Horse. I can’t show the other work I have done with the other companies because they’re either confidential, or still in production. So this is the first project that I can publicly talk about. A few days ago I came across something so shocking to me, that I almost fell off my chair. Before I will explain what it was, there is something you need to know about me, because I feel like I have to clear the air a little. I’ve dreamed of becoming a rollercoaster designer ever since I can remember and have been working towards this goal all my life. It’s still my greatest passion and hobby! For the past 5 years I’ve been attending every IAAPA and EAS show to introduce myself to the industry and meet the people involved. So a few days ago, when I was reading some of the comments about this project, I found out that one person saw coaster-lab as a big fraud and considered everything I do a crime. This motivated me to discuss my intentions with you. So to assure you all about my intentions, I would never betray anyone or steal anyone’s work in this industry. I would honestly never think of, or do anything to jeopardize my entire career and future, especially since everyone at IAAPA has always been super kind and supportive of me. (They even featured my company in the FunWorld magazine and invited me to be a speaker on the next Young professionals reception in Amsterdam this September). My entire portfolio is online and can be viewed on my website or on Facebook. If anyone else feels like one of my concepts is an exact copy of an existing ride please do tell me. I’m not now, nor will I ever be, a knock-off company, especially since I know most people at S&S, Premier Rides, Vekoma, Intamin, B&M, Gerstlauer, Maurer Söhne etc. Lastly, I would like to tell you that there are a few exciting projects I’m working on at the moment, including one with Alan Schilke. I can’t wait to tell you about this project if everything goes according to plan. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and I would be glad if you gave me a chance. I hope I didn’t bore you to death with my story Hopefully one day we’ll be riding one of my own designs and we can all have a beer and some good ERT! Cheers! Camiel
  3. Wow, reading the past 20 pages has gotten me so excited! I'm going to have to freeze and unfreeze myself in three weeks because I can't wait this long.. In my opinion we need to think more out of the box. how about this?
  4. Hi Guys, I'm Camiel from Coaster-Lab Just to make things clear once and for all.. Those are my trains and I designed them just for fun (not for Gerstlauer). They aren't Gerstlauer trains.
  5. To clear things up a bit (This list only "works" if we assume that all of these launches accelerate in a constant manner) (launch coasters with a run-up speed not included) The Launch chart.
  6. Take a look at my final intamin wheel assembly! Intamin Wheels assembly Coaster-Lab Camiel Bilsen
  7. These are my Trains! http://www.coaster-lab.com As of August 2012 I am a designer at Gerstlauer but I have to inform you that these are not the actual train that are going to be used on the SW7 Coaster. Thank you for all the enthusiasm about my designs. I have spoken to a lot of companies such as intamin at the IAAPA so who knows what could happen. I also talked to Robb a little bit about my company. Can you remember Robb?
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